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A Case of Vaccine Damage

A Case of Vaccine Damage

Feb 18th 1999 : A baby male named Steve vaccinated at three months old with the standard childhood vaccines all kids get in the USA (Polio/Meningitis/Hep/Dtap (another form of DPT).


First few days he was extremely irritable, crying non-stop, projectile vomiting, refuses breast milk, cannot sleep and up all night. Whining round the clock.

Feb 24th 1999 – Convulsions- right side, started in the a.m. Eye area and eyebrow twitching like a tick; right arm, elbow pulling simultaneously with the face twitching, right hand fist contractions also same timing as face ticks, non- stop all day.

He was taken to Tarzana Emergency Hospital (US) that same afternoon. Urine test /blood test and a then a CAT Scan of his brain. The latter revealed blood on the left side in his brain, 3 centimeters, the size of a golf ball.

Tarzana Regional Medical Center Diagnosis: Seizure disorder and intra-cranial hemorrhage. He had to be transported to a special pediatric intensive care ward across town: Hollywood Children’s Hospital.

Feb 25th 1999 : The baby had more tests done, including MRI, which showed the detail of the blood mass in his brain. Still having seizures. Brain surgery was strongly recommended by doctors at both hospitals.

Feb 25th 1999 3pm : I had the permission of both parents to use homeopathy on their baby prior to surgery. Homeopathic remedy used: Silica 200C, 1 dose orally slipped under his tongue.

Repertory Analysis:

projectile vomiting worse after breast feeding- sil
refuses mother’s milk- sil
convulsions due to vaccines- sil

Not much to go on as the baby was so young. Symptoms were strong and very acute. Onset was obviously related to vaccination, as the baby was not having these symptoms prior to his shots. Also, many of the symptoms are classic reactions to vaccination. Never been well since, fits in this case.

More observations about this baby which were used to select the indicated remedy:

Feet and hands freezing cold, very irritable, nothing made the symptoms any better, head sweating, extreme dislike of mother’s milk, but can tolerate bottle milk, a bizarre blank stare on his face, vomiting, arching his back, kicking. As if he were two different persons switching on and off constantly (sycotic miasm), sleepless, crying round the clock. The baby developed a fever of 102 F after the vaccination.

Immediately after the homeopathic remedy was administered this baby fell into a very deep sleep. Slept for 20 minutes without seizures. Prior to remedy mostly no sleep and when he did take a short catnap, he had seizures. After the baby woke up, it had no more seizures! They had stopped 100% and his body was calm and relaxed. No more of the intense arching from before. No more twitching, no more arm jerking. Passed green fecal matter.

Feb 26th 1999 (the next day)

The baby was showing signs of coming back to life. Breast feeding again with no problems; no vomiting; hungry, appetite is back; smiling, reacting, happy expression, no more blank stare. No more irritability, crankiness. A happy baby like he was before his vaccines.

More tests and CAT scan were done, confirming all was well with this baby. He’s 100% cured.
March 9th 1999 : Excellent recovery, his normal personality back, sleeping very well, calm, appears happy. No more seizures .

Thank goodness no surgery was done, since none was needed. Homeopathy proves once again its ability to cure.

2008 : Still no seizures. The little boy has been on homeopathy for all his other acutes: colds, flu,sore throat etc. “Constitutional” prescribing finalized his progress.

A note: If you look at the classic adverse reactions to vaccines, the etiology of this case is clear : To list just a few: vomiting, non-stop screaming/crying, seizure disorder, convulsions, epilepsy, spasms, inflammation of the brain-encephalomyelitis, etc. Yet If you ask conventional pediatricians if baby Steve developed all his symptoms from the shots, they would deny the connection.

It’s important for parents to report these adverse effects to: VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), as only 10% get reported (mostly by parents- MD’s often do not report these symptoms as adverse effects). VAERS :

More useful information may be had at :

National Vaccine Information Center This is a consumer organization with numerous articles addressing scientific, legal and other aspects of vaccination.

ThinkTwice Global Vaccine Institute Both anecdotal and scientific information about vaccination.

These sites have many personal stories by parents of children suffering from vaccine damage. Reporting to these organizations doesn?t have legal status, but it does form a “collective data” anyone may access.

Monetary compensation is available for vaccine injury. To learn more visit :
National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program :

The sooner one removes the damage caused by vaccines, the better for the child. In my experience, the longer these toxins stay in the system, the more long term damage is done. Homeopathy is the only medicine powerful enough to effect these cures.
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Gina Tyler

Gina Tyler (DHOM) is a homeopath living and working in California. She has travelled the world to study homeopathy including clinic work in India with Dr. Banerjea. A Reiki practitioner, she also makes use of herbs, essential oils, reflexology and kinesiology. After the Tsunami hit Sumatra in 2004, she made a number of trips to Indonesia, bringing homeopathic remedies and books and teaching homeopathy to local doctors, midwives and health care workers.


  • My baby, now 22 months, is living testament to the power of homeopathy. He was never vaccinated (thankfully!!), but he had other issues that caused him to have many food allergies resulting in anaphylaxis. When I first sought the help of a classical homeopath I took him straight from the hospital to her door at 10 months of age. At that time he was near death, lethargic, very sick, sunken eyes, barely able to breathe… struggled for every breath. I have watched homeopathy not only save my son’s life (with very immediate results that the allopaths were never able to provide), but bring him into a true state of Wellness. Receiving constitutional remedy and NO allopathich drugs, he continues to become stronger and stronger day by day. We have also watched as some of his allergies are already subsiding.

    Homeopathy is real, it works, and it is superior to western medicine. I encourage everyone to at least give it a try.. it WON’T hurt, and can only help!!

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