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A Case of Gingival Cyst


A gingival cyst is a closed, sac-like pocket of tissue that can form anywhere in the body. It may be filled with fluid, air, pus, or other material. Cysts can occur anywhere in the body and can vary in size.

Keywords – Gingival cyst , Belladonna

Chief Complaints

A girl aged 8.5 years was brought by her mother with complaints of soft swelling like structures in the gums around the right lower first premolar and in between the left lower first premolar and left lower second premolar since for the last two months

Personal History

She was shy in nature. When I asked her a question she always smiled .She was the youngest of the 4 siblings. When the cysts were small, she never told her mother because it was no problem for her. As the size of the cysts increased, she had the problem of feeling uneasy and irritated whenever food particles touched the cysts

Rubrics taken for this case





MIND – LIGHT – desire for

Reason  for  selection  of  rubrics –

Note:  I found  the  marked  mental  generals,  so  there  was  no  need  to  repertorize the  physical  problems.

REPERTORIAL SHEET ( Synthesis Treasure Edition )

Selection of Remedy – Belladonna


1.05/07/17– Soft rounded swelling near lower 1st  premolar teeth of both sides .

-Uneasiness & irrtiation of the affected gums whenever the food touches the cysts.

Belladonna 200/2 doses

PL 30/3 for 7 days.

2.12/07/17Status Quo .Belladonna 200 / 2 doses

PL 30 / 3 for 7 days.

3.19/07/17Slight improvement of  complaintsBelladonna 1M/1 dose

PL 30 / 3 for 14 days

4.02/08/17Much betterPL 30 / 3 for 7 days.
5.11/08/17Better . Cyst reduced in size .Pl 30 / 3 for 14 days
6.29/08/17BetterPL 30 / 3 for 1 month
7.25/09/17Cyst disappeared .No medicine

CONCLUSION– The cysts disappeared in 1½ months . She never complained again. Images below.

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