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A Case Study – Skin Complaint

Dec  Catherin Angel

Catherine Angel presents a case of rash due to a toxic chemical.

19/05/11 (Autumn)

Ted a 58 year old man, an auto electrician, first presented with an itchy rash on his legs and two spots on his foot, onset 2008-2010. It started with the use of a chemical degreaser. Ted was repairing a scraper and scratched his leg which became itchy and it was not healing properly.  His work on heavy mining machinery entails regular contact with an ‘Eco -washer’, degreasing agent which aggravates his complaint.

The rash itched his leg and scrotum and he couldn’t get rid of it. When he stops using the degreaser the rash subsides and it is worse in winter time. The rash (Homeopathy Treatment for Rashes) also spreads all over his arms and back of his neck as he steam cleans the machinery and is subject to vapour inhalation of the Eco -washer.  His rash is worse at night and the itch disturbs his sleep as he needs to pass water in the night 2-3 times. The waking times vary from 1-2-3-4 am.

Ted previously sought homoeopathic advice from another practitioner and came to me for Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine.

8/02/12 (Summer)

Began using homoeopathic therapy

  • Blister appeared 2 weeks ago on inside of lip, milky colour; they come for a

day or so and then disappear.

  • It is not painful but annoying, sleeping well, wakes once to pass water.
  • Legs better not as bad as they used to be and there is no rash present at this

point in time.

Prescription Nat mur 30c 1 dose every other day for one week.

Nat mur 1 dose as required as blisters appear.

26/04/12 (Autumn)

  • Return of old complaint as if someone turned a switch on, numbness to his

left digits

  • < left side a result of a whiplash injury to his neck (2009) C2 C3 squashed.

13/09/12 (Spring)

Rash on neck

  • Rash on his neck, left leg, arms, back, side of face, sore itchy and flared up, rash reappeared triggered by ankle sprain an old injury, itchy , yellow heads hot weeping clear fluid
  • itch < warmth.
  • Broken sleep wakes to visit the bathroom 4 times a night every 2 hours.
  • Prednisolone tablets prescribed by G.P.
  • After he used the chemical degreaser for the first time he developed a rash

on his neck (11/06/15)


Lyc 30c one dose morning and night for 3-5 days then one dose weekly as needed. I chose Lyc intially for the intense itchy skin (Homeopathy for Itchy Skin) and considered one of the client’s original symptoms being waking due to urinary frequency at night 3-4 times also a possible prostatic issue which Ted did not wish to follow up with his doctor. He is physically tall, thin, presents well wrapped in the colder months, is intellectually keen and his job entails a high level of physical and mental activity during the day. There is a family history of arthritis which also indicated to me that there was an issue in the elimination of uric acid and he also complained of loose and painful teeth. During consultations from 11/15 he complained also of abdominal discomfort sharp pains, smell of burnt hair (Graph) and aversion to meat. Lycopodium settled the rash down and opened up the channels of elimination of wastes (toxins) from the kidney and liver.

1/11/12 (Summer)

  • Stopped taking Prednisolone, rash is better
  • Now on arms < physical trauma, injury and stress


Continue with Lyc 30c as required 2 doses (am pm), then one dose as required

Mouth blisters gone but has toothache and wakes 2-3 times a night

20/12/12 (Summer)

  • Rash still on arm, no pain or itch; painful teeth under mercury

amalgam -filling that is loose.

  • Aching hip-bone and sore neck, rash does not appear with scratches any

more- improvement.


Bell 30c TDS once and one dose a week later.

Lyc 30c Start one dose after Bell 30c.

18/02/13 (Summer)

  • Red pustule went after Bell 30c and Lyc 30c prescriptions.
  • 3 weeks after remedy, stubbed toe. Has a couple of itches on leg, return of

mouth blister;  tooth loose.

  • Suppurating injuries from scratches


Hep sulph 30c BD for 3 days.

19/06/13 (Winter)

  • Return of rash and mouth blister 3 weeks ago
  • Contact with environmental cleaner right arm and left ankle hot and itchy,

no pustules like before

  • Sleeping well and solidly, sore knees, neck, joint pain,  insect bites and

puncture wounds


Sulph 30c TDS once, then one dose weekly for 3 weeks, then as needed as rash appears.

Led pal 30c 3 doses weekly for 3 weeks.

27/02/14 (Summer)

  • Left ankle rash reappears <heat >cool, (to date rash free)
  • Loose teeth – have been loose for a few years
  • Night sweats, broken sleep , wakes to pass water
  • Tearing nails <contact with grease
  • Tongue cracked and yellowy

Mouth ulcers resolved, energy good, up and down machines all day


Tissue salt complex 12x Calc flour, Calc phos, Symph.

18/05/15 (Autumn)

Acute presentation

Left leg                                          Left arm


L Leg

  • Skin complaint started 2 months ago no change to routine
  • < Left side leg and arm, when bathing it stings, weeping yellow fluid
  • Less appetite, bowel motions regular (2-3 times a day)
  • < heat, itch night time no pain, > for cool applications ice
  • Tongue grey coating.

Does not want to go to Doctor for steroids or see a Specialist.


Merc 30c one dose B.D for 2-3 days

Sulph 200c after mercury daily for 2-3 days

Merc was used as an intercurrent, as Lyc follows Mercurius well. Ted’s acute presentation was mercurial quick, moist and syphillitic. Poisoning was a key observation upon presentation with debility and odorous bodily odors from the mouth and from perspiration. His mind symptoms were also a key, as he was  mistrustful, especially of doctors whose prescriptions were unable to alleviate his symptoms. Mercurius also suited his aching  joints(05/08/16/, 05/01/16) and minor eye irritations from exposure to the degreasers.
Sulphur 200c aggravated as an intercurrent with Mercurius, and Arsenicum helped the burning sensation post Mercurius. Lycopodium worked better as a chronic prescription for itch and Mercurius for the acute.

28/05/15 (Autumn)

Ten days after acute presentation

Left leg                                Right leg                             Left arm


  • Rash, aggravated by Sulph 200c stings better for Merc sol 30c, left leg less

erthyma swelling on ankle gone left arm not as much improvement rash on

right hands and shoulder. Discloses right leg has a few spots and is painful

  • Appetite improving.
  • Bowel motions okay. Drinking more water at night
  • Using gloves at work
  • Much improved left ankle back of neck aches, legs ache, rash
  • < on left side arm, leg, stress and Sulph 30c


Merc sol 30c one dose every other day for 2 weeks and stop with improvement. Investigate work safety data and Occupational Health and Safety procedures (OHS), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

11/06/15 (Winter)

21 Days after acute presentation

Left leg                                      Right leg                                  Left arm


  • Skin rash leg itchy intermittent from one leg to the other aches a lot and is a little purple arm much better skin not so scaly and hard.
  • Both arms and legs itchy in spots less erythema
  • He was prescribed Prednisolone and Cortisone. It relieved a little and antibiotics gave no result; it went away and a week later came back twice as bad
  • It feels like a gremlin around the body trying to come out. When he takes

Merc sol 30c he tends to sleep well; sometimes he sleeps in.

  • Motivation is harder; appetite is up and down and slowly improving.


Ars alb 30c  for burning and itching, one dose daily for 3 days and reduce as improvement occurs.

Rhus tox 30c 3 pillules for bone and leg pain wandering itchiness.

Talk to manager about PPE, protect eyes, nose mouth, wear gloves when cleaning with steam and degreasers.

15/07/15 (Winter)

49 days after acute presentation

Left leg                                 Right leg                              Left arm


  • Chemical Identified (has been using it a while) – a degreaser (alkaline salts from spray; 10213-79-S 497-19-8), and • Phenol 2821
  • Skin itching, sore neck was taking Ars alb 30c it was okay for a while then Rhus tox 30c which made him sleep in and made his hands tingle and he had a headache.
  • His teeth have been good lately but gums bleeding a bit. No rashes on hands sharp abdominal pains in the night
  • Left sided itchy arm and leg, ankle on left leg not swelling.
  • Ted is experiencing tight muscles. Has been doing exercises. He has

irregular work hours and is working until the job is finished and it is getting



Continue with Merc sol 30c and Ars alb 30c or

Merc sol  30c and Lyc 30c

Will investigate and talk to managers about  Phenol 2821 (Ozzy juice, smart washer- Bio -enzyme).

12/11/15 (Spring)

6 Months after acute presentation

Left leg                                       Right leg                                 Left arm


  • Rash healed up cleared in one month, right leg one itchy spot
  • Left leg varicosities an old injury not from the skin complaint.
  • Arm skin is soft not crusted legs much improved small spot on right leg occasional itching.
  • Yawning a lot first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon (no

tiredness)- since he got better.

  • Ted feels like he is lacking in something and trying to figure out what?

Appetite up and down thirst and concentration good, sharp pain in abdomen

early morning intermittent. Had a scan 5-6 years ago. It tends to clear itself.

  • Sleeping well but wakes at 2am.


Continue with Lyc 30c one dose twice weekly for 2 weeks, then weekly, then one dose monthly. Petr 30c (going out on a boat and suffers sea sickness).

29/12/15 (Summer)

Phone call

  • rash appeared after 2 weeks


Merc sol 30c TDS

Ars alb 30c as an inter-current (burning).

Appointment made for 5/01/16


Phone call

  • itchy skin

Lyc 30c BD

05/01/16 (Summer)

Eight months after acute presentation

Left leg                                        Left arm


  • Return of rash on left side lower leg, lower arm, lower back. Itchy and sore to touch, Joints aching, yawning (Kali sulph)
  • Sometimes gets a smell of burnt hair (graph), left inner eye itches.
  • Lyc 30c settled it down, joints ache since return of the rash, left ankle red.
  • Sleeps well wakes at 2 and 4 am, abdomen better


Continue with Lyc 30c BD for 2-3 days then daily for 3 days.

Merc sol 200c take one dose if rash worsens or reappears call me.

Supply Graph 30c to use after Lyc 30c, if sticky exudate continues.

Stop taking Merc sol 30c wait before taking 200c.

Take Graph 30c daily for 3 days wait and call me.


3/02 16

Phone call

  • Rash is getting better after Graph 30c it has gone from the arm and is

moving down the leg


Graph 30c 1 dose TDS then one dose weekly for 3 weeks


Phone call

  • Rash is further down on his foot left hand and ankle, a few itchy spots.
  • Ankle weak < left side rolls all the time an old injury.

Graphite knocked it on the head

He has organised OHS gear at work and has masks to use. He has refused to use the cleaner and is not breathing it in.

05/08/16 (Winter)

Fourteen Months after acute presentation

Left leg                                   Right leg                               Left arm


  • Rash still there ongoing, slightly itchy some red spots but much better, less severe and has to scratch it with towel.
  • Eye itch settled
  • <frustration and work stress, heat, degreaser (alkaline salts form spray; 10213-79-S 497-19-8), Formaldehyde,
  • (car wash has formaldehyde in it, now wears gloves).
  • Aching joints, foot and tibia aching < resting > activity
  • Aversion to meat
  • Teeth feel loose > Lyc 30c
  • Yawning occasionally on weekends
  • Energy quite good lately has energy to do things
  • Bowel motions regular 2-3 times a day loose sometimes fluffy or food not digested properly.
  • Tongue cracked, quivery grey brown coat
  • Wakes regularly every 2-3 hours<2.30-3am, 4am weird dreams, tries to make sense of dreams protecting dogs


Rhus tox 30c BD 2-3 days

Follow with Graph 30c every other day as needed

Then Lyc 30c

Merc sol 200c one dose every 4-8 weeks.

Also consider Kali sulph 12x tissue salts daily

Notes :  Brief case discussion with colleagues  – Look at Kreosotum,  Causticum, Lachesis

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Catherine Angel is a fully qualified Natural Therapist practising in the hills of Perth Western Australia. She consults in Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy and teaches at the Australian Institute of Higher and Further Education. She is a Clinic Supervisor and lecturer in Schuessler Tissue salts, Mineral Therapy, Environmental Toxicology and Iridology. Catherine is a Professional member of both the Australian Homoeopathic Association (AHA) and the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA). She says ‘I have never had such positive results in my practice where every other good measure fails as with my practice of Homoeopathy.’

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