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A Covid-19 Positive Case and Two Suspected Cases

Drs. Prajakta Vaidya & Preety Shah share a covid-19 positive case and two suspected cases. Weakness during fever, thirstless, anxiety about health and cold aggr were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

A 35 year old woman (mother of two young children) consulted us on 26th May 2020 with symptoms of dry cough, and chest pain in the middle of the night. During the severe bouts of cough, she felt on and off breathlessness.

She was extremely fearful as she lived in an apartment in the hotspot zone and every day she would hear sirens of ambulances coming to take someone. She had symptoms since 19th May 2020 and had taken allopathic treatment for the same with not much relief.

During the consultation she informed me that the BMC (Municipal Body of Mumbai, India) would frequently come and sanitize their building, and afterwards the residents would also self-cleanse with water. However, last time they did not wash it away and the strong odour of sanitization chemicals led to the beginning of her symptoms.

She developed fever with chills and giddiness. She was thirstless and had loss of taste a few days back, but that was regained by May 26th. Since her symptoms were suggestive of Covid, we asked her to get herself tested. She was extremely anxious about what would happen to her children, and who would take care of            them if she tested positive.  She had no thirst, and had lost all sense of taste.

She was extremely weak and was always lying on her bed. Her fevers would come generally in the afternoons around 4 pm and would be accompanied by severe headache.

19th May – 25th May Fever with chills, headache & weakness. Took allopathic treatment without any relief
26th May Dry cough, Breathlessness at night, Thirstless, Fear that she would get Covid and what would happen to her family
27th May Covid test was done
28th May Covid test came out to be positive and that evening she was taken to K.J. Somaiya Hospital for Quarantine (She had carried homeopathic meds along with her), and family members were home quarantined (given homeopathic prophylactic)

That night she had symptoms of cough and breathlessness

29th May She was much better and symptoms were almost gone
30th May – 2nd June She was asymptomatic since then and was on HCQ, Zinc & Vit C


Based, on this short history and symptomatology she was started with Ars Alb 1M after individualizing and repertorization as below.

She was symptomatically better on 27th and 28th May. She had no fever on both these 2 days and did not have any pain in the chest.  Since she was better she stopped taking Ars Alb 1M without consulting us on 27th May at night.

Her Covid results came positive on the 28th May.  It was then that the husband called us again in severe panic, since the building already had other positive cases, they had already called the ambulance for the patient. The patient herself was in severe panic and said she was feeling restless and breathless. There was no fever and only weakness.  She was admitted in Somaiya Hospital on the 28th night. Her SPO2 was 98% upon admission.

In the hospital she was uneasy that night, due to change of place and staying away from the family.  She was asked to continue taking Ars Alb 1M while she was in the hospital as well. She was taking Ars Alb 1M twice daily in hospital and after getting discharged as well.

In the hospital she received a course of HCQ and Zinc.  She was discharged from the hospital on 2nd June as she continued to remain asymptomatic since the time of admission. Upon discharge she was advised Multivitamin B Complex and Vit C and home quarantine.

As of today, she is doing recovering very well. Since she recovered completely, a repeat Covid test was not required.  The patient’s family was also given prophylactic homeopathic treatment.

COVID TEST REPORT dated 28/05/2020:



There were three remedies going through our mind – Arsenicum Album, Bryonia Alba & China Officinalis.

Her anxiousness for her children and for herself was intense.  Also, “strong odors agg” was covered by Arsenicum Album confirming the remedy for us.


Covid 19 (suspected) in Man and Woman of 34

A young couple of 34 years came to us on 25TH May 2020 with symptoms of high-grade fever with weakness and headache. They were living in an apartment which was sealed because of Covid+ patients being detected and they were at a high risk of contracting the disease. They were treated as “suspected Covid” cases. Their locality was declared as a Covid Hot spot in Mumbai.


He had symptoms of high-grade fever (100oF – 101oF) with extreme weakness and mild headache.  When he had taken paracetamol during the fever spike, the fever subsided with profuse sweating. Also, he would feel better by drinking warm water, after which he would have perspiration and the fever would subside.

During the fever stage he would want a fan or AC to be kept on, and would want to sleep during the fever stage. He felt thirsty all the time.

Headache: Pain in the forehead above the eyes, sinking feeling

All his symptoms subside with sweat.

He felt tremendous weakness along with fever. He always wanted to lie down. He was very scared of getting infected with Covid.

He told us that he is working in a bank and a few days before, his colleague had an episode of fever and they all would share tiffins  (food) and spoons during lunch time.

Based, on this short history and symptomatology he was started with Ars Alb 1M after individualizing and repertorization.

After taking the remedy he had fever for 2 days till 27th May after which he had no fever episodes and headaches. His weakness also resolved till 29th May after which he was asymptomatic and better.


She had symptoms of fever around 100oF in the afternoon and at night. She would feel chilly during the fever stage and would not want a fan or AC.

In the fever state she would feel extreme weakness and would want to lie down and do nothing at all. She would also have a mild headache in the forehead.

The fever would last for about an hour and would subside after drinking warm water, which would lead to profuse perspiration. After that she would feel energetic.

All her symptoms would subside after sweating. She would always feel thirsty and she wanted to take large quantities of water at a time. She also had a bitter taste in her mouth.

With the fever she was getting very irritable and did not want to be disturbed. Based, on this short history and symptomatology she was started with Bryonia Alba 1M twice a day after individualizing and repertorization.

After taking the medicines the fever episodes and headache stopped within a day and her symptoms of weakness also resolved by 27th May and she was asymptomatic since then.

As of today, both date patients are doing well and are asymptomatic. As they had recovered in 3 – 4 days and didn’t have any relapse of symptoms, a Covid test was not suggested for them.

The patient’s family was also given prophylactic homeopathic treatment.

Difference between Remedies 





Fever with thirst for sips of water Fever with thirst for large quantities of water.
Fear and anxiety of infection,


Irritability and taciturnity


No change in taste Bitter taste in mouth.
Prostration out of proportion along with fever Prostration was not significantly marked


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Dr. Prajakta & Dr. Preety

Dr. Prajakta Vaidya, M.D & Dr. Preety Shah, BHMS, FHPC, are founders - Heart & Soul of Healing Harmony and Karvaan. Insightful and passionate, this duo comes with close to two decades of practice together. Dr. Sankaran and Dr. Gandhi have been their chief teachers and source of inspiration. They practice and teach Classical Homeopathy, Sensation Method and Personal Evolution Method. They are known in the homeopathic world for their initiative of "Musings“, in-depth research methodology, case taking and knack of weaving various methods and presenting them in a clear, practical, engaging way. Among the younger generation, the duo have gained a lot of popularity especially due their work and courses on mammals and molluscs. They have recently led and published credible provings on Scallop & Lac Macropi. [email protected]

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  • My family of 6 tested positive for Covid, 5 of us too Arsenicum 30c, as well as echinacea/goldenseal/propolis throats spray, vitamins and I took some flavonoid blends. The family member with worse symptoms took nothing. Two members has fever for 1 day and muscle aches. Four of us had no fever and mild symptoms, one had light cough, two mild sore throat, more like dry throat, one no symptoms.

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