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A Cured Case of Sepia

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Introduction: Sepia ranks within our ten polychrests and much higher in women, where it is in the top three remedies prescribed. It is more difficult to identify cases of Sepia in men and children and therefore it is under-prescribed in these groups. Professor G.Vithoulkas has given as the central theme of the remedy “stasis”, or a state brought about by neutralization of the dynamic tensions which animate all organisms. This is reflected physically by laxity in the tissues and in the smooth musculature, and especially in the hormonal and sexual dysfunction. Prolapse, constipation, varicosities and sagging tissues all reflect the physical stasis. Emotionally we see a similar neutralizing effect and disconnectedness. There is also stasis, sluggishness and mental dullness.

Analysis of the patient: A lady aged 48 dressing like men and suffering from an eight year low back pain was referred to the authors in Dec. 2010. She had fallen off six stairs which resulted in an ankle fracture and ever since, had been suffering from low back pain, headache, depression, and irritability toward her sons -especially while preparing supper. Her sexual desire had decreased prominently and she was discontent with her husband (aversion to sex). She preferred to spend her time with her female friends, out of the home. The other important symptoms were; depression and weeping. When she got angry, she yelled at her children and experienced a fear of poverty. We also found dry and white skin eruptions (Vitiligo) Also reported were Raynaud’s phenomenon, past history of uterine prolapse (Homeopathy for Uterine Prolapse) surgery, low back pain that was better from hard pressure or lying on hard objects or the floor, constipation and craving for vinegar and pickles. She loved dancing but could not dance well (because of musculature weakness).

Prescription: Sepia 30 c in liquid form 40 drops caused her mild headache during the first week which improved afterwards. The patient experienced an aggravation and inner calmness. Her low back pain improved by about eighty percent. After the 3rd month, therefore, Sepia 200c was prescribed to complete her cure.

Report of course of treatment: After prescribing the remedy and emphasizing her homeopathic diet, Sepia 30 c in liquid form 40 drops was prescribed and taken by the patient. She experienced an aggravation of mild to moderate headache during the first week which subsided and disappeared after 7 days.

Since she used to have pickles and vinegar, which antidote sepia, and was told to follow a homeopathic diet especially for vinegar.

After 30 days she felt much better and her low back pain had improved by about 70 percent. When she came to the clinic for the 2nd time, she had been dressed just like a woman. She had experienced a feeling of calmness, since the first days of taking the remedy. Since Sepia is a deep acting remedy, and it was still working, placebo was prescribed, till the 3rd month. Sepia 200c was prescribed in the 3rd visit. This last prescription cured her. Besides the chief complaint, i.e. low back pain, twelve other mental and physical symptoms improved significantly. Her behavior changed so that her sons were very pleased with her. Raynaud’s phenomenon was one of the physical symptoms which had improved. One year later, she still felt very well.

Conclusion: The results of this case report reveal multi-potential characteristics and capabilities of the prescribed constitutional remedy, Sepia 30c and 200c. They not only cured the patient’s chief complaint, her mental symptoms, but also her other symptoms like Raynaud’s phenomenon. Her sons, who had been anxious about her getting homeopathic treatment, became very excited about such a wonderful effect on her totality of symptoms.


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Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D., Hom.: Graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services and Iran Homeopathic Learning Center. He is a Certified medical doctor in Iran, and Official member of the Iranian Homeopathy Association, and was granted RIHA certificate and LMHI certificate of membership. He also writes a health page as a journalist in the Tehran Times daily newspaper. Visit his website:



    • we have to treat the patient not the symptoms.. she is a sepia woman.aesculus would have messed up the case.

    • Dear Dr.Gourav

      Thank you. The selected rubrics are as follows;
      MIND – MEMORY – weakness of memory
      STOMACH – APPETITE – increased
      BACK – PAIN – Lumbar region
      GENERALS – COLD – agg.
      COUGH – COUGH in general
      BLADDER – URINATION – dysuria
      MIND – ESCAPE, attempts to
      MIND – ACTIVITY; desires
      MIND – AVERSION – family; to members of
      GENERALS – WEAKNESS – Muscular
      MIND – ANGER

      Be Well, Dr.Sadeghi

  • This article about Sepia was really fantastic, please have more of these articles on cured cases. thanking you, Yasmin.

  • Sepia is really a great medicine. But the the practitioner should prescribe it considering a right fit of symptoms. I came to know a good case through this case. Thanks a lot to the doctor. Please have more articles on cured cases. Nowadays Ascites and cancer. Thanking you very much

  • Dear Doctor,
    Your report on a sepia case is excellent.Sepia is one of the most prominent remedy for feminine problems particularly on uterine conditions.Your report reminds me of my successful treatment of a prolapsed uterine case.Thank you in expectation of more such case reports,sir.

  • Dear Folks

    Thank you all for encouraging me to present more cured cases. I have been recently working with diabetics and their complications specially foot ulcer or gangrene. Five patients with the disabling disorder have been helped effectively through homeopathy.

    I encourage you to help such patients to prevent limbs amputations and their deep emotional effects.
    We homeopaths can do the best and most effective services to such patients.

  • Yaa, it is true sepia helps the women problems . In Reckweg series R10 & R47 also good medication for women’s problem related to PMS, mental disorder, weeping etc.

  • INDIFFERENCE…to her sons .her husband…weeping tendency and dressing like a men -calling perfectly for sepia …..a very gud case
    thank u doctor

  • Thank you very much Doctor for your case.. but how to take dressing like men as rubric?? Mannish habit of girls does not point towards Sepia..please guide me in this. so special rubric of the case is what here?
    Thanks for reading this..
    Dr. D. Sai Manasa.

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