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A Case of Psoriasis

Written by Randeep Singh Shah

Dr Randeep Singh Shah presents a case of psoriasis that was cured after ten years.

Name – Lucky

Chief Complaint – Scaly eruptions for 10 years.

Location – Head and body

Sensation – Burning and Stinging.

Modalities – Change of weather, Undressing Agg and after midnight.

Accompaniments – gastric disturbances, hemorrhoids, bleeding and sneezing.

Life space

He works as a salesman in an exclusive cloth shop. He’s extremely anxious about his illness.  He says that customers ask him what is this, what happened on your head. Even in summer he used to cover his head and body to mask his appearance.  He angers easily and has great gloominess about his disease.  He explored many specialists with many ointments and therapies but the condition usually gets suppressed and after some time, erupts again.  Cannot bear summer and extreme cold. It triggers intense itching with shedding of flakes.

When he came to my hospital I asked him to show me the problem. He was a bit reluctant, but when he removed his clothes, a huge amount of flakes fell over the floor. He said this is the reason why he is so tense and cannot go to a relatives or friends place, because it smells very bad too. He always has to cover is head due to the flakes and odor.

HI is married and has one daughter.  He is terrified due to his suffering and does not allow his daughter to come near, thinking she might suffer the same fate. He does not have good relations with his wife due to his trouble. He was very depressed.  His wife said he does not talk much with her or the daughter.  He said “do not come near to me, I do not want to live anymore.”

His father is also suffering from the same disease and is in very a bad condition, at home for years as no one gives him a job due to his condition.  He wonders how he will take care of his family and feels something evil is in this house. “I alone have to earn bread for my family.”  His wife feels scared that he may go into madness.

Wife:  One day we have to go for family function but he refused, said he will remain at home. When we returned we saw he was not in his room and found him over the roof lying unconscious.  He was rushed to the hospital and survived having drunk mosquito repellent.

“Many days I do not go to work. I don’t feel like to work, now losing interest in work . Something happens to me, do not like anyone to approach me. Many time calls comes from shop I never attend, tells my wife to reply he is not well. Earlier I was the best sales man in shop. My owner has great praise for me and rewarded many times. Patients says doctor can you make me well and get rid of this disease. I said yes definitely you are going to be fine in couple of months. He said I do not believe, as before this I tried many treatments but of no use, now also I have come to you with reference from my in laws otherwise I am totally broken and do not have faith on any treatment.  You will be the last one to whom I am visiting now. If I do not get any relief, I am going to finish myself.

Personal History

Appetite – Less or Lost.

Desires – Sweets and Lemon water.

Aversions – Fat Food

Thirst – many glasses of water with little at a time.

Stool – loose with blood at times.

Thermal – Chilly.

Past History

Food poison three years before, anal fistula intense painful with discharges of pus with blood – was intolerable finally got operated.

Often have episodes of sinusitis due to weather change or strong odors. Tonsils suppuration with high fever.

Family History

Father also has psoriasis from 25 yrs with very bad condition now confined to bed.

Mother expired due to heart disease.


Patient was very anxious and restless. While case taking many times drank water and went to washroom. While completing history he said “I need your personal number if anything happens I will call you.”

Diagnosis– Psoriasis

First prescription – 10-12-2014

Kali Ars – 1M one doses followed by placebo TDS for two months. It covers all symptoms with great anxiousness, hysteria with marked midnight aggravation.

Follow up- 10-02-2015.

Patient came with a little smiling face. “I am better in sleep and now having good food. But skin is same. Will it be cured?

I told to him to wait and see the miracle of homeopathy.

Placebo for three months.

Follow up – 15-05-2015.

Patient calls twice and asked at reception do you have cases like me? Will I be cured?  His wife came to pick his medicine.  She said he is regular at work, never misses a job. But the skin feels very bad and he wakes up sometimes at night due to itching. Over all he is better. Placebo for two months.

Follow up– 3-07-2015.

One day he got sore throat with coryza.  Sent him placebo. Have to watch because now he was getting his past symptoms which was important to understand the cure. He was restless and anxious with fever, inflamed tonsils and violent sneezing as in viral infections. Assured him that he is on right track he will get well.  Examined him and was surprised that no flakes were there, bult some redness was left with scars.

Ars-alb 200 3 doses followed by Placebo for three months.

Follow up- 19-10-2015.

Patient called up and requested to courier the medicines said he cannot come due to busy as winter/wedding season started. Now he was relaxed and happy. Placebo for two months.

Follow up –5-01-2016

Patient completely cured .Ultimately he was blessed by homoeopathy with joy of life.





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Randeep Singh Shah

Dr Randeep Singh Shah PG (Hom) London Gold Medalist MD (A.M), D.H.M.S practices in Rajpura (Punjab). He has practiced and studied Homeopathy intensively for 17 years. He has organized many homeopathy workshops for practitioners and students over many years. He follows a fundamental business strategy of innovation and continually striving for improvement. Dr. Shah devotes much energy and time to achieve a research base in his clinical environment. He has treated patients from various professions and is easily accessible to all patients. Visit Dr. Shah at his website:

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