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A Case of Cracked Nipples

Dr. Reshma Nizam presents a case of cracked nipples, adding her excellent analysis which explains the progress in terms of Hering’s Law and miasmatic layers.

She was all smiles as she walked hastily into the clinic with her three girls. That is the first thing you notice about her, she smiles while talking, while walking, all the time. Tall and moderately built carrying a not- so- friendly infant in her arms. She had previously visited to consult for her children; this was her very first personal attempt at homoeopathy. A 31 year old female, suffering from bilateral cracked nipples on and off since one year, worse in the last week. On and off allopathic treatment did not cure her. She had itching of the nipples, occasional bleeding and pain that was intolerable. The pain would continue even after feeding, so much so that she would suspend feeding for a day or two. She had cracks on her feet which did not bother her.

She would get stuffed nose on exposure to cold and from certain odors. During her pregnancy she had gestational diabetes; now the blood glucose level has come down to normal and she is no longer on treatment for that. She had a history of bleeding a few months after her delivery, for which she had taken allopathic meds. She used to have sneezing from dust exposure and headaches when in the sun.

Her physical generals: appetite good, drank lots of water, bowel and bladder habits were regular and so were her menses. She perspires more on her face, sleeps well and her thermal state was on the “hot” side.

Regarding her mental state, she suffered from anxiety over small and big affairs alike. She described her anxiety as if coming from the stomach. She would be anxious if someone would think badly about her. She would worry after a conversation with someone, if she had spoken something that would be hurtful. These anxieties were accompanied with palpitations and sweating. She had fear of diseases, as if something ominous would happen to her. She was irritable also.

Sulphur was selected based on her mentals, physicals and her chief complaint. She was cheerful, hasty and outgoing, anxiety of conscience of, cracks on nipples. The thermals and the perspiration further support the selection.

She was prescribed Sulph 200, 1dose on 01.05.2012.  She reported after a week saying all her complaints had increased; now there was occasional discharge of pus from the cracks. She was given lots of assurance and hope for a recovery; placebo was prescribed.

She came back on 17.05.2012. She reported a backache, with the pain extending to the left leg. Further enquiries and examination concluded that it was probably a prolapsed disc. The anxiety was getting better and she felt that she could handle her day to day activities better. The disease was coming down from the syphilitic phase to the sycotic. She was assured that the backache would recover only after the crack healed. Placebo again.

She showed signs of recovery. On 5.6.12 she said the anxieties were not a bother now, the cracks had almost healed, the pain was non- existent. She was nursing the child on a daily basis now. Placebo.

The backaches were better when she reported on 25.06.12 and the nipples were completely healed. She had a small episode of cold and an episode of burning pain in her abdomen. The cure was taking place in the right order. Placebo.

She reported on 14.07.12 stating that anxieties were making her life miserable once again. She had cough and headache. Further questioning revealed that she had fever for which she had taken a course of antibiotics. Placebo was given with the hope that the anxieties would subside soon.

She came back a week later with anxiety; the itching of nipples had started and she was worried about a relapse. Sulphur 200, 1dose was given.

She went on to develop painful cracks on her nipples once again, but was kept on placebo. She reported on 30.07.2012 that she was having relief from all her complaints and was having sneezing on exposure to dust. She no longer complained of anxieties or nipple cracks after that.

The case showed the right order of cure. The cracks were syphilitic in nature. The anxieties which are normally psoric, had reached an advanced stage and could be termed syphilitic too. As they started getting better she started developing backaches which are relatively minor. In the final stage, the sneezing returned.

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Reshma Nizam

Dr. Reshma Nizam : I am a graduate of Fr. Muller’s Homoeopathic Medical College, Mangalore, India, where I was one of the class toppers. I worked in various clinics including AIHMS Homoeopathy, Kannur, Kerala. I am a self employed homoeopathic doctor, practicing with a desire to create positive changes in the community. I blog at and run a facebook page, . My blog is an attempt to spread awareness about homoeopathy, health and nutrition and along with personal notes on observations made in daily life. Reading was my hobby since childhood and now I’m an avid reader of homoeopathy and other health related articles.


  • “The cracks were syphilitic in nature. The anxieties which are normally psoric” – this is only a assumption with no real value. This case does not reveal the possible cause of the disease, no disease locate by random to the breast. It must has to do with the partner or with the children. 2 months for healing the cracked nipples is a very very long time. Another small remedy would have healed much faster probably. I don’t see any real sulphur case, symptoms of sulphur are anyway many. The previous disease would come up from itself after healing the present one, this is what thy body normally do, with or without homeopathy.

  • A good homoeopath truly follows the master’s teachings and work with the missionary spirit. There are many, who are ignorant of this system of treatment and criticising homoeopathy, so we must not waste time with them and continue our noble work.
    Best wishes to you and all practising Hahnemannian Homoeopathy.

  • I sincerely appreciate the quality of writing. The scenario of events, progress, basis of prescription etc. are well explained in layman’s terms.
    All the best.

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