Clinical Cases

A Niccolum Case

A patient regains her “balance” on Niccolum, arrived at by sensation and periodic table.

Nickel (Theorore W. Gray*)

“I am successful in protecting myself and others”: Niccolum (Sankaran)

On April 10, 2008, a tall, dashing, 48 year old lady came into my office with firm and fast footsteps. She was one my acquaintances, CEO of a regional government office and after a brief greeting promptly announces:I want my balance back. I’m overworked.”

I sleep badly; my sleep is light. My adrenaline level is always high. I have no patience for anything. It takes balance to perform my duties. My reasoning capacity is below what it should be. The demanding is great and people management is the worst thing. I always worked in a technical area and now I am in administration.”

[Sankaran’s advice: pay attention to the patient’s first words and body language. Many times, the case’s key is in the interview’s first 10 minutes]

I rather sleep badly, lightly or I wake up too soon.” (She talks very fast)

A little more about your sleep… “I can’t sleep soundly. Otherwise I need 8 hours a night, otherwise I become irritated and my reasoning is slower: I have headache, burning eyes. If I wake during the night I stay 1 or 2 hours without going back to sleep.”

Dreams? “Just nonsense related to people. Past things and times, demanding on me and I can’t correspond.”

Headache? “Pain concentrates on the left eye; it is intense and it’s worst before periods. At other times it comes in the afternoon or it alleviates if I take a Neosaldina© or have some food.”

Your anxiety? “I just can see problems and if I don’t solve it persists hammering; I can’t turn it off. Parte superior do formulário

It seems that if I can’t solve a problem and if I can’t solve and my head keeps pounding. I can’t turn it off (HG: drawing horizontal and vertical circles with her fist.) I don’t have peace and I don’t like working under pressure. I cannot solve problems calmly. I want to regain composure. It demands a lot on me and on the people around me.”

Which is the worst? “It is the lack of balance, serenity, patience and calmness. I’ve considered going back to the technical area in my job which I can master well.”

What about managing people? “Some people do not work. I’m the head of a Council of 40 entities. I want to be correct and just and I suffer, struggling to achieve that. Besides, I try not to dissatisfy people (sighs profoundly.) There are goals to reach and if I don’t achieve what I planned I feel bad. I want to correct things and if there is dissatisfaction I feel it is because I was not right. What one doesn’t have is what is admired in others. I get frustrated.

How is that? “I am angry, perfectionist, demanding. When I’m calmer it’s possible to see things better: patience with the pace of others. It bothers me to see people too slow. There is no need to be in such stress.”

Vacations? I returned a week before the end of my vacation because I couldn’t keep myself away from work. My house also was being remodelled. It seems I didn’t rest enough. (HG: vertical circles with clenched fists). I couldn’t find myselfI could not rebalance myself while on vacation. I am organized and try always to do everything right. (circles with hands).

Unbalanced? “Incompetence, stress… feeling of incompetence … can’t find a solution. I feel I’m going drifting about, without a plan and without control of things. I do not admit not knowing, I have to know everything. I arrive at work earlyI go to gym in late afternoons: treadmill, weight I feel I improve by strenuous exercise. It’s necessary for me to express, to speak up explain, deal with questions by exercises.”

Incompetence feelings? “I cannot accept it for myself or for others (circles with clenched fists). I want to make the difference in our area. Normally I don’t feel incompetent.”

How is this: “Attitudes I must assume in order to perform my jobs. I know I’m capable, why did I fail… (In Minerals, performing is an important issue). Normally I’m a strong person. Inside I feel myself capable.”

Tell me about feeling incapable: “I must run after, not be incapable: to get questions dominated”.

Tell about a film you liked? “With a history… life’s lessons…”

Which theme? To take care of oneself and to get well in the end of life, but there’s no need to be so demanding. Your self is the most important…”

Another film? “ ‘The Devil Wears Prada’:  I hate malicious people climbing over each other. The fashion world is commonplace, people sent away for small things. The one that was less appreciated had the skill, patience and strategies to show to the boss he was responsible. I admired strategies.

Food and drink? “I prefer sweets. Wine, occasionally…”.

Menses?  “I never had a strong flux… Cramps during periods… Headaches after then… (spontaneously) I dream a lot of my infancy: good dreams, pleasant… I made a vegetable garden at home.I like to have herbs…” (no emphasis)

Your marriage? “After I married I cried for nothing… I stayed more sensitive … I cry more by emotions… My stomach aches…”

How is that? “Pain with empty stomach… Nausea in the morning… “

Infancy? “Heartburn with fried foods, coffee, pepper. My parents never understood me well, difficult relationship, but I found the right person to live with. I wanted to succeed in life and I did. I am happy in my job. My achievements were due to my effort and strong will.”

A color? “White, green…” (no emphasis)

A metal? “Gold: beauty and value. If I had to choose a jewel it will be yellow gold with a stone.”

Case analysis: [This was my first and only experience with this remedy, however, already at the outset it was clear that this was a case of the Mineral Kingdom (according to Scholten and Sankaran lessons): the whole story tells about structure, organization, workthe structure is incompletesomething has been lost (the balance in the case)there is lack of adequacyI lost something that existed n my structure …usually they have to complete or preserve. All actions of mineral people are geared for this purpose.” It doesn’t show any sensitivity of plants or survive theme of animals”.

In addition, the patient repeatedly draws circles with his fists, remembering that geometric figures are the preferred hand gestures of the patients in the mineral kingdom.

Next question is to find out in the periodic table which is the line, the row and the element: In short, Scholten and Sankaran teach that the themes of security, task, duty belong to the fourth line, Ferrum series. Clearly, history and body language show that the patient is a confident person successful in her career, which brings us to the peak of the possibilities (10th row) with its words: success, failure, achievements, appreciation, height, pinnacle). At the intersection of Ferrum series with the 10th column there it is: Niccolum.

It’s true that there also appear issues like “maintain the success, to preserve” which is the sixth series (Aurum: power, arrogance, responsibility), mentioned by the patient (confirming the Kingdom) by saying she wants a gold jewel with a stone. At the junction there is Platinum, a remedy well known and which does not fit the case.]

Prescription: Niccolum 30C, one dose.

May 2, 2008 – 30 days after the remedy: “The headache was intense in 4th/5th days of menses. I’m better, calmer, the emotional balance is better and mainly the sleep improved. I don’t talk so loud… so fast… I think I’m getting the balance I seek so eagerly.”

Incompetence sensation? “It’s still there due to the enormity of the tasks.”

Any dream? “I was at a very great height. I lost my balance and would fall back, but I managed to balance myself back (first sentence of the consultation: I want my balance back.) This dream woke me up …”

Your sleep? “During one night I felt absolutely sleepless. In another I woke up very early.”

Analysis: The case evolves in right direction. The dream confirms : she was about to fall but regains her balance.

Prescription: Placebo.

Dec 11, 2008 – (7 months after the 1st dose) “I was OK till now. I found balance and serenity, including sleeping better. Once more this imbalance… Again bad sleep and dreams quarrelling in black and white… Discussing or looking for a work I must finish. Irritability, slow thinking… slowness in general. I’ve cried a lot. I wakened my husband crying because I couldn’t sleep. I’m back to where I was.”

[She brings a thyroid gland echo sound and it shows nodules, the biggest in left lobe]

[Spontaneously]: “I’m not happy at the end of day, I didn’t do well, it wasn’t OK. I’m impatient to hear people’s complaints. They’re annoyed with me because I’m very demanding. When I delegate a task it must be understood and accomplished. All this is so much annoying and I can even be unfair demanding from one that does it well. I apologize but it’s not enough. All this is only when I’m out of balance.”

Any dream? “I was arguing with my father. He is very demanding on my mother. I envy my husband’s sleep.”

What about incompetence? “No more! I have challenges that I cannot get over as I wish. When I’m OK my dreams are colorful and now they’re grey.”

Any other dream? “I was hiking with many obstacles: closed doors, bad roads. I should cross a valley and there was no bridge. Two dogs attacked me, but I was not afraid. Green was only the color.” (She sighs)

Any comments from your husband?  “To him it’s was absurd to have to work at dawn. In his opinion I’m better. People don’t seem to notice when someone is OK.”

Analysis: I think Nicc stops its action after these months and I gave her Niccolum 200 – one dose.

April 29, 2009 – (almost five months after the last dose) – “Two days after the last dose, I became very irritated. It wasn’t normal, but after that I began to improve in every aspect. I don’t like the end of the year, gifts and all that stuff. I want it over very soon. I don’t like its lots of obligations. The work is over demanding. It was created an idea as if in the year’s end everything was at his ending.I t’san exaggeration when it should be normal.This is false, too commercial.”

Any dream? “It was an event for 500 participants in Curitiba: no lights, no ceremony, no acquainted people, just teenagers and the place where a horse stable, nothing as expected.They were dreams in B&W. I dreamed of my mother, bad dream, woke up crying,we had to go somewhere, a place where I had to crawl. I fought and beat my mother for she forced me to. Very light sleep, irritated. I really miss a good night’s sleep.”

Did this event really happen? “Yes and the coordination was mine: it should be in our place, including three southern states with ministers and our governor present. I was responsible and I was very picky all the time. I know people trust me and they know I will not let the ball go. Moreover, there was a commitment to the farmers’ expectations. It was a huge responsibility. But why suffer that much in my dreams? I should be happy again in my work instead of being so annoyed.”

What is annoying? “I trust people, but it’s difficult. The headaches are better, but are still there in those pikes…”

Prescription: Nicc 200, again. (I ask lab tests for thyroid hormones and a new ultrasound control).

(Two months later (June, 2009) she brings the reports: normal levels to thyroid hormones. The Echo sound — in a more precise machine — shows not 2 but 3 small nodules. Left lobe enlarged and the report questions: colloidal nodules?).

How’s it doing? “I’m ok, sleeping better. I don’t remember dreams.”

Headaches? “Since three days, persisting from 5th to 10th days after menses, with nauseas and located in left side front head. Noises make me crazy, even strong odors. It subsides if I eat some food. The medicine (Neosaldine© keeps my sleep away. I barely had menstrual colic in the last 2 months. My mother had colic every time she menstruated and she got rid of it only after menopause.)

Any other improvement? “In addition to sleep better, my behavior improved: less angry, more patient, more stable.”

(I ask her: 1 to 10, how do you rate your balance? She answered 7. I find it more peaceful. Her husband remarked that she’s sleeping better.)

(Spontaneously) “Now I recall a good dream: I was bathing a blond boy, but he was not mine. He did not like to be bathing and made a crying little face.”

What did you feel in this dream? “Oh! Very fine…” (This was the first agreeable dream)

Comments: There were significant improvements, but the post-menstrual headaches are present and troubling. The spontaneous information that her mother suffered the same trouble make me think maybe she needs a higher dosage of the remedy.

Prescription: Nicc 1M, every morning.

Nov 25, 2010 (6 months later and she is now 51 years old) – “No crises, I’m better. I’m here because of my insomnia. I’m getting my menopause. I went do the GO and he made some tests and he said it’s all OK. Today I got migraine. I had a hair loss. I took cortisone and it attacks my stomach. Now the hair loss came back, not so intense. I do not sleep, and become very irritated. I can say I sleep just one night in the week. At work things are quiet. I’m keeping my weight and doing gym 3 times a week.”

Menses? “It’s OK each 26 days. Hormonal dosage OK. TPM, I always had it, but now it’s lasting more.”

Sexual life? “It’s OK.”

Prescription:Nicc 1 M, each morning, a few drops.

I saw her again one month later and she declared she was better.

Jan,16/2012 – (1 year later): “2011 was an adverse year for me and for my professional life (HG:circles over the table). I’m discouraged and a little aggressive toward work. Things did not go on very well last year and I was left in the ‘fridge’ by the new administration (hand circles). I was ignored not knowing why. My colleagues did not explain anything. This was very upsetting; it affected my psychological side very much: I didn’t expect this. My mood is far below from what it always had been.”

Explain better please: “Now I have a few things to do and without the responsibilities that I used to have.”

What about your dreams, nightmares? “Dreams are slightly colored, fancy. I dream a lot of my parents’ old house, the space of my childhood in the countryside: green color disappeared from there. I must to do something, something I missed.”

Any other? “I climbed some stairs of wood,very beautiful, smooth, large spaces and I felt tired, but I got on top.”

Which was the feeling? “Contented, I can’t recall very well…”

What else? “On the rest, just a few complaints: menses coming on monthly. Migraine does not manifest itself for months. GO wanted me to take pills to stop menstruation. I began to take then.It’s coming every 13 days, the first 4 with heavy flow. Again premenstrual insomnia.” (I recommend stopping it)

[She is in good shape, calmer on talking and is about to go on vacation. This time she was attacked in her weak point: her job. The main complaint and the dreams show it clearly). In Structure (pg 685 about Niccolum understanding, proving and a case of Nicc-s,

Prescription:Nicc 1M / one dose.

Feb 15,2012 – (one month later, she came to revision) – “The night I took the medicine I slept badly. The next day I was very tired and anxious, out of the ordinary. The next night I had a dream(4AM): I dreamed of my childhood, the old house, all very dirty and unpleasant. I felt bad.”

In the following days I improved: sleep was stabilized. I went to GO and he recommended having AC pills for two or three months. I took 29 doses and that disturbed my sleep again, I became anxious and my migraine came back; the breasts were swelled and painful. ‘Then, stop it’ – he said. After some days the menses came down, very painful, but with a normal flux. Today it’s finishing. Today I had headache at lunch. The sleep is improving.” (She decided do not take contraceptive pills anymore).

What about your mood? “It could be better. I’ll take my vacation during carnival: I’m not excited, but I’m not bad.”

About your work? “As a rule, the company does not evaluate the employees and the environment is not good. People seem to work less and complain more.But my anxiety and anger abated. I’m caring less and watching more to my obligations...From this point of view I am better.”

Prescription: Nicc 1 M, once.

April,12/2012 – (2 months after last visit) – (smiling, looking good): “I’m OK. My menses improves gradually. Last time I had symptoms but it didn’t come. I’m sleeping well… My vacations were great.

This week I had symptoms again but nothing happened. I slept but I feel like I didn’t. I feel I’m better in all aspects, including my mood.

I worked on my patience and it’s surprising me: I’m teaching my new domestic worker. I’m OK In my work. Sometimes I get upset. But I stay away.

Any dream? Yes: I was talking to Dilma (our president) and she wore a light green dress and we’re talking about work.

[This dream suggests a compensation for the fact that last year, she was ignored and replaced by someone else following Governor’s orders. This was too much to her ego]

Any other? I went to Rio, submit myself to university tests in order to attend a medicine course. No more distressing dreams. I’m OK.

Nickel by Theodore W. Gray (1993) – “The Photographic Periodic Table of Elements”

[In this, she goes to a distant center, to a prestigious university. In ancient Brazil, that was allowed only for wealthy people and the place was Rio de Janeiro or better, Europe!]

Conduct: Wait…

Some considerations

In a 4 year follow-up, it seems to me that Niccolum qualities were very clear (according to Jan Scholten and Sankaran): in all consultations appeared as a theme: work,performance, her superiority  to other people and also her competence and self-assurance, her tendency to protect the weak as well as police, always making sure that everything happen within the laws and rules, being upset when they weren’t.

  • In all this period she never took another remedy and always responded well.
  • When visits became more frequent perhaps I should raise the potency, but it was not available then. I stayed in the 1M. Next time, I already had 10M.
  • Finally, here goes my tribute to the masters G. Vithoulkas, Rajan Sankaran and Massimo Mangialavori whose seminars I attended; not to forget Jan Scholten, whom I never had the pleasure to meet personally, but I know him well through his publications. These ‘gurus’ (after 20 years of vacillation when I first met G.Vithoulkas in Greece) allowed me to know how and what to search in the patient and specially how to learn from him.
  • There was a time when surgeons praised ‘the corpse’ as a source of learning. As a homeopath, I praise the ‘patients’ by their capacity to teach when we are ready for it.

*Picture of Nickel by Theodore W. Gray : The Periodic Table of the Elements

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