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A Case of Hypothyroidism


This is the case of a hypothyroid lady of 25 years who came to me with severe hot flushes all over the body.  She gained 5-6 kgs in just 3 months. Her periods became irregular, sometime early and sometimes delayed. Flow reduced from earlier by 50%.  Recurrent urinary tract infections with severe burning in urethra every now and then. This summer was unbearable for her, due to gaining weight and recurrent burning micturition. While sitting on her chair in office where she worke as receptionist, she used to find excuses to get up, as sitting in one place was unbearable due to the 45 degrees heat of India.

She arrived with these symptoms which suggested hypothyroidism [1].  I advised her to check TSH. To my surprise it was high… >150 mg/dl….!

Case history details

Physical generals:

Mental Generals:

In last 6months she has undergone much turmoil in her family life. Typical melodramatic picture of mother in law and daughter- in- law clashes which happens in typical joint families and was disturbing her a lot. Her husband is very supportive and pampers her a lot. Patient is quite social but talks quite immaturely with everyone. She doesn’t think before saying very silly things in front of anyone. Heavily emotional and wants pampering from any side, which switches between her husband and parents.  She was the youngest of 4 siblings and always much pampered. By ignoring her faults they made her much dependent for approval yet quite obstinate. Sometimes she doesn’t know what she wants and gets irritable. I found talkativeness, timidity and weeping without reason as her dominant traits.

Prescription : Pulsatilla 1M as per above physical and mental traits.

Thyroidinum 3X was given as specific considering her extremely high TSH Levels.

Follow up:

May 16: Patient said that within 1 week her hot flushes reduced drastically and the urinary tract infection went away completely. She was feeling much lighter physically and more active than before.

TSH fell from 150 mg/dl to 57.8 mg/dl 

June 16: TSH fell from 57.8 mg/dl to just 7.56 mg/dl. Improvement continued with normal periods on time and flow normal like before.

July16: TSH became normal 5.55 mg/dl. Patient is not having any symptoms right now.

Diagnostic Report –  April 16




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