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A Case of Psoriasis in a Young Man

June  Kiran Shanbhag
Written by Kiran Shanbag

Dr. Kiran Shanbhag finds a remedy for psoriasis in a 26 year old man.

Here I present a case of psoriasis in a male aged 26 yrs. The patient developed an abscess in his right calf at the age of 15 yrs. Incision and drainage was done by a GP.  This was followed by profuse purulent otorrhea and high fever for a week, which was addressed by antibiotics. Soon after this he developed psoriasis. I have enclosed photographs below.  When he presented to me in October 2014 he had tried various medicines including injectibles over a period of 10 years, but to no avail. He is a reserved gentleman, but gets extremely angry when cornered in an argument.  This leads to palpitation and trembling limbs at which point he just leaves the room. My mind was hovering on Staphysagria. He mentioned dreams in which someone is catching hold of his right leg and stabbing his calf repeatedly causing intense pain.

My first prescription was Pyrogenum 10m one dose Oct 2014. He developed high fever and multiple abscesses and styes in the next 15 days. I knew I had hit the bull’s eye. I had counseled the patient that there might be massive aggravation. I should thank him for not running away in fright that month.  From the next month on things began to settle. He was generally better. Clearing of patches was seen. He was kept on placebo till Aug 2015. When I felt the speed of clearing was slowing down I gave him one more dose of Pyrogenum 10 M. He is clearing out the patches well. Also his cold tendencies, bleeding haemorrhoids and bouts of diarrhoea which were frequent before, are no more a part of his life. I have enclosed serial photographs below. The last one was taken on Feb 2016.
The second dose caused rapid clearance without any aggravation. Now he has  only a few spots on his leg and behind his ear.

In working through this case, I thought about ailments from suppression (calf abscess) possibly leading to otorrhea then leading to psoriasis from further suppression. I found the dream clue too hard to ignore.  I chose a nosode made from a pyogenic abscess based on “ailments since”. My idea was to unlock the case initially. Since the patient was improving well with it and the symptoms didn’t require any other intervention, I stayed with that remedy. The plan is always to stick to the remedy until the symptom totality dictates a different one.

Who says Homoeopathy doesn’t work? If so called placebo can produce such marvelous results, so be it!  What more can a patient ask for? The results are self-explanatory!

June 2016 Kiran Shanbhag 1

Oct 2014

June 2016 Kiran Shanbhag 2

Taken Feb 2016

 June 2016 Kiran Shanbhag 3  June 2016 Kiran Shanbhag 4

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About the author

Kiran Shanbag

Dr. Kiran Shanbhag received her BHMS from Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Bangalore, where she has been practicing for the last 18 yrs. She says that the journey has been very rewarding and she is deepening her understanding all the time. Her other interests include Indian philosophy and spirituality and equity markets as a mode of investment.


  • Dr.kiran shanbag’s article on psoriasis is highly illustrative. It is really wonderful to see that Nat mur is effective in the case mentioned by her. Pyrogenum was the medicine given first to the patient after closely observing the symptoms as narrated by Dr.Kiran shanbag’s. Thanks to her for establishing that psoriasis could be tackled by homeo medicines.
    I will be grateful to the Dr. If she could bring articles on urticaria.

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