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An Acute Case of Abdominal Colic

Dr. Salma Afroz presents a case of acute abdominal colic in a young woman.

On 18th August, 2015 my 22 year old niece came to me with violent abdominal pain. At the same time she was on the 4th day of her menstrual cycle. She usually had a history of heavy flow on the 1st, 6th, and7th days of her cycle with dysmenorrhoea and acidity.

She started panicking, pleading “Please do something, please help, I can’t tolerate this.” She was rolling on the floor, constantly tapping on her umbilical region which however gave no relief. She complained it was burning severely around her umbilicus. She was anxious that it might be an indication of some serious disease. She was restless and not getting relief by any means. She was nauseous and she had the feeling that if she could vomit, she would feel better.

Sitting beside her, I was watched her for a few minutes. She said that the pain started at 12 pm. It was mild when it began but gradually became severe. When she came to me it was 2.30 pm. She had had no meal since morning. I thought it could be due to acidity as she had a habit of irregular diet and constant night watching. When I attempted to leave to bring her medicine, she was scared, begging me not to leave her alone.

Regarding thirst and appetite there was nothing prominent. I asked somebody to stay with her and gave her light biscuits, with a little cold water to take, a little at a time (as I thought her stomach was empty and there was severe burning). She felt a little better by taking cold water.

Though the pain felt a little better from cold water rather than hot applications, I gave her Arsenicum album 0/2, at 15 minute intervals, considering her restlessness, anxiety, nausea and burning sensations.   It worked! Within 40 minutes her burning and pain became much less and she became calm and fell asleep. After one hour she woke up and said there was no pain or burning at all, just a feeling of exhaustion.  She only needed 3 or 4 doses.

The severity of this acute colic made me panic and I didn’t have time to go do a  repertorization.

About the author

Salma Afroz

Dr. Salma Afroz: I completed the BHMS in 2004 from Government Homeopathic College and Hospital, Mirpur. I started practicing homeopathy privately at home, among relations and neighbors. After completing the bachelors, I returned to Chittagong and worked under renowned classical homeopath Dr. Aminul Haque until 2005. I returned to Dhaka and proposed that an NGO begin a project for the homeopathic treatment of poor patients. Since 2007 I have been working with them and treating patients successfully using classical homeopathy. I started a private homeopathic clinic in 2009 in Green Road, Dhaka. I love homeopathy and believe it can produce miracles if we, homeopaths have devotion and treat patients sincerely following the basic rules and principles.


  • Good work Dr Afroz. Right medicine at right time can work wonders. Your article mentioning Dhaka,s Green Road took me back to old days when i lived in Polabi and use t o visit my “Dada’ a retired Supreme court judge. Wish you all the best.

  • Dr. Wequar Ali Khan…thank you very much for your comment….you are welcome to Dhaka….you can visit and refresh your memory once again…..inshallah we will try to serve…glad to know about your grand father….

  • Assalamu Alikum,
    I am basically IT expert/ Consultant. I was a Govt. employee in NBR, I completed B.Sc. (Hons) and M.Sc. in Physics. I worked 6 countries and visited 23 countries. I wrote 9 books on computer field. I was an IT manager in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I came Bangladesh and unfortunately made accident and was hospitalized more than 1 year. By that accident I took more Allopathic medicine, which have created more side effect for me. Later on, I admitted DHMS and passed diploma. But now I am working as a Computer Specialist. I appreciate about the case of colic abdominal pain this is helpful for me also. Mohammed Amin Farhad, Computer Specialist, MGSP project, level – 6, LGED.

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