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A Case of Vesico-Ureteric Reflux

Written by Sanjay Padole

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Case Record

Name: Mast. A. A. K

Age: 5 yrs, sex – male

Address: Ramnagar, n – 2 Cidco, Aurangabad

Date: 12/01/2010.


K/C/O – Vesico- Ureteric Reflux.

History of chief complaints:

C/o burning pain during and after micturition.

E/o phimosis but no ballooning at glans during urination.

H/o recurrent fever coryza

no H/o any surgery.

Pain at paraumbilical region after eating for 2-3 min.

Cough since 1 day with fever in last night.

H/o fever after fright in the past, 2 – 3 times.

Family history:

Father – healthy

Mother – healthy

G.father – CA larynx

G.mother – CA cervix

Past history:-

No major illness in past.

H/o vaccination.

Personal History:

Appetite – normal

Aversion – sweet, fruits, sour, eggs, coconut water.

Desires – potato, pungent, sago+++, poha++, rice-dal, chalk, pencil.

Perspiration – face & scalp.



yielding +

obstinate +

fear of urination ++

O/E :

chest – clear / aeebs.

tongue – clean

skin – dry


USG abdomen & pelvis (12/11/2009):

Mildly dilated pc system of left kidney? reflux uropathy ? cause.

Mild changes of cystitis.

Normal right kidney, no posterior urethral valve. No significant post void residue.

Micturating cysto-urethrography (12/11/2009):

S/o bilat. gr. 1 – 2 vesico-ureteric reflux.

No e/o posterior urethral valve.

No significant post-void residue.

Video c.u. scopy by Dr. R.J.Totla (24/11/2009) :-

Anterior urethra normal, posterior urethra normal, bladder neck normal, bladder wall smooth, mucosa normal.

Bilateral wide open ureteric orifices as if they can admit a scope also.

Tunnel length small. Rest normal.

Diagnosis of disease : –

VUR grade 3 – 4.

Diagnosis of phase of disease:

chronic reversible.

Diagnosis of miasm : –

dominant – sycotic

fundamental – syphilitic

Diagnosis of susceptiblity : –


Diagnosis of remedy :

nat.carb, carcinosin, cantharis, tuberculinum, cal.phos, alum, borax.

Selection of remedy : –

Borax 200 0ne dose.

follow up:-


observation and investigation done

remedy given


pain at paraumbilical region remain for 2 – 3 min < eating.

no pain during micturition.

cough with expectoration, white expectoration.

h/o fever 2-3 times but >>>.

cough < morning, > day time.

2-3 times urination in night, not any pain during urination.



no cough, no coryza.

pain in abdomen at para umbilical region after full eating, it remains for 1 – 2 minutes,

but not if he eats slightly.

no pain during micturition.

appetite improved.



once pain during micturition.

USG – abdomen = mild pcs fullness left kidney ? cause. rest normal.



h/o drinking coconut water 4 – 5 days back.

fever since last afternoon. temp – 101.4 f, p.r 120/min.

h/o coryza with cough since 2 days.

h/o pain during micturition.

o/e tongue white coated.

parents gave history that he had same type of fever and cough and coryza recurrently since last 4 – 6 months.

calc. phos – 200 1 dose.


no fever, appetite improved.

cough since 7 days.

chest – coarse crepts on both sides.

mild coryza.

no pain in abdomen, no burning micturition.

calc. phos – 200 1 dose


no pain during micturition, no pain after eating.

no cough, no coryza.

chest clear.



appetite improved.

once pain during micturition.

no fever/ cough/ coryza.


tuberculinum – 1m 1 dose.


no pain during micturition.

2 times pain in abdomen after eating.

no cough/ coryza.



h/o pain in right testis. o/e testis normal.

no pain during micturition / after eating.

no h/o recurrent coryza / cough / fever.

USG – abdomen = normal study.



no complaints



no complaints



acute episode of acute appendicitis, and we decided for appendisectomy with circumcision.



no  complaints.

PET scan for VUR – no scan evidence of Vesicoureteric reflux.


Scanned reports of – USG abdomen & pelvis , micturating cysto – urethrography, video c.u. scopy and pet scan for VUR are given below:-

Before treatment :-

Photographs of MCU films with reports before treatments:

Pre-void image, during void images and post-void image.

Scanned copy of video cysto-urethroscopy done by Dr. Totla.

After treatment :

USG abdomen & pelvis :

– normal study

Scanned copy of PET scan for VUR done by Dr. Shrikant Solav:-

No scan evidence of vesicoureteric reflux.


The aim of treatment was not only relief of pain during urination, but to avoid VUR. Pain during urination was due to his phimosis. Phimosis will not create VUR, but it could be due to prolonged holding of urine in the bladder, as due to phimosis he was having dysuria.

Initially Borax was given, since the patient was having fear of passing urine, and I thought it was the best remedy for him, as it acted well. After that he had no pain during urination, but after a few weeks, he had an acute episode of coryza with fever, where he was given Calcarea phosphorica After the second dose of Calc phos and one dose of Tuberculinum, he did not have any recurrence of coryza and fever, even after getting wet in the rain.

He was occasionally having pain during urination, and he also had an episode of acute appendicitis, for which he underwent surgery during the same time his circumcision was done. Then he went for Petscan for VUR, and no evidence of VUR was detected.

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Dr. Sanjay Gavaji Padole M.D "“ graduated from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University and Shri Bhagwan Homoeopathic medical college, Aurangabad. He worked as Resident medical officer at Seth Nandlal Dhoot Hospital Aurangabad and trained at Homoeopathic Education And Research Institute, Dr Kishor Mehta. Vileparle, Mumbai. Since 2003 he"™s has had his own clinic at Mit hospital Cidco, n-4, Aurangabad,Maharashtra, India. His special interests include Indian mythology.


  • numberof medicine you mention is not good for expart homoeopathic it indicate still u r in trail homoeopathic doctor

  • I think merc iodide would have been a better option. Plus a timely consultation with an experienced homeopath, could have prevented surgery for appendicitis.

  • Quite a good case and nicely presented but there are certain points to be awnsered and are to be cleared.
    1. Whether the patient was also under the treatment of Dr R.J. Totla and other Allopathic doctors along with Homeopathy treatment.
    2. The bases on which the medicines Borax, Calc phos, Tub etc were selected, are not clear.
    3 Why a five year old child has to undergo surgery for appendicitis.

  • My female kid Drashti, 4.5 years old is suffering from UTI & VUR since 1 year. Please provide treatment to get rid off from this.

  • My son hhe is suffering from high grade vur in right kidney also that kidney very small but left is good please provides treatment

  • Hello Dr.
    My brother 27 years old suffering from bilateral VUR grade 4 , open surgery was done but couldn’t prevent from reflex . Both kidney is getting week cretanin 2.2 with protein lose.
    We will come to get treatment wherever you tell to go, whatever the cost , please help us to prevent this illness.
    No family medical history
    No previous medical history of him

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