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A Case of Hydrocele

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Mishra presents a case of hydrocele in a 20 months old baby. Keen prescribing helps avoid surgery.

This is a case of a 20 months old baby with right sided hydrocele (picture enclosed). On case taking it was disclosed that when he was playing with his older brother, his brother’s leg hurt the baby’s testicle. The baby started crying and the mother gave him Combiflam syrup to reduce pain and after that the baby slept. Next morning the parents observed swelling in the right testicle. They took him to a local doctor who treated him for 5 days without any relief in the swelling. Then the parents came to me for homoeopathic treatment. On examination, I observed slight tenderness with hard swelling in the right testicle. There was no other history of complaints that the parents could recall. After further inquiry they stated that the baby has more sweat while sleeping than while playing. The child is still on milk and doesn’t like food. So, keeping in view the injury, swelling in glandular organ and sweat during sleep, I prescribed Conium 30 one dose.


(Photograph on 28th March)

This photograph was taken when the patient first came to me. I asked the parents to take the photograph. I prescribed Conium Mac 30c, one dose 4 globules no.30 dissolved in water and followed by placebo. I advised them to report after 7 days. As reported on 9th April tenderness is better and the swelling is slightly reduced as visible in the photograph below.

.sandeepmishrafeb2016 (2)

photograph taken on 8th April

Placebo was prescribed as the patient was improving and had no other complaints. He is playing. I advised the parents to report after 15 days.

sandeepmishrafeb2016 (3)

Photograph on 24th April, as reported as well as visible in this photograph also, the swelling reduced more. Again I prescribed placebo and advised them to report after 15 days.

sandeepmishrafeb2016 (4)

Photograph on 9th May. It is clear that visible swelling is almost gone. No other complaints, so again same medication and advised to visit after 15 days.

sandeepmishrafeb2016 (5)

This photograph was taken on May 28th and the patient was brought to me on May 30. No complaints and as shown in the photograph….no swelling. The remedy was stopped.

The photographs were taken with a mobile phone so quality is not good but we can compare the photos easily. Here it is worth mentioning that that the parents originally visited a surgeon who advised surgery for the hydrocele.

About the author

Sandeep Kumar Mishra

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Mishra completed his B.H.M.S. (National Institute of Homoeopathy) in 2000, and his M.D. degree in ‘Repertory’ from the N. I.H.
He learned from many legends of homoeopathy, including Dr. S.K Dubey.
Dr. Mishra is a homoeopathic consultant at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and also manages two clinics in Kanpur City. He wrote his thesis on the ‘Menopausal syndrome’ and has been invited to speak at numerous seminars. He’s currently involved in research on allergies and diseases of the eye. His articles have appeared in the Hindi Newspaper "Aaj". Dr. Mishra also devotes himself to considerable charity work.


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