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A Case of the Dreaded Encephalitis

Written by K. V. Natarajan

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This Case reflects the ability of a non-medical, qualified homeopath to prescribe in serious cases with the supportive input from the medical profession. The expert opinions of the MD’s helped this homeopath to understand the prognostic expectations of either disease progression or healing response. This is what Dr. Barvalia touched on in the September 06 Hotseat Interview, where interdisciplinary care is needed. As one can see here, it is possible for a non-medical homeopath to do the same by concentrating on the homeopathic perspective and totality rather than being distracted by the disease diagnosis – Editor
The year: 1991-92. My daughter, Raji, age 26, had been married for 2 years with a child. She settled in another town (Hyderabad) after her marriage. Only 2 months into the summer at Hyderabad she seemed to be managing without much trouble. I was in Madras on Dec. 8, 1991 when I received a phone call that my daughter was admitted to a big hospital at Hyderabad, unconscious!

The story I learned was that husband and wife went out shopping in Hyderabad near the Koti area which was more than 8 kms from their house. They had traveled on a bike in the hot sun. Normally my daughter is easily affected by exposure to the sun. It was very hot that day, though winter had set in. She had carried an umbrella to shield herself from the sun, but they had to be out for more than 2 hours. When they returned home she received the pleasant news that she had passed Masters in Commerce and a first class in Madurai Kamaraj University was awaiting her! She had done this after she got married as I could not enable her to study M.Com. earlier for various reasons. But her father-in-law helped her do it and therefore it had a very excitable emotional effect on her.

It was after hearing and seeing the wonderful news that she found herself unable to stand and slowly fell down. For some time she remained conscious in this condition. While falling she said that she could not stand because her legs were losing power. She then lost consciousness after about 30 minutes.

Initially, I took only the rubric, “ailments from heat of the sun”. I immediately thought of Gelsemium. On further referencing the Materia Medica I found:

Generals, Heat of sun aggravates
Extremities, Loss of power of muscular control
Mind, Bad effects from exciting news.

Quickly, after the news that she had collapsed, I was advised that she was in a coma! She was taken to the hospital and the doctors pronounced a very poor prognosis. All the tests were done: CT Scan, MRI scan etc. Conclusion: this was a case of Encephalitis (brain fever). I was totally new to this disease and initially could not make any attempt to do anything. Since the hospital had abandoned all hope, I decided I had to do something. Using the rubrics above, GELSEMIUM 200C was chosen as the remedy. I immediately exclaimed to my son-in-law, “Raji will be back, completely healed!” even before sending the remedy to the hospital, so confident I was in my choice.

She was on Ryle’s tube feeds with a regular suctioning for the throat to avoid saliva choking her. Hence there was no possibility of my remedy reaching the stomach. However our remedies work on the tongue better. The tiny remedy could be placed on the tongue without the knowledge of the hospital staff. (For unconscious patients, a remedy can be dissolved in water and dabbed on the patient’s lips with cotton wool. This is as good as a single pellet being placed in under the tongue. There is no danger of aspiration or choking. -Editor)

In about 10 hours, my second daughter from the hospital phoned that her sister had regained consciousness and could recognize her. I shed tears of joy thanking all: God, Homeopathy and its founder!

Admitted in NIMS Hyderabad on: 8-12- 1991.
Regained conscience on 13-12-1991
Brought to Madras partially cured on 22-12-1991
Discharged from hospital at Madras 31-12-1991
Could go up the stairs on 15-01-1992
Computer training using a bike for transport 23-01-1992 to 10-3-1992
Returned to Hyderabad on 23-03 1992.
The dates are given in detail to bring to notice how quick, perfect and easy a cure this has been. Though the virus concerned was not identified, the remedy, homeopathic as it was, worked steadily. GELSEMIUM 200 was given a total of 3 times in a week, not only helped her regain consciousness initially, but brought back to normal the function and the working of all her inner organs.

If I described the progressive developments and also the astonishment of the doctors, it would make this article too long. Nobody in the hospital knew about the remedy being given and it has not been revealed to this day. However the truth remains: an encephalitis case was cured in 22 days. After 15 days in Hyderabad hospital, while she still had to regain sensibility in her extremities, she was brought to Madras for further hospitalization for a week. Interesting to note here is that the symptoms started with loss of sensibility in her legs which is why she had fallen initially. This was the last symptom left to be cured which highlights the fact that this healing took place in “the direction of cure”, explained by Hering’s Law of Cure. This direction of cure is always observed if a case is moving in the right direction. She became so perfectly cured that in another 45 days she finished computer training in 3 languages and returned to Hyderabad as a Raji even more alert mentally and physically able to take up the job of a lecturer at a college.

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