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A Case of Uterine Fibroids

Written by Jawahar Shah

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Patient: An actress with multiple fibroids in the uterus.

A black beauty with sharp features & nice eyes. She was unmarried but had an affair with a married man from the film industry. He was nearly twice her age when the affair started. The affair reached its zenith in a few months. Everybody knew about it. She bought an apartment nearby where he was staying. Due to social limitations they could not get married, but the relationship continued for years.

She never accepted a supporting actors role in a film. Always wanted a lead role, always the role of the heroine. She always insisted to a top rating in the credits or she would decline the roles. Wherever she went, her ego had to be satisfied or she would just walk away.

She also wanted to have children but as she could not marry, she had to suppress her desires.

Very generous. She strained to support her family – her sisters, brother and mother financially and emotionally. She spent all her wealth on others.

This strain took a toll on her health and she developed hormonal disturbances, irregular periods and multiple fibroids (Homeopathy Tratment for Fibroid Removal).

Desire – Sweets.
Aversion- Non vegetarian.
Bowels – Mild constipation.

Menses – Menarche – 13 yrs.
Clots + +
Bleeding profuse lasting for 8 / 9 days.
Feels very weak.
Cannot bear the discomfort.

Sleep : Disturbed at times. Dreams of flying, marriage, winning an award.

Bath – Tepid water
Weather – Winter
Enjoys fan and air conditioning.

Ultra Sonography showed – Multiple fibroids, variable in size.

1 dose of Palladium – 200
In a span of 1 year 4 more doses of Palladium – 200 were repeated.


Kind hearted.
Never accepted second position.
Always wanted to be a leader.
Desire for a sexual relationship.


Within a year the fibroids disappeared.
Ultra Sonography showed no fibroids in the uterus.


A brief study with reference to the case

Better in company, wants to be flattered.
Easily wounded pride.
Imagines herself neglected.
Fond of the good opinion of others, also too much weight is laid on their judgment.
Therefore very excited in society, and her complaints are worse next day.

Concise Materia Medica of Homoeopathic Remedies by S. R. Pathak
They don’t only want to be the best, they also want to hear that they are the best. Their position needs to be acknowledged by others.

Rigid pride. Successful but lonely, feeling hurt when they can’t be the sparkling centre of attention.

They feel very humiliated if they aren’t the centre of attention. They can get quite jealous of the successes of other artists

Ambition makes them want to be the centre of attention: pride.
They like to get all the attention, but also all the praise. They want to hear they have done well and they like to be flattered.

They get annoyed when they aren’t invited to parties. This type of humiliation is hard for them to bear and it makes them very angry.

Swelling and indurations of right ovary, with soreness and a shooting pain from navel to pelvis, with heaviness and weight in pelvis, worse from exertion and while standing up, better lying on left side.

When she realized that her partner was not honest with her and had many such affairs, she broke off the relationship and decided to start her life afresh.


Right medicine can reverse pathology.

Even though the same situation prevails, a person’s understanding and judgment improves and they can make correct decisions.
Once a right decision is made – it brings a lot of peace within them.

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