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A Case of Niccolum

Written by Jawahar Shah

A Case of Niccolum. A remedy that suits debilitated, nervous, literary patients, with frequent headaches, dyspepsia and constipation.

A girl, 14 years old

Chief Complaint: Recurring cold cough & abdominal pain.

Psoric expression

The cold was aggravated by cold drinks, fish and change of weather.

The abdominal pain was better only when pressure was applied.

Family Circumstances:

She stays in a joint family.

The trouble got worse after her brother got married. Her sister-in-law is very selfish & possessive.

Her sister in law doesn’t share her clothes or jewelry, hides food, sweets etc.

At the same time she expects everybody to part with their things.

She is very emotional, sensitive and generous.

But the sister-in-law’s attitude has disturbed the patient considerably.


  • Irritable & angry
  • She shouts and fights
  • At times she cries for hours
  • This shock has changed her life
  • Unable to cope up with the situation
  • Her studies have been affected


Thirst – +

Appetite. – normal

Desires – salt, rice, raw rice

Aversion – nil

Menses – normal, regular

Sweat – profuse. esp. armpits, offensive

Sleep –

  • Sound
  • Disturbed by thoughts

Dreams –

  • Exams
  • Falling
  • Falling of teeth

Thermal Sensitivity –

  • Bathing Habits – warm water.
  • Cover – Desires
  • Air conditioner – Ok
  • Fan – likes
  • Weather – summer
  • Sun – aversion

Thirst – mild

O/E Teeth – caries

Wt. 41 kg, Chest NAD


The patient was given one dose of Niccolum (200CH)


  • Emotional
  • Sensitive patient
  • Friendly & co-operative
  • Generous & helping nature
  • Dreams – falling of teeth


  • Cold, cough, pain better
  • Dream of falling of teeth ceased
  • Can face the sister – in – law
  • and handle her in a better way

Materia medica by Boericke W.


  • Periodical nervous sick headaches, with asthenopia (Homeopathy Treatment for Asthenopia), weak digestion, constipation. Catarrh.
  • Suits debilitated, nervous, literary patients, with frequent headaches, dyspepsia and constipation.

Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by Clarke J. H.

Niccolum [Nicc]

  • Low-spirited, fears something evil will happen.
  • Vexed and very angry from least contradiction.
  • Anxious moroseness and inquietude.
  • Trembling and fright with desire for solitude.
  • Dislike to conversation.
  • Anxiety on moving as if sweat would break out.

Elements of Homeopathy by Jan Scholten

Niccolum [Nicc]

  • Suppressing emotions
  • Because the harmony had to be maintained at all times they became very good at suppressing their emotions.
  • Their childhood was ruled by the principle:
  • Maintain the harmony, at any price
  • Relationships have to follow the same rules, which means they are usually not very close
  • Eventually they no longer know what they feel or what is going on with them
  • It is better to avoid conflict
  • Personal feelings were not allowed so it was better not to even notice them
  • The emotions are still there, but they don’t know where they come from or what they mean
  • They dream of having their fingers or head cut off, a symbolic portrayal of the cut off emotions
  • They often feel as if they are living in isolation, as if surrounded by a glass barrier
  • Exams are a nightmare, they may have black-outs

Learning From This Case:

  1. A non Repertorial approach.
  2. Such Prescription is possible if you are aware about evolution of a remedy.
  3. Falling of teeth has been a deciding factor in quite a few cases and once you give niccolum, dreams of many years vanish.
  4. Some counseling is required till she comes out from negativity

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