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A Case of Hypothyroidism

Written by Hafeezullah Baig

The author presents a case of hypothyroidism cured with homeopathy.

A 34 years old female complained of feeling tired easily and of weight gain from past 6 months. She had swelling in the thyroid gland. On advice she underwent a thyroid profile on Oct 2010 and was found to have TSH > 150 (ref. plate before) and was diagnosed as hypothyroidism. She was under homoeopathic management for five months in our clinical Unit. There was not only reduction in TSH level to normal (ref. Plate after) but also marked relief was noted in associated symptoms when treated with homoeopathic principles.

Chief complaint:

  • Easily tired with increase in weight since 6 months,

  • Left sided headache since 5 years,

  • Menses early and profuse since 6 months,

  • Pain in the left breast since 6 months,

  • Acne on face and back of chest since 2 years,

  • Running of nose since 6 years

H/o Present complaint:

Patient complaining of easy tiredness and gaining weight from past 6 months, (4 kgs); left sided headache on and off since 5 years < sun light, exertion; menses early ( 15-18 days) and profuse since 6 months; pain in the left breast with small lump < before menses since 6 months; acne with scars on face and back of the chest with itching since 2 years; sneezing 8-10 times on and off with tickling sensation in nose followed by running of nose and blocking since 6 years.

Past History:

Had jaundice 15 years back.

Family history:

Mother suffering from hypothyroidism, Father is hypertensive.

Menstrual history

Attained menarche at the age of 13 years, periods were regular once in 28-32 days with 2-3 days flow. From past 6 months suffering from early periods ( 15-18 days) and profuse for 4-5 days. She underwent D&C on advice of her gynecologist for this problem 4 months back with no satisfactory relief.

Physical generals:

  • Complexion- fair,

  • Appetite-normal,

  • thirst –normal,

  • bowel movements –regular,

  • Urine – NAD.

  • Desire – not particular

Mental generals:

  • Easily irritable,

  • dislikes to undertake work

  • Anger from contradiction.

General examination

  • Weight : 64 kgs

  • B.P 120/80 mm Hg,

  • PR: 72/min,

  • CVS: S1,S2 normal

  • RS:NAD

Local examination:

Thyroid gland : slight swelling of gland noted on empty swallowing

Investigation: T3 – 76 ng/dl ; T4- 3.50 µg/dl; TSH > 150.00 µIU/ ml (see plate before)

General management: Advice toavoid milk and to restrict table salt.

First Prescription

Date: 20/10/10

Rx Bromium 0/3 tid for 15 days, SL- 15 days.

Follow up criteria

  1. Tiredness easily

  2. Headache

  3. Menses irregular

  4. Breast pain

  5. Acne

  6. Nasal problem











< +






Bromium 0/6 tid-15 d, SL-15 days

Easily tired slightly better, other symptoms status quo



< +

< +




Bromium 0/10 tid -15 d, SL-15 days

Easily tired slightly increased; headache ,menses irregularity slightly better and other symptoms remain status quo


< + + +

< + +

< + +

< +

< +

< +

SL- 30 days

Patient feeling better


< +

< + +

< + +

< +

< +

< +

Bromium 0/20 tid -15 d, SL-15 days

Easily tired slightly increased and other symptoms remain status quo






< + +


SL- 30 days

Patient feeling much better, weight reduced to 2 kgs

Note : < +(up to 25% improvement); < + +(up to 50 % improvement); < + + +(up to 75% improvement); I (more than 75% improvement).

Investigation: T3 – 167.2 ng/dl ; T4- 10.4 µg/dl; TSH 3.65 µIU/ ml (see plate after)

Discussion and conclusion:

Bromium was selected on the basis of constitutional totality and was given in 50 millesimal from 0/3 to 0/20 in repeated doses as per homoeopathic principle, and found effective in not only bringing down TSH level, but also in mitigating the associated symptoms. Literature revealed that milk and table salt hinders the improvement during the use of Bromium. This was verified in the present case.

(Lab results below)



About the author

Hafeezullah Baig

Dr.Hafeezullah Baig M.D. has been working in the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy for the last 25 years. He has completed assigned projects viz. Osteo arthritis, Filariasis, Amoebiasis, Hypertension, Epilepsy, Diabetes mellitus, Geriatric problems, Diabetic nephropathy, and Influenza like illness. Dr. Baig is currently working as Asst. Director at the Drug Standardisation Unit, Hyderabad, He has been a resource person in a number of seminars/ conferences / Continuous Medical education programmes etc.


  • This is interesting .I’ve read Dr Brownsteins work with halogens and hypothyroidism.
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    His advice it to detox the halogens.
    Does the homeopathic bromium help the body eliminate bromide

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