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A Case of Migraine

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Written by Sandeep Srivastava

Dr. Sandeep srivastava presents a case of chronic migraine in a man of 29.

Mr. S. M. aged 29 yrs male, working in a multinational company suffering from migraine (only both temporal regions) since 2007 and came to me on 11/3/2015.

Chief complaints

-sensation of hammering

– Nausea, sometimes vomiting

– Irritation, gets angered easily

– wants to sleep in a dark room without any noise

Aggravation- hunger, mental tension specially job related, in evening.

Took allopathic treatment for 8 years but no relief.

Patient was also suffering from trembling of both hands since 4-5 years.

Journey of disease

In 2007 this patient was suffering from recurrent cough and cold. He used to take anti allergic medicine for relief. After a few months he started getting headaches on and off. Again he started taking painkillers for headache.  This lead to severe headache with nausea and vomiting that was diagnosed as migraine.

Past history

Constipation for 5-7 days, recurrent boils (treated with ointments), gastric ulcer during his whole life treated by antibiotics, antacids.

Physical generals

Thermal- hot

Thirst- thirst less

Appetite- normal

Hunger- hunger aggravation, patient gets irritated when he feels hungry.

Mik- aggravation, gas formation, feels uneasiness.

Desire- salty foods, eggs+++

Sleep- sleeps for 6-7 hrs

Speed- speed of writing, working, eating is slow. Patient takes time to do any work; wants to do work with ease.

Stool –  regular, constipated on and off.

Urine- normal

Perspiration- scanty, offensive in summers, palm and sole warm to touch


Sun- headache on and off and its increasing day by day.

Noise- gets irritated easily due to migraine.

Travelling- likes to travel but unable to do so due to work.

Motion sickness– Vomits when he travels in bus or car since his childhood.

Weather Change- easily affected by cough and cold.

Tight collar around neck makes him feel suffocated.

Mentals and life situation

Patient is living with his father, mother and wife and working in the carpet industry as a quality assurance manager.  The work pressure is too much for him as quality assurance of products is a very stressful job as any mistake can lead to cancellation of products.  He has to work overtime hours and even skip meals. It gives him headache on and off. Patient has anticipation anxiety and fear of failure. Friendly with his colleagues.  Fears to get involved in any conflict.  “I cannot oppose anybody doing any wrong thing because it’s not my duty”  Since childhood patient is timid and mild and has many friends. Not very good in studies and was lazy in school. Math was very weak. Used to go to toilet so many times before exams. His wife told me that he is very careless by nature, he doesnt want to arrange his clothes, books and office.

Case analysis

I took rubrics location- head in general, sensation- pounding hammering, trembling hands, food eggs aggravation.

From above analysis I have two medicines: Calc. carb. and Sulphur. Patient is hot, timid, extroverted having history of gastric ulcer, constipation, and recurrent boils. Calc. carb. is chilly and Sulphur is hot. He had symptoms of both Calcarea. and Sulphur, so I prescribed Calc. Sulph. 200 single dose.

Follow up

30/3/15 – Headache reduced.  Intensity low. Rx – sac. lac.

14/5/15 – Headache for only one day and it lasted for a few minutes. Feeling feverish and drowsy.               Rx – sac. lac.

10/6/ 15 – His feels better, no complaints. Rx – sac. lac.

14/7/ 15 – Headache with nausea. Took allopathic medicines. Generals are better. Rx – sac.lac.

30/7 15 – Mild headache persists. Rx – Calc. sulph 1M

21/8/ 15 – No headache. Trembling hands better. Mild heaviness at vertex but doing all his work properly. Rx – Sac. lac. For three months.

5/11/15 – Better in all complaints. Skin rashes with itching. Rx- sac. lac. For one month.

18/12/15 – Cough and cold with sore throat. Rx – sac. lac.

19/1/16 – All symptoms better. Stopped medication.

About the author

Sandeep Srivastava

Dr. Sandeep srivastava (B.H.M.S) has been practicing classical homoeopathy for six years. He received a B.H.M.S degree from the L.B.S. Homoeopathic Medical College in Bhopal, India. He was classically trained under the guidance of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar in predictive Homoeopathy and blessed with the knowledge of Dr. Kasim chimthanawala and Dr. Adil chimthanawala. He writes articles on Homoeopathy for various journals. Dr. Srivastava regularly participates in camps organised for mentally and physically challenged patients.

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