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A Case of Multiple Boils in an Infant

Written by Zubin Dehmeri

Dr. Zulbin S. Dehmeri presents a case of multiple boils in a baby boy.

A one year old boy was brought by her mother for complaints of multiple boils on face and extremities. Sometimes boils (Homeopathy Treatment for Boils) would be so deep that it turns into abscess. The eruption started at 8 months of age. The baby was unsuccessfully treated at the hands of many allopathic paediatricians with local applications before visiting me. At present there were crops of boils on his hands and face, especially forehead.The boils were itching, which could be so intense that they would start bleeding after scratching. The baby was cranky with the itching. The child also suffers from wheezing on and off.

According to the mother:

The baby is very hot. Likes to sleep in air-conditioned room without covering. Likes bathing.

Appetite is good.

He craves sour lime.

Strong aversion to EGGS.

Perspires quite a lot on head, neck and extremities.

Other discharges and generals were normal.

Behaviour :  Lots of curiosity in learning new milestones. Likes music (listening to nursery rhymes). Restlessness and can’t be in one position for long. Very obstinate, cannot be pacified easily.

Milestones: Normal teething, crawling for age.

Family history:

Mother: Allergic cold since many years

Paternal grandfather: Leukaemia at 50 years of age

Maternal grandfather: Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, ischaemic heart disease, Renal stones

Pregnancy history: First child, normal delivery. No history of any major emotional and physical symptoms during pregnancy.

Breast feeding till 6 months of age.

Case Evaluation:

Considering the strong physical and behaviour symptoms of the baby repertorization was done using Synthesis repertory.  The three remedies that strongly came up were:  Calc, Sulph, Calcarea sulph.

Detailed study of these remedies enabled me to understand that Calcarea sulph wonderfully covers the pathology of boils and abscesses in this child along with the mental and physical generals.

Calcarea sulphurica 30 was given twice a day in divided doses for 14 days.

After 2 weeks the baby responded wonderfully to the remedy and the boils started to regress in size and number. No new eruptions were coming up and more importantly, the baby was more cheerful now.

Calcarea sulph 30 was continued for another 2 weeks, after which it was given intermittent doses as and when required. Also, his tendency to wheezing and cold reduced.

Calcarea sulph is a deep acting, anti-psoric remedy and if given early and correctly helps to bring about rapid and gentle cure.

Symptoms covered by Calcarea sulph:

  1. Obstinate children
  2. Restless children
  3. Skin eruptions boils
  4. Abscesses
  5. Eggs aversion
  6. Sour, acids desires
  7.  Heat sensation

About the author

Zubin Dehmeri

Dr. Zubin S. Dehmeri MD (Hom) is practicing as a Consultant homoeopath at Daruwalla polyclinic near Bhatia hospital, where he also does personal counseling for health problems and helps people in distress. He also runs an OPD at Masina hospital. He received his MD in homoeopathy from MUHS, Nashik University in 2010. In the future he plans to do a PhD in homoeopathy and start a clinic for the poor, to give them the benefits of homoeopathy.

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