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A Case of Infertility in a Woman of 30

Written by Seema Mahesh

Dr. Seema Mahesh presents a case of secondary infertility in a woman of 30. Fear of being alone, fear of darkness, fear of dogs and irritability with tendency to strike were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

The Case

A 30-year-old lady sought treatment for secondary infertility. She had a 5-year-old son, but she was not conceiving on trying again for over a year. She didn’t have any other problem as per her report.

On 10/09/2019, the symptoms obtained by my junior colleague were as follows:

– Secondary infertility

– Sneezing morning waking on since 2-3 years

-Dysmenorrhoea, pains increase with flow, clot >

Generalities – nothing significant


With this much information prescription is impossible. I knew that this was her second marriage for both the husband and wife and each of them had a child from the previous marriage. The husband was already on homeopathic treatment for other complaints and it was he who had brought her as he thought if both were treated, their chances of getting pregnant may increase.

It took a lot of probing before the lady revealed some relevant information. Her previous marriage was one of physical abuse. Even many years after her divorce, there was tremendous fear in her that he will find them and hurt her and her son. On questioning now, she gave the following symptoms

– fear of being alone +++

– fear of darkness+++

– fear of dogs++

– fear of opinion of others +++

– irritability with tendency to strike ++

– Dreams- nightmares

Prescription is now very obvious: Stramonium 200 OD/ 3 days

Follow up:

12 Oct 2019 – Fears >

– Dreams>>

-Sneezing morning waking on>>

8 Nov 2019 -Pt. Developed fever after many years – but not high

– Dysmenorrhoea better in intensity.

– Pt. Developed taenia eruptions on fingers

– Head – pain- temples

< noise ++ < sun exposure

> sleep

-Fears >

– No change in generalities

Placebo: There is an effort by the organism to shift the pathology to the surface. We must wait unless this effort is insufficient
17 Dec 2019 – Dysmenorrhoea- pain persists

-Fear of darkness and ghosts better but present.

– Fear of water, heights and injury>>

– Intolerance towards sun ++

– Generally better

24 Jan 2020 Pt. has conceived.


Last year in Hpathy, I had presented another case of infertility where a childhood fright had resulted in a Stramonium state and with minimum suppressions, the girl had landed in primary infertility with elevated prolactin.

In this case I do not have the laboratory investigations to show what may have happened due to fright in her. But it is interesting that emotional disturbances are such powerful influences and on addressing that the ladies conceived.

Prof. Vithoulkas always teaches that while the strategy to prescribe is important (the causation strategy in this case), we must always have symptoms to confirm the particular remedy we are prescribing. Causation alone cannot decide the remedy.

In this case, once she had confidence to open up, she gave the confirmatory symptoms. She was initially so scared, that even talking about these fears was impossible for her. But once she realized how important it was for me to prescribe, she narrated her deep fears.

To simplify the process of prescription would be like belittling the human organism. Homeopaths must understand the complexity and operate.

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