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A Case of Vaccine Reaction

Written by Grainne Adams

A child is saved a lifetime of suffering from vaccine damage.

Male: L.C. 8 months old

One afternoon I got a call from a client who was very worried about her friend’s baby who had been admitted to hospital. He had been vaccinated a few days before and became quite ill having had a seizure a couple of days later. He now had a temperature that couldn’t be brought under control, wasn’t feeding, was screaming hysterically and making no eye contact. This was all of the information she had.

I checked what remedies the patient had (as she lived some distance from me and couldn’t collect a remedy). As she had Belladonna 30C, I recommended she dissolve this in water and put drops on the baby’s lips if he refused it.

Belladonna was administered in this way every 10 minutes. I got a call the next day to say that almost immediately the temperature had dropped and he started to drink.

He was discharged from hospital the same day and his mother made an appointment to see me a few days later.

4.10.2010: Mother’s account of the previous week.


The child had been given the 6 in 1 vaccination. That night he cried all night. Next day he was lethargic and hot and developed a cough. There seemed to be a lot of mucous.


She found him in the throes of a seizure – hands shaking, legs stiff, head back. This lasted a few seconds then he was completely still, exhausted and was staring into space.

He was taken into hospital and appeared to have no other symptoms except a very high temperature.


He was very ill. He developed a rash which seemed to be under the skin. He was very angry and didn’t want to be picked up and held.

His throat was swollen and he couldn’t swallow.

He had an extremely high temperature.

He appeared to have pains in his stomach. He passed green stool which appeared to relieve the pain and then the cycle of pain, stool, relief repeated itself.

Friday: no change.

Saturday: He started as the previous 2 days until he was given Belladonna. Temperature dropped almost immediately, he began to eat and calmed down. His mother could hold him and comfort him.



Morning sickness for the first time (Mum has 2 other children)

At 26 weeks the Mum had the Swine Flu Vaccine. She became paralysed for two days after this. Couldn’t feel her feet or arms. Baby didn’t move for those two days. Then all was back to normal.

Mum developed contractions at 31 weeks which stopped and she went into labour at 33 weeks.

Baby was delivered by emergency section and appeared fine at first. Within an hour he couldn’t breathe and was ventilated for 4 days. He was in special care for 4 weeks.

He wouldn’t feed, would stiffen and scream. He had severe colic. Until he could be spoon fed it was very difficult to feed him.

In general, even after feeding had settled a bit, his mum describes him as a very contrary baby. Always seems uncomfortable, never smiles, always cranky. There is no interaction with other family members.

He appears to be jumpy, scared and insecure. His mother says she always feels like ‘he feels like he is in a strange place.’

Remedy given:

Thuja 200C split dose.

I chose Thuja as it covers Vaccinosis, never well since vaccination. Crying babies with a sycotic taint from the parents; Paralysis; ‘as if soul and body were separated’.


Phone call from his mum to say he woke up the next morning and seemed to have come alive. She said ‘we feel like we have met our son for the first time! It’s as if he has been given a ‘chill out’ pill.’

To date L.C. remains well.


I chose this case to share as I have had some experience with children who have been vaccine damaged. Prior to training in homeopathy I worked as a Montessori teacher. Montessori is often chosen for children with special needs because of its approach to education.

Parents have described to me a similar pattern to this case, i.e. children who weren’t well from birth, then rapidly deteriorated from the time of vaccine. I believe these children are already suffering with a weakened vital force and the vaccine proves to be too much. When I heard about this child I was very worried about the description of ‘no eye contact.’

I think L.C. was damaged by the vaccine his mother received during her pregnancy and his own vaccine continued the damage.

Without homeopathy I feel the outcome for this child and his family could have been catastrophic.

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Grainne Adams

Grainne Adams graduated from the Irish School of Homeopathy and runs a busy practise in Carlow, which is a small rural town in Ireland. In her practise she treats a lot of extended families, from babies to grandparents.

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