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A Case of Restless Sleep

Homeopath Stavroula Pervolaraki solves a case of restless sleep through standard repertorization confirmed by themes she recognized from Scholten and Sankaran.

sleeplessness-insomniaA 45 year old man visited me in the clinic on 31.10.2014 with the complaints of restless and non refreshing sleep, grinding teeth and a pain on his left shoulder that did not subdue with chiropractic therapy. The pain of the shoulder began one year ago whereas the restless sleep and the grinding of teeth have been there for the last 20 years. The patient says that he feels fatigue due to his non- refreshing sleep, which he characterizes as a torture, as he tosses and turns all night, has confused dreams and wakes up from the slightest noise.

On probing further, he says that he is a lonely person, as friends can betray you, their worries are superficial and you cannot have a serious conversation with anyone. His work takes most of his day as there are periods that he works 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. He doesn’t even have time to eat. Normally he works 10 hours a day.

Asking about his childhood, he says that he used to be anxious even as a child. He felt pressure at home because he had to help his parents on the farm and go to school also, where the teacher was strict and even beat the children. He wanted to study for school but didn’t have time as he worked on the farm and other places since he was 10 years old. He recalls that he didn’t want to play with the other children because they didn’t obey the rules of the games, so he preferred to play alone. He didn’t get along well with his sister because she also didn’t obey the rules and did whatever she wanted. He said that you have to obey the rules you set, otherwise you betray yourself. He had the feeling as a child that he should learn as many things as he could in order to survive. He was anxious about growing up, finding a job, making a career, having a family. All these seemed overwhelming to him.

Talking about his character, he says he is neat and clean, likes order and does not want to lose self-control. He tries to control some of his feelings, such as his anger or his desire when he sees a beautiful woman. He is family-oriented. He says that he could not work and go to bars every night because he has a family to take care, so he chooses not to do this kind of things. He is anxious about whether he will be able to make ends meet for his family, whether he will be able to make it in his work as there are people above him in the company who check him. All this responsibility towards his family and his work causes him too much stress.

I asked “What was the worst thing that happened in your life.” He went on to narrate a story about his uncle, who was a chemist. As a child he had a plan that he would study chemistry and take over his uncle’s chemistry laboratory. He wanted to become a chemist to prove to his uncle that he could make it. He became a chemist but his uncle didn’t hand the laboratory over to him.

He has repeated dreams about whether he will be able to make a family (although he already has a family), and whether he is going to pass the last five exams in university so as to get his degree.

He wants to eat meat every day. He likes spices and would like to put pepper everywhere but he doesn’t because he thinks it’s not wise. He likes to drink cold water even in winter. He won’t drink vinegar because, he says, it is a preservative.

He likes walking bare foot. He can tolerate both cold and heat equally well. He feels cold when he is tired.

When he perspires, the sweat makes him feel very cold. Even in summer, if he doesn’t have a bath after he perspires, he feels cold.

He is not very fond of dogs, and feels awkward when he sees them in the street.

He is mostly anxious about the future, about whether he is going to make it.



The patient was short, with abdominal fat, round head and baldness. He was light complexioned. His tone of voice was quite low.


Initial Assessment of the Case

What struck me in this case was that the patient had too many fixed ideas, about his role, even about pepper and vinegar. He has controlled his desires for the sake of reason and what must be done. He also repeats many times the phrases “whether I will be able to” and “if I make it”, which indicates a lack of self-confidence. He talked about work, money, family, responsibility and capability throughout the case. The only peculiar physical symptom was that he felt cold after perspiration even during summer.


Repertorisation with Schroyens F. Synthesis 9.0 Repertory (Radar 10.0)

Mind, thoughts persistent

Mind, confidence, want of, self confidence

Mind, fear, poverty, of

Mind, fear, dogs, of

Generals, food and drinks, meat, desire

Generals, cold, becoming cold, perspiration during

Teeth, grinding, sleep, during


Remedies that were closely related to these symptoms and were seriously considered were Calcarea carbonica, Carcinosinum and Silicea.

Taking into consideration the external appearance of the patient together with his great concern about his job, his family, his financial condition and his doubts about his ability to achieve security in all these fields, I thought more about Calcarea Carbonica. I couldn’t however leave the story about his uncle out of my analysis. My patient came from a poor family. He had to work from quite early to help the family survive and there was also a great amount of expectation put upon him, to go to university, become a chemist and take over his uncle’s business, so as to provide a financial base and security for the whole family. That’s exactly the concept of Calcarea Silicata as Jan Scholten and Rajan Sankaran describe it in their books “Homeopathy and the Elements” and “The Soul of Remedies” respectively. I confirmed the remedy by looking again at the rubric “General, cold, becoming cold, perspiration during”. Calc-sil is included.

I prescribed one single dose of Calcarea Silicata 200CH and the patient was asked to come for a follow up session three weeks later.


11th December 2014

After four weeks, the patient says that he feels much stronger. He now sleeps much better and wakes up in the morning more energized and in a better mood. The pain in his left shoulder has disappeared and this happened gradually, as it moved from the shoulder to the elbow and then it vanished completely (according to Hering’s Law). He lost 6 kilos as his appetite decreased. In addition his sexual desire increased.

I prescribed Sac lac for one month


20th January 2015

The patient says he feels a bit tired because he has been working 15 hours a day for the last month, but not as tired as he used to feel in the past. He started feeling cold again and has gained half of the kilos he had lost before.

I prescribed one single dose of Calcarea Silicata 200CH


20th March 2015

The patient says he feels quite strong. He sleeps well, his energy has increased and his appetite is back to normal.

I prescribed Sac Lac


1st May 2015

He now works less, so he has time to go jogging. He sleeps well and wakes up in a good mood.

About the author

Stavroula Pervolaraki

Stavroula Pervolaraki graduated from the School of Pharmacy, University of Athens in 2008. She graduated from the National Association of Homeopathic Medical Cooperation in 2011 and from the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2012, in Athens, Greece. Meanwhile she attended the e-learning seminar “Wednesdays with Rajan”, held by Dr. Sankaran and after that an Advanced Course in Sensation Method in The Other Song Academy in Mumbai, India. She has also attended seminars with Dr. Sankaran as well as with Dr. Jayesh Shah and Dr. Misha Norland. She runs a private practice in the city of Heraklion, Crete.


  • Doctor, thanks you very much for sharing the case taking procedure [ though we homeopaths know ] it always an art. This also guide me to some thing new where I am having an woman patient with most symptoms, to which i am using Calcaria carb. I have to look over in MM calcaria silicata

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