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A Case of Gastric Complaints and Slowness

Written by Yasemin Bayazit

S.Yasemin Bayazit Hassan presents a case of learning disability and gastric complaints.


The following is the case of a 21 year old man, brought to me by his father two years ago. He believed his condition to be incurable because medicines had not been effective and finally, surgery was recommended. His family wanted to try homeopathy as a last resort.

For the last two years he had experienced gastric complaints which included diarrhea, nausea, burning in stomach, distension, eructation, and hiccoughs. The condition was worse when eating and fasting. It felt better with deep breaths, eructation, and when vomiting. He said, “It’s as if there is hardness in my stomach and no oxygen. I feels like if I got stabbed in the stomach it would be a relief”.

He was also feeling weakness, especially in the legs. He had had all the relevant tests but only a B12 deficiency was found. His appetite was weak and nausea was present most of the time. He also has lactose intolerance. He did not want to eat anything.

“When he was 16, he was sent to his homeland for religious education for 4 years. “It was hard, demanding and strict like a military school. Most of the studies were based on memorizing, however I could not keep up easily, even when I repeated them over and over again. I wanted to learn like other students but I could not keep up with them.”

“I am not confident. I want to say something to someone, but I cannot. This makes me feel annoyed. I cannot talk to people straightaway. I feel people will laugh at my mistakes. I feel embarrassment. I am tolerant of other people. When I was child I wet myself if I laughed a lot (giggling). I weighed my thoughts before I would say anything. I wondered if I had upset anyone. I don’t get angry easily but when I do, I lose control. Then I feel sorry for my actions. Some people like to show me up as a fool. They don’t see their own mistakes. I cannot bear it if someone puts pressure on me. For example when they keep repeating what they want me to do. They keep telling me that I don’t know how to drive. They keep telling me my actions are too slow, but I do not like to be messy. Everything has to be done orderly. As a child I was taken to hospital for being a late talker, a late walker and not being interested in surroundings. They made me study with other learning disability children. I had to repeat year 3”.

Sometimes, he feels his head is heavy, like 100 tons and he keeps turning his head from side to side, as if his eyes turned to the right then left side.

His hobbies are American football and hanging out with friends and going places. He is a good saver but likes to spend on clothes and a car. He is not well adapted either to hot or cold. He has a fear of dogs.

He cannot sleep when he is annoyed with someone and unless he is really tired. He wants to be covered.

He is short and bulky, roundish face and full-lips. He has some childish behaviors.

Miasm: The upper most miasm is Sycotic.

His mother is Diabetic. His father suffers with insomnia.

I considered the following rubrics:



MIND – CONFIDENCE- want of self confidence



MIND – MEMORY – weakness of memory

MIND – FEAR- dogs, of



STOMACH – EATING – after, agg


STOMACH – BREATHING – deep- amel.





Analysis and Prescription

The history of developmental problems both mental and physical, as well as late learning are historically expressed under the term “dwarfishness” (J.T.Kent). When stressed he manifests with a feeling of inadequacy, timidity, irresolution and gastric complaints with a sensation of hardness in the stomach. Pushing against his natural slowness has also created a feeling of heaviness. He has a need to take deep breaths. Based on the above, I prescribed Bar-car 30c in 25 ml of water 5 drops, 1 x day.

A month later

He reported: “I feel myself like a bird. I am wondering if I will still feel like this when my father returns from overseas (smiling skeptically). All stomach complaints were gone after a slight aggravation. His appetite has dramatically improved. He can drink milk, without experiencing lactose intolerance. The heavy feeling in his head and the sensation of turning has gone. His energy level is good, and there is no feeling of weakness in his legs. He does not go to sleep easily. He tends to toss about before sleeping. He found a new job in the bakery with a better salary, and contributes to the household budget.

The remedy and potency has shown a curative effect on all levels for him. His main complaint has ameliorated and the best course of action is to wait and give more time for the remedy to act. There was no reason to change the remedy.

3/3/2014 The remedy needed to go deeper to touch the mental/emotional level.

Prescription Bar-carb 200c in 25 ml of water 5 drops, once a week x 4 weeks.

In six months, he reported that he is doing well and has no other physical symptoms. He was still working in the same bakery without slowness. He does not hesitate to talk about his thoughts. He is more confident in front of other people. His friends were saying he drives very well. He spends a lot of good time with his friends and they support him. He goes to the gym to continue being healthy and fit. When he is stressed with his father’s criticisms he goes to this gym for relaxation and stress relief.

When a well-chosen remedy acts upon the person’s, mental, as well as the physical levels, profound changes can occur. This young man is now more inclined to open up, has a deeper desire to search for a way to adapt to his environment. It is quite amazing to see how homeopathy can assisted this person in balancing his psyche and bolstered him against environmental pressures.

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Yasemin Bayazit

S.Yasemin Bayazit Hassan is in private practice in Sydney (AROH, AHA). She is a classically trained Adv. Dip. Homeopath who attended Endeavour College in Australia and a post graduate course from Allen College of Homeopathy in England.

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