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A Case of Urinary Bladder Adenocarcinoma

Written by A. U. Ramakrishnan

A Case of Urinary Bladder Adenocarcinoma

February, 1993

Male, 58 years, presented with a five-year history of recurring hematuria (blood in urine).

Cystoscopic findings revealed a huge cauliflower- like growth. Biopsy report: Adenocarcinoma of the bladder, Stage III. The patient turned to homoeopathy.


Weeks 1-4   : Terebinthina 200C – daily, Plussing Method

Week 5        : Carcinosin 200C – daily, Plussing Method

Weeks 6-14 : Same as Weeks 1-5

Cystoscopy revealed the mass to be substantially smaller.

But the patient had a peptic ulcer, with the typical Sulphur 11 a.m. to 12:00 noon aggravation. This had to be addressed.

Weeks 15-19 : Sulphur 200c – daily, Plussing Method Peptic ulcer was much improved, but not resolved.

Weeks 20-23 : Carcinosin 200c resumed – daily, Plussing Method

Cystoscopy showed further resolution of the mass. But ulcer symptoms still not entirely resolved.

Weeks 24-27 : Sulphur 200c – daily, Plussing Method The patient was asymptomatic.

The patient then ceased his visits. He returned after three years, still asymptomatic and doing well.

Follow-up cystoscopy showed the same as after Weeks 20-23.


Week 1       : Terebinthina 200C – once, Split Dose Method (because the patient refused to be “shackled” by having to take remedies more than once a week)

Week 2        :  Carcinosin 200C – once, Split Dose Method

Weeks 3-24 :  Same as Weeks 1-2

Cystoscopy showed no trace of the mass.

The patient again dropped out of sight for two years, but when he returned, he was put on the same regimen as Weeks 1-2 for six months. Then the patient stopped coming again. This on-and-off pattern continues to this day. (No further tests given.)


For an even clearer illustration of interrupting the Plussing Method in order to treat an acute condition, see case 111 in A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer.

Sometimes even an acute mental condition can be addressed, while the “cancer” remedies are postponed. The is because the mental symptoms are often prime indicators of the always helpful constitutional remedy. If this last remedy proves helpful for the cancer as well, it can be continued, alternating with a cancer nosode.

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