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A Case of Hedgehog

A case of endometriosis and a right-sided ovarian cyst treated with Hedgehog.

Southern College of Homeopathy

This is a female with a history of abuse, suffering from endometriosis and a right-sided ovarian cyst. She responded very well to Thuja and after a few months of treatment began to have healthy, often painless periods, less aches and pains in her body and less ovarian pain. Her self-image and obsessive cleaning also improved. However, the improvement plateaued out and each repeat of Thuja began to aggravate her symptoms for a while before improving them again, but only marginally. She then told me about a relationship she was having with a married man. The sex was painful and manipulative. (She also suffered from pain on intercourse and had to use anti-inflammatory medication afterwards.)

She was confused as to whether the sex was classed as rape or not and whether she had allowed it. She was suffering from uncomfortable right-sided ovarian pain that felt “like a ball” and was worse at night. This was accompanied by a burning sensation in the uterus that felt “like an infection, as though I’ve just had sex” (pain, burning). She was also suffering from pins and needles and cramps all over her body upon waking and would struggle to get out of bed. She would wake up fearful and her heart would pound. She said, “I feel disgusting, like a hangover. I’m sweating like hell. I stink. What’s wrong with me?” (palpitations; needle-like pains; low self esteem). She describes her periods as “yuck – they’re poisoning me.”

She was sleeping well, but felt exhausted during the day. The only thing that stopped her going back to bed was the fact that she had so much to do (desire to sleep but feels a duty to endure and keep going).

She had a very clear dream, “like a movie”. She was standing up in an open top car and was handed a baby. She had become wealthy and high up in society (dreams of grandeur / being high up; dreams, clear).

I gave her a split dose of Hedgehog 40c, made from the C4 powder from the trituration based mainly on the confusion she had over whether she had consented to the sex or not, and the pins and needles. A few days later, the burning sensation in the uterus and the ovarian pain went and, at the time of writing, she is left with just a mild sensation in the right ovary area. The pins and needles, aches and palpitations upon waking also disappeared and her energy levels increased. She also had a return of old symptoms – warts on her palms! The last time she had these, at aged 13, she performed an old wives tale to get rid of them: rub a chicken on the warts and bury the chicken; when it rots, the warts will disappear. As she told me this she laughed and said that she considers herself a witch! She also began obsessively cleaning again for about two weeks. About five weeks after the remedy, she reported that she had had painless, enjoyable sex and didn’t need to use any anti-inflammatory medication afterwards. She reported a 60% improvement in the pain she usually feels after sex.

Early on in our meetings, she had told me how she was unable to love anyone because she was afraid of getting hurt. I didn’t twig then and repeated the Thuja again. However, after the Hedgehog, she told me, “I don’t feel his control any more. I can let go … and feel a deeper connection between the two of us. [I can] express my feelings and don’t feel scared that I’m going to get hurt.”

Other things I have noticed about her are that she is now much less defensive and irritable, less prickly. She is also someone who is very independent and demands respect from others, although it is too soon to tell whether these last two qualities have been affected or not.

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I would be very interested to hear of your cases of Hedgehog.

(Editor’s note: The author discusses some characteristics of Hedgehog in her interview in this issue.)

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Th author trained at the Welsh School of Homeopathy in 2006 and graduated as a licentiate in 2010. She works at Amman Valley Women's Aid for Project Sol, a registered charity that provides free or low cost homeopathic treatment to the under-waged or socially disadvantaged of the Swansea area, as well as at her private practice in Llandeilo. Whilst a fourth year student she proved the remedy Hedgehog.
Chloe's background is as an artist. She lives and works in rural Wales.


  • The client’s symptoms are also consistent with ovarian cancer. Often oc goes undiagnosed or worse, misdiagnosed, because the symptoms overlap with other maladies.

    • That’s an interesting point Dhamma. She had a history of cervical cancer that was lazor treated some years a go and left her in a lot of pain. She has had numerous tests but no cancer in the ovaries has been detected. Thanks for your input. She is very well now and just gets slight discomfort. The latest news is that her endometriosis is now 99.9% clear. She finished with more Thuja, Lac Felinum to clear past issues of neglect from mother and then finally Nat mur that cleared more grief from the past and improved her symptoms futher.

  • Hi Chloe,
    My name is Emma (also trained at the welsh school) where will I find more info on your hedgehog please?, think I want to prescribe for one of my patients?

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