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A Case of Dermatitis Cured by Homeopathy

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Name Mrs. S.K

32 years – female

teacher by occupation

Date : 6/5/2010

Presenting Complaints –

Dry excoriation and cracking of index, middle and ring finger since 10 -15 years.


It gets aggravated by washing clothes, by soda, salt, getting wet.

Past history – h/o eruption on right leg (foot) 10 – 15 yrs back treated by homoeopathy. Then it disappeared and started on fingers.

LSCS delivery = Oligohydramnios.

Jaundice – 3 times 1999, 2000 and 2002.

Family history –

Father – Diabetes

Mother – cancer of breast

Brother – Hypothyroid

Sister – Hypothyroid

Grandfather – died by cancer

Both sided grandmothers – cancer of cervix

Personal history –

Aversion – sweet, milk.

Desires – spicy, eggs and fried food.

Bowel – not satisfactory has to go 2 – 3 times per day.

Mind :



Anxiety anticipating

Suppressed emotions

Mild temperament

Concentration difficult


Always dominated by her brother

Thermally – chilly

Photo of fingers before treatment :

Diagnosis of disease – dermatitis

Diagnosis of miasm – sycosis.

Phase of disease – chronic reversible.

Remedy – Carcinocin 1M 1 dose (Carcinocin was an opening remedy based on the family history of cancer.)

Follow up – Date – 14/5/2010

Aggravation in itching and burning on second day after taking medicine. Feeling better mentally. S.L

Date – 22/5/2010

Increase in size of lesion over skin

Itching and burning more at night

Remedy – Lycopodium 200 1 dose – (Right sided affection, chilly, concentration difficult, yielding always dominated by her brother)

Date – 7/8/2010

Skin lesion still increased.

Burning and itching increased.


Date – 1/7/2010

Skin lesion reduced by size.

Itching and burning reduced.


Date – 10/12/2010

Skin no itching, no dry cracked, no burning.


Date – 24/5/2011

No lesion or itching of finger, but appearance of eruption over right leg since 15 – 20 days, which was present before onset of lesion over finger.

Her brother is a homoeopathy doctor and reported much improvement in her nature and behavior compared with the past.

Lycopodium 200 1 dose.

Photo after treatment :

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