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A Fifteen Week Old Baby with Eczema, Allergy and Faulty Nutrition

Written by Samantha Egan

Homeopath Samantha Egan presents a case of a baby with eczema, allergies and faulty nutrition.

First visit on 30th September2014

Classical prescribing- MTEK : Miasm, Totality, Essence, Keynote

Presenting complaint 1

Reflex onset three weeks recurrent (tubercular) regurgitation.


Likes cottage cheese (psora),  < evening/night (syphilitic), throwing head and body backwards, awake every hour, drawing legs upwards > pressure ( sycotic), lying on tummy. Lots of moaning(tubercular). Multi miasmatic.

Presenting complaint 2

Skin– dry patches < left thigh, both feet dry (psora) patches near ankles, both arms and trunk.

Head cradle cap thick (sycotic).

Birth natural, gas and air, labour 14.5 hours, pushing stage 17 minutes.

First baby, 13 days overdue, lots of blood and stiches, partner was present.

Pregnancy planned; only 2 weeks to fall pregnant; some spotting at 5 weeks; slight postnatal depression; 5 years ago had an abortion. Mum craved salt and savoury. Mother mentions that relationship is not good with baby’s father.  Wanted S.O. to be vaccinated against mum’s wishes; baby breast fed since birth; father wants to put on formula, mum disagrees.”  “What is best and right for baby is always a fight”.

Baby, 6 months old, just

after starting the treatment

Baby, 6 months old, just

after starting the treatment

Head to foot:

-Head –  cradle cap

-ENT-snuffles <night (syphilitic). Green (tubercular) crusty slime.

-URT- cough anytime.

-GIT- as above reflux -symptoms

-Stools- blood in stools at three weeks (tubercular), diarrhoea is bright yellow (sycotic), mucus strings.

-Urine- fine

-Perspiration-foot sweat any time and clammy hands.

-Nails – On observation, shiny (tubercular)

Baby, 6 months old, 2 months

after starting treatment

Temperament- mainly happy (shy), needs lots of attention, mum can only leave the room for 10 min before SO becomes anxious and upset.

Sleep: restless, awake every hour (physical restless tubercular)

Past family history:

Mum is from Lithuania, mum’s family maternal grandmother- diabetes (sycotic).

Paternal-high blood pressure (sycotic)

Mother’s side breast cancer (syphilitic)

Father is from Southern India, allergy to penicillin (tubercular), digestion problems, hypo thyroid (psora).

First signs of ill health – both digestion and skin after vaccinations at three weeks.

Difficult to tell if the patient is hot or chilly.


S.O. remained asleep through the consultation. Miasmatic preponderance (tubercular, sycotic).

Prescription  – Silicia Terra 30c followed by 200c. Never been well since vaccination.

Silicia Terra Psora ++ sycotic ++ syphilitic +++ tubercular +++ L

Ref:  Dr.Subrata K. Banerjea – Miasmatic Prescribing.

Considering tubercular nails, Ill effects of vaccinations, poor assimilation, defective nutrition, skin unhealthy, bashful, colic with pain, skin is delicate, unhealthy

Ref: Boericke and Robin Murphy.

Prescription given one poppy seed (no. 10 globule) in water (dropper bottle) up to 6 times a day.

First follow up 26th November 2014:

Reflux better –spitting up less, not throwing head back as much.

Sleep- better, co sleeping with mum, waking every 2-3 hours

Bowels-more formed, not liquid and as explosive anymore.

Skin-better, 30%, baby scratching her head and face more. Dad insists taking baby to GP, steroid cream given.

Temperament– settled.

Cough– not noticeable

Overall scores (10 being good):

General sense of well-being: 6

Physical: 5

Mental/temperament: 8

Skin: 6

Redness: 6

Itch: 2

Dry: 2

Digestion/reflux: 6

Prescription Sac-lac (boost)

28thJanuary 2015

Vaccinations given on father’s request, high fever, skin red /angry, all over the face, dry crusts, exudation. Glands swollen, stools loose again

GP dx meningitis, hospitalisation, antibiotics given 3 times within a month.

Prescription: Repeat Silicia 200c, ask for an update in 3 weeks.

17th February 2015 telephone call, skin up and down, flakier yesterday, better today

Score dryness: 3

Flaky: 4

Itch: 4

Bowles more solid, up and down < daytime, >at night.

Overall improvement 40%

I asked for description of overall health as a graph. Going up improvement, plateau the same, no change, and graph going down.

After this report graph going up.


Over the course of 18 months S.O. gains weight, reflux stops, skin improves until only feet and hands are dry (Herings Law), no redness, no itch, bowels improve 100%. Appetite is good. Temperament is better, sleep pattern improves, only wakes up between 3-4 am.

Mum leaves father, goes to women’s refuge. Mother is much happier. Appointments continue via skype every 6-8 weeks.

Over period of time S.O. has numerous intolerance testing’s. Found numerous allergies including aversion to mothers milk, another confirmation of Silicia Mothers milk aggravates< after eating.

Reference: Murphy:

Seven months we gave sac-lac  w.w.w. (Watch and Wait with Wisdom)

Silicia was repeated 1M- 1 dose in water sip for 7 days.

At 6 weekly Intervals follow up appointments were conducted and after thoroughly going through each presenting complaint, sac lac was prescribed up to present day, as patient doing well all scores up.

To date skin is clear, no reflux, bowls perfectly formed and regular, happy independent, strong willed toddler.

To date scores are:

Overall scores (10 being good):

General sense of well-being: 10

Physical: 10

Mental/temperament: 9.5

Skin: 10

Redness: 10

Itch: 9

Dry: 10

Digestion/reflux: 10

Graph still going up.

Baby, 18 months old,

now after treatment

Baby, 18 months old,

now after treatment

About the author

Samantha Egan

Samantha Egan (Dip Hom ACH; MHMA ) has been involved in Homoeopathy for the last 15 years, after treating her own children and family. She qualified from the Allen college in 2012 after completing the four year program and has a successful practice in Essex, using the pure and classical method of Homoeopathy.

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