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A Case of Epilepsy

Written by Grant Bentley

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Male, 32 years old – 18 November 2005


Allan suffered a car accident seven years ago with a head injury and swelling of the face. All scans showed to be clear. A few years later he developed a shake in his left arm that continued to get worse until he couldn’t hold a pen. The shake gradually moved to his right side too but remains worse on the left. At this time tests showed abnormal brain waves and he is put on medication. This was three years ago – he has had no further tests but remains on medication which has been increased as the shakes have become worse. He has had a number of blackouts and afterwards his left arm will shake+++. He describes a fit as stuttering and slurring of words, < light. He is so light sensitive he has to wear dark glasses even when driving at night and his eyes are bloodshot. He only has fits when he is lying in bed and is relaxed. The fit lasts about 30 seconds during which he cannot hear. Afterwards he cannot remember the last few minutes. He suffers with sore eyes, a pounding sensation and will place a cold flannel on them. He has headaches with sharp stabbing pain for about two minutes felt in the side of the head. As well as light he is sensitive to noise and with noise he will get a stabbing in his vertex. This occurs three to four times per week.

Other problems

Sinus < change of weather – yellow discharge

Vision – white flashing lights – < closing eyes

Hot person – can’t sleep in heat – needs four fans on his bed – is < heat

Restless sleep – sometimes up to urinate at 4am – easy to get back to sleep – feels sleepy on waking

Loves fruit especially apples

Can’t eat tomatoes

< greasy food – e.g. has to drink milk if he eats fish and chips

Loves milk

Loves lollies, sugar and ice-cream

Gets the flu easily but only lasts two days

Health history

Diagnosed type one diabetes in 2004. Change of diet and medication. Was drinking+++ especially sports drinks and urinating+++. Would get very thirsty and found that water had no taste, in fact it made him more thirsty. Has a history of drinking sugar drinks+++ but dropped sugar to lose weight and control diabetes.

He used to drive trucks and would eat a 1kg bag of lollies in 14 hours. He would also drink coffee+++ and smoke+++ but has given both up now. When driving he was always on the go and describes himself as a very restless person. He likes to be a couch potato but feels he must be doing something – he would sleep all day but has to keep moving.

He has changed work since and now supervises others but is still always on the go. He says he gives everything 100% and he gets abused easily. When he was 16 and working in a petrol station he suffered a loss of immunity and became very sick, collapsed and slept for three days. There is a history of cancer and diabetes in the family.


GENERALITIES; REST, repose; agg. (135)
GENERALITIES; FOOD and drinks; sweets; desires (101)
HEAD; INJURIES of the head, after (56)
GENERALITIES; FANNED; desire to be (19)

MacRepertory for Windows.


YELLOW (psora)
RED (sycosis)
BLUE (syphilis)
  • Mouth
  • Lips
  • Hairline 1
  • Smile
  • Forehead

5 features

  • Chin
  • Dimple
  • Ears

3 features

  • Aysmmetry
  • Eyelids
  • Hairline 2
  • Teeth
  • Bridge of nose

5 features


The remedies that came through on this repertorisation were:

All rubrics – Puls, Sulph

All rubrics minus one – Lyc, Sep, Calc, Merc, Phos, Chin, Glon, Op, Sil

The facial analysis tells us this patient is tubercular – equal mix of psora and syphilis – Green miasm.

The first two remedies are overlooked as they are not tubercular. Calc, Phos and Chin are all possible remedies. Phosphorus is chosen due to his extreme liking for both sugar and ice-cream and his restlessness. Phosphorus 1M single dose and sac lac daily.


He missed his December appointment and due to Christmas holidays wasn’t seen again until 3 February 2006. He said he noticed his hand was more steady after the Phos and overall there were less shakes. His blood sugar levels had been down for most of the period to between 7 and 9. In recent weeks he had slipped back and now registered 16 – 20. He had not any fits but in the last few weeks was seeing white flashes. They had been better too – only once or twice a week but were returning more regularly in the last few weeks

Dose – Phos 1M and sac lac daily

10 March 2006

He is exercising more and sleeping better. His shakes are much better and he has had no fits since the first dose of Phos or any stuttering. His sinuses are much better too. Although he has had occasional headaches they are far less severe. He is reducing his epileptic medication. He is down to a couple of lollies a day, one or two milks per week and a little coffee.


7 April 2006

Still not fits or shakes but some return of headaches and less energy.

Phos 1M and sac lac daily

19 May 2006

Feeling edgy and irritable – also very tired. He is waking at 3am and has had some stuttering. The shaking is ok and there have been not fits but he has had some headaches. His lower back is throbbing and is worse for sitting. When asked he confirms he still likes to be fanned. He feels the last dose of Phos hasn’t been as good as it first was.


BACK; PAIN; General; lumbar region, lumbago (348) ***
SLEEP; WAKING; midnight; after; three am. (63) **
GENERALITIES; FANNED; desire to be (19)

Remedies – Sulph, Carb V, Chin, Ars, Lyc

Only China fits the tubercular (Green) miasm and it came through on the first repertorisation too.

China 1M single dose and sac lac daily

2 June 2006

He reports that the remedy acted quickly – even more quickly than the Phosphorus His headaches are gone, he sleeps till it is time to wake up, his energy is good, his moods are good, there has been no stuttering, no shaking and no fits. He is on a new trial of medication for his diabetes and his sugar levels are stable.


21 July 2006

Still doing very well – no fits, no shakes, no stuttering however some return of headaches.

China 1M (sac lac is removed from his regime). It is explained to him that the single dose is all he needs and he knows that Homeopathy works so there is no need to give him something daily – he knows to return when his energy drops or some symptoms return

15 Sept 2006

Has done well during the last two months but again in the last week or so some headaches and reduction of energy

China 1M single dose

2 February 2007

Been completely well for five months with some reduction in energy and return of headaches in the last three weeks.

China 1M single dose


Grant Bentley

ND Dip Hom Grad Dip Psych. Th Prof Memb AHA AROH reg ATMS ANPA

Melbourne, Australia

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His book, Appearance and Circumstance (2003) details the nature of miasms and how facial analysis can be used to determine the patient"™s dominant miasm. Homeopathic Facial Analysis (2006) gives detailed descriptions and examples of facial analysis. Soul & Survival (2008) defines how miasms influence us in our daily lives and define our individuality.

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