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A Case of Post-traumatic Asthma and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Written by Carla Marcelis

Another case demonstrating the MICH Method.

Also involved in this case were homeopaths: Toni Gallo, Jennifer Holzgang, Carla Marcelis, Michelle Nantel, Dot Wojakowski

Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy (MICH) Intern Center.

Date: December 2, 2008 Session: 1

Pseudonym: DC

Birthdate: 5 Aug 1956 Age: 52 B#: 7 Female

Chief Complaint

Post-traumatic asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, exhaustion, difficulty setting limits.


Violence in her youth. Raped by brother in law at age 17 and by a stranger at age 18. One year later developed asthma. Can’t say no to parents. Extreme guilt. No limits: no bottom. I’m no longer in my centre of self, no life.

Due to asthma, DC can’t sing anymore, can’t express. Body imploded, closed. I used to dance and it threw itself into my feet; I used to play the piano and it threw itself in my hands. A kind of self-destruction installed itself. The body identifies an aggressor and proliferates into an antibody in order to defend itself. But there’s no real aggressor, so it aggresses the good cells.

Sensations (MICH Method)

Asthma: trapped, vacuum inside, no space, no freedom, cornered, cloistered, implode, rigidity, suffocated; like a native cloistered with the white people.

Breath: breathe life, resonances, sound vibration, communication, connection, wind, sing, Liberty, joy, fullness, making music with the wind, sonority,

freedom, big open spaces, rolling in the moss: like the Siberian tundra. Being alone in nature, naked in full contact, nothing obstructing, contact with the elements.

To make music with the wind, going in wild regions, singing sounds, resonance, in uninhabited regions, in contact with the elements. I’m a rebel who doesn’t assert herself. Big green fields, it’s Urga, the movie, the Siberian Tundra. I could no longer sing, so I started painting, the voice of expression. Color is in the voice also. They don’t learn from humans, being alone in nature. They breathe in nature, lie down in the grass, in the moss, they swim in a lake, river, naked. Harp: when the wind enters, it allows the harmonics that are in the cords to come out, creates music. Those sounds, a voice that whirls on the water, in the fields, it brings the sound of the ocean. The wind is the breath that makes you sing. I was born isolated. I’m searching for how to make bridges and piers.

Human is abuse, sonar abuse, its violent, so violent, honking, firemen, police. It’s visual abuse: concrete, bricks: they enter and irritate the body.


Lost her voice, her expression; as if there is a vacuum inside: life has been taken out. Needs to set limits in order to grow and develop. She is a sponge and feels so much: sonar and visual, resonances. She exudes a strong sensuality. She used to express this passionately by singing: breath, wind, air, sound, vibration. After the rape she could not sing anymore. She developed severe asthma. She became rigid with arthritis.


  • Theme: oppression
  • Generalities: music ameliorates, noise aggravates
  • Generalities: open air ameliorates
  • Mind: lack of confidence
  • A; AIR; Cool, blowing, sensation of (1) *: mosch.
  • A; Air; Sensation as though cool air were suddenly blowing upon him, especially on uncovered parts, chiefly on the hands (1) *: mosch.
  • A; Air; Sensation as if cold air were blowing on him (1) *: mosch.
  • A; Air; Vertigo, with a sensation as though whirling violently so that he even felt the air on his face (1) *: mosch.
  • A; Air; Sensation as if he was turned about so rapidly that he perceives a current of air produced by motion (1) *: mosch.
  • C; Closed; Sudden sensation in the upper part of the larynx as if it closed upon the breath (1) *: mosch.
  • Respiration; Closed; upon breath, larynx were suddenly (1) *: mosch.

Kingdom differentiation and family.

Animal language: Abuse and violence of family and strangers, men that follow her, human presence that feels abusive with sonar and visual violence.

Possible Families, Remedy differentiation:

Her relationship to humans, especially her own family; her isolation versus desire for connection, as well as her core: need to communicate, express herself are all signs of mammal remedies.

Possible remedies:

  • Moschus: fits the core and the rubrics. Loutan: Mosch. can’t accept and hold the air inside of him; incapacity of physical expansion; he has been taken by a wind turbulence and has lost the confidence of others. Mosch. has his fingers cut, he has lost his words and what he said was “wind.”
  • Tarantula: Intense pace, rhythmic, territorial, mischievous
  • Sepia: withdrawal, lacks protection and must hide, conceal, run and escape.

We don’t see the Tarantula or Sepia core in this case.

Moschus moschiferus 200K

Life for the Siberian Musk deer is all about the scent. The scent of their Musk (the animals are killed for this perfume which acts as an aphrodisiac) is carried on the wind. The male and female who live on the far reaches of the Mongolian and Siberian plains find each other via the scent. Our patient, DC would literally have men expose themselves in her presence, as if she attracted them to her.


16, 2009
feel much better, a big improvement. I feel rooted. It’s as if the body
wants to breathe. A smooth wavelike motion that wants to manifest itself.

It’s a joy, serenity,
I feel a contact with life, anxiety no longer has a hold on me.

It’s the wave, the
movement, the wind, those subtle energies that travel and come to greet
me. January 1st: man who followed her in the metro: only
time (day 18 of remedy.)

Conclusion: Rx is
still working: waitFebruary
19, 2009I
am well. There is more and more joy in my life. I’m finding treasures
inside me, liberty and work is paying off. I have started to sing. I’m
working with light (photography). I feel calm. I can go into the energies,
the etheric, without fear of losing myself. I’m organising my days and
am in the process of becoming autonomous

Did not have men
that followed her. Her RA: as if it belonged to another “me”, maybe
I still feel it a little in my knees.

Conclusion: Rx still
working: waitApril
18, 2009This
week, I felt resistance. The past 2 – 3 weeks, had sugar craving: stress
of new project (applied for funding) to make music with Aeolian harp:
catch wind. Found my artist name: Aeolie. Mother was sick: felt her
body resisting. Had some asthma while with her son (“saboteur”)

The project: as
if I have a life of myself, an interior, like a butterfly. Something
that is quiet, like leaves that move but that you don’t hear.

à Mosch 200KNovember
of sx (pain and swelling of joints) after visit to family à Rx Mosch MK: improvement of sx in 1 ½ hours. End
of case

Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy

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