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A Case of Vitiligo

Written by Amit Karkare

Dr. Karkare solves a vitiligo case, not with a “vitiligo remedy”, but by careful indvidualization,

Which is the most un-homeopathic question asked by most of the current homeopaths? Well, it is – “What are the homeopathic remedies for XYZ disease?”

Visit any homeopathic discussion websites or forums on social-networking websites where people discuss homeopathy, and you will find only one question – tell us ‘the remedies’ for a particular disease. Believe me, the process of homeopathic remedy selection has not stopped surprising me even after practicing it everyday for more than a decade. We definitely can narrow down our remedy repertoire for a particular disease to 15-20 remedies, but in spite of that, not more than 50% of cases get the benefit of it. Finally one has to understand the case in its individual aspect and prescribe a suitable remedy for it.

The cases of vitiligo [Leucoderma] have always proved tricky to treat, for me. I have tried all sorts of specific remedies [no need to mention], but without any good effect.  I only got results in 3 cases [out of 8] and in all of them, the key was the constitutional remedy. I would like to present a recently treated case here:

Vitiligo before and after

Ms KS, age 7 years. Daughter of a rickshaw driver.

Chief complaint:

Skin:   Vitiligo since 2 years, spreading rapidly. Earlier she was slightly better with homeopathic treatment, but discontinued treatment as she could not afford it.

It started with the left forearm as a 50 paise-coin sized round patch, which has now enlarged to a diameter of almost 3 cms.

She then got a few patches on her forehead and scalp – left side.

Family history: father has widespread vitiligo almost covering 80% of his body.

Dispositional features:

Ambithermal-Hot; Perspiration ++ especially over the scalp;

Cravings or aversions – nothing specific.

Developmental milestones – normal; No history of dentition aggravation;



Emotionally not much affected with the lesions. Continued socializing with friends with the same ease, and without any awkward feeling. She does feel the patches should get resolved. [buoyancy]

Overall she is quite bold and doesn’t have any kind of fear.

She has a tremendous pain tolerance; mother can hardly remember patient crying due to pain, although getting injured is an everyday ritual.

Remedy selection:

Constitutional = Calc Fluor

[Totality: Left sided + Scalp perspiration + Ambi-Hot + buoyancy + pain tolerance]

In my experience, the fluoric element provides a tremendous amount of ‘tolerance’ to the personality. It can be a tolerance to pain or reprimands or criticism or exertion or for that matter anything which generally we cannot tolerate much.

16th April 2009: case defined                                             Rx: Syphilinum 1M [1]

Placebo BD x 1 month

[syphillinum was given as an anti-miasmatic start, considering the extensive spread of vitiligo in the father’s case, and with appearance of lesions in the patient’s case at a very early age]



20th May 2009: status quo with all lesions                           Rx: Calc flour 30 QID

23rd June 2009: Forearm patch reducing from the periphery;

Face patches – one patch totally gone, others >>; Rx: ct all

22nd July 2009: Reported to be better – patches resolving   Rx: ct all

21st Sep 2009:         Forehead patches gone completely;

Forearm patch – almost 40% better                Rx: ct all x 2 months

2nd Dec 2009: Face patches all gone;

Forearm – 80% better       [‘after’-photo]                Rx: ct all x 1 month

10th Jan 2010:         Father reported ~100% resolution of forearm

Patches. Patient could not visit.          Rx: ct all x 1 month

Update 3/30/2010 : Thanks to her sincere and regular efforts in giving follow-ups and taking the medicines religiously, almost all her vitiligo patches over the body have disappeared in one year.

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About the author

Amit Karkare

Dr Amit Karkare BHMS, BFP (UK) is from Pune, India. He has been studying Homeopathy and Bach Flower Therapy for over a decade and also learning through his patients and students. As a research-oriented homoeopath, Dr. Karkare has worked extensively in cases with Refractory Epilepsy, ADHD, Infantile Autism, and Plantar fasciitis.


  • Hi Amit, just one/two queries.. I have always practised constitutional prescribing as generally a single dose or in some cases OD doses for 2 consecutive days weekly or as required. I see that you have prescribed it QID. Also, once you started seeing the change, you continued to give the medication as opposed to waiting and watching as I usually do in chronic cases. Kindly throw light on the same for a better understanding. It could help me. Appreciate it. Thanks, and congratulations again.

    • Hi Zainab,

      I continued with the QID doses since it was a structural [reversible] pathology to deal with. I possibly would have given a dose and waited, if it would have been a case following an emotional cause [grief or shock].

      I am actively thinking on this issue of POTENCY – REPETITION for a long time, may be will write about it separately, but I feel in my past cases, I have stopped prematurely or have failed to sustain the force by giving less repetition than required. You will agree with me when I say that it is difficult to explain or teach or predict the posology – since it is mostly an ART. I had given a presentation on it – and I concluded that “you always meet with surprises with the posology – until you master this art”.

      Thanks for the feedback and comments,

      best regards,

  • Hi,amit,this case of leucoderma is very well taken and well to present a case every month.we can learn much more from your cases.keep up the good work.Thanks, and congratulations again.

    • Hi Dr Niranjan,

      Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. I tried to send you a reply for your comment on my last case as well, but it returned back undelivered. Can you please send me a mail on my email ID [[email protected]] ?

      Will definitely try to present a case every month. I hope the editor will not mind 😉

      Best regards,

  • hi amit
    excellent result in abovediscribed case& follow up of pt also good , query is that up till now in ur clinical practise how many cases cured like this out of how many , it is just for curiocity , work is very good , congrates

    • Dear Dr Makarand,

      Thanks for your compliments.

      I have already described the stats in the third paragraph. I have seen children responding much faster than the adults. I have had 100% result [that includes non-recurrence after 2 years] in two cases.

      Dr Amit

  • Dear Author,
    Compliments for your article. I believe, as You mentioned in the article, when you are treating a difficult skin problem, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Pemphigus is of greth value to looking for a deep remedy. All the situational/symptomatic remedies will fail or achieve a temporary disease’s remission.
    I have a good experience in treating skin problems and I agree with You is mandatory to choose a remedy wich covers many differents symptoms and fits with the patient’s mind.
    regards Salvatore Piraneo

  • hi sir, it amazing that homoeopathy can creat a miracal but peoples dont faith homoeopathy so it very imp to show them such result of homoeopathy with fully documented proof.
    keep it up.
    dr sanjay.

  • Dear Dr. Amit,

    Thank you so much for your honesty and your excellent approach to the patient with Vitiligo. Indeed, curing patients with this disease is very difficult because these patients suffer from deep mental disorders as well and its genetic background and positive family history. As usual the best remedy in chronic cases like this is the constitutional and miasmatic remedy on the basis of the INDIVIDUALIZATION Principle.

    My Best,
    S.Sadeghi Homeopathic Physician,Iran

  • My grandmother had vitiligo, so also my aunt and some of my cousins, sister and brother and now some of my younger nieces and nephews.

  • Hear, hear! It turns my stomach when I hear homeopaths say what are the remedies for X disease. Thanks for making that point prominently. Its like doing the allopaths job of destroying homeopathy for them, to tie remedies to allopathic diseases. The equally dangerous opposite end of the spectrum is all the homeopaths trying to prescribe on the “essence” or “sensation”. Which is why I like Herscu’s Cycles and Segments approach since he strives for a totality but also focuses on the chief complaint.

  • Congratulations DR. for this 100% effective solution about vitiligo. Should I ask you how to treat my case of macules, those appeared after coloscopy of the digestive tractus realized in 2011. The macules appear on the legs, the arms, the chest, the shoulders, etc… I insist about the difference between vitilifo which is large spot about greater than 1 cm of large, while macules have approximately <1cm of large. With great considerations, Frederic B.

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