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A Case of Vaccine Damage


A case that highlights the need to antidote/detox vaccines.

2004 : Male child of 4 years. C.C. Hyperactive

9.1.04 – His mother said S. is very boisterous, active from waking until sleep with very poor concentration. Very sociable but often pushes other children, or throws things at them, gets carried away.

At this moment a bit unpredictable and sticks out his tongue a lot. Great difficulty sitting still. Runs, jumps and throws himself off the settee.

At 1 year he had a severe milk allergy (Homeopathy for Milk Allergy), confirmed by tests. Went onto Soya. Recently had milk and became hyperactive.


Chocolate +++

Milk +++

Ham ++

Pasta ++

Fruit ++

Fish ++

Tuna ++

Raw food +++

Cereals +

Chicken and Turkey +

Aversion to vegetables.

Thirsty +++ for cold drinks and cold food.

The pregnancy was very stressful due to years of IVF attempts with huge anxiety levels. Birth was traumatic, sudden and with forceps.

He held his head and slept for 10 days , woke only for food. No breast milk as mother had dried up.

Mood : Outgoing, confident, very good sense of humour and very active. Compelled to touch things.

Loves outdoors.

Very observant.


Sleep : Unpredictable. May keep awake till 5 am. Bedtime 7pm – 6 am. Sleeps on back. Wakes saying he’s very thirsty, wants to pee and then falls back to sleep.

Vaccinated : He did very poorly after each one. It built up after MMR. He became more hyperactive and grumpy and unsettled. Mum said she had a gut reaction that he reacted to MMR badly and had been NBWS.

Food allergies are in the family : Wheat and milk with bowel problems.

Mum – good generally but h/o anaemia.

Dad – excellent health.

Mgm – Heart disease and diabetes but died in 80’s.

Mgf -Emphysema and allergies , died at 83.

Pgm – very strong, in 80’s.

Pgf – very strong, in 80’s.

Skin : Good but had dry red eczema on cheeks > on Soya.

Severe cradle cap on vertex and generally dry skin.

First Prescription : Based on the idea of antidoting the vaccines.

Rx: I sent DPT, HIB , Men.C and Polio 30 to give for 2 days.


Mum said he had been a lot better. At first he did not sleep, but now sleeps much better. “He has calmed down enormously and is giving us a lot of kisses and hugs. Has stopped hitting other children and we are very pleased”.

Although his sleep is better, he may still wake at 2 am.

Concentration is better than it was, especially at school. They are noticing he has developed more skills, is more artistic and can recite the alphabet.

He is very observant.

His appetite is still not 100% and he does not like new foods.

“He’s conservative” in food choices, she says.

Mood :

He still likes to be with Mum but is a lot less clingy and grumpy. Still needs a light on in his room at night. He says he’s “frightened”. Talks to himself and his teddies.

Still touches everything.

Confident but averse to changes of routine.

No longer frightened of spiders and insects (which I didn’t know about ).

2nd Prescription.

I repeated MMR 30 x 2 ( as this had seemed to be the real irritant )


Mum says he’s calming down a lot and more able to be boisterous when appropriate.

Doing very well at Nursery and a lot easier at home.

More predictable and understands more . Initially after remedy seemed a bit “down”, but then much better.

More sensitive to others.

Has a heavy cold at the moment, coughs on rising in the morning.

Appetite normal and more adventurous with food.

Sleep :

Sleeps right through now and light is dimmed.

Dry in the daytime but still has a nappy at night.

All fears have gone, no fear of animals (which once again I didn’t know).

Mum says he’s still a bit clingy but that’s understandable.

Curious +++

Appetite still too conservative for Mum.

Thirsty +++

Breakfast has increased.

Craves frozen peas +++

Cold foods +++

Meat ++++

Dry foods ++

Aversion still to vegetables and potatoes.

3rd Prescription .

Phosphorus 30 x 2


Mum said “He’s doing really well, cough cleared and with regard to his appetite……………last few weeks has a bigger appetite and more healthy.”

Loves fish and meat. Has a bigger breakfast.

He eats in a pattern – sits down to eat now.

He has filled out and looks stronger.

Sleeps right through the night, no problems and behaviour is fine.

Face :

Rosy cheeks and looks really well.

Less clingy and plays well with other children. Very confident around others . Does not hit other children at all. Loves school and asks to go.

Discharged for now. Classic case of the need to antidote vaccines.

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