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Acute Cardiovascular Diseases – Case Studies

The author describes the treatment of several acute cardiovascular diseases, proving that homeopathy is also efficient in severe, acute diseases and emergency treatment.

Cardiovascular diseases are a big health issue for three reasons: They are very frequent, devastating and in cases such as hypertension often remain undiscovered until advanced stages of the disease. It is here where homeopathy plays an important role, since every good homeopath will already be able to diagnose individual symptoms of the disturbed vital force, even when clinical symptoms indicative of a cardiovascular disease are not yet present. The evaluation of the individual symptom picture will enable the homeopath to choose the indicated remedy and induce the relevant changes in the vital energy. Some acute cases from my practice are described, which were treated homeopathically, proving that homeopathy is also efficient in severe, acute diseases and emergency treatment. Afterwards treating the acute phase, it is most important to treat the patient’s chronic disease and its underlying cause to prevent recurrence.

Acute Heart Attack

Case 1

Female patient, 64 years old. She consults me because of her chest pain which began about 30 minutes before. She describes the type of the pain as oppressive, and “as if my heart is tightened by a hand”. She reports fear of death. Her face is pale and sweaty, the expression very anxious. The physical examination reveals the following: blood pressure 100/60 mmHg, pulse imperceptible, with a heart rate of 110 per minute. The pain becomes increasingly more intense and the patient is weeping. Treatment starts with Cactus grandiflorus 30C. After 1 hour and 20 minutes the patient is stable. Until today, the patient is under homeopathic treatment and does not use any other medicines.

Case 2

Male patient, 68 years old, with a history of hypertension for about 5 years for which he takes metoprolol 100 mg daily. When he first came to consult me he complained about burning pain in the chest, which he had for 3 weeks. He reported that the pain initially improved when resting or sleeping, but during the last 3 days the pain did not improve on lying. The chest pain is radiating from right to left. There is numbness in the fingers. He denies emotional symptoms. I started with the established protocol and applied Lachesis 30C, finding little improvement over the next hour. I decided to send him to the hospital, where a cardiologist did an ECG and echocardiogram. He diagnosed an acute heart attack and the patient was referred for intensive care unit admission for 5 days, and received a heart stent. Afterwards we continued with chronic homeopathic treatment, which enables the patient to lead a normal life. This case is to demonstrate that we have to cope with our responsibility as physician and homeopath, and that we have to refer the patient to acute emergency treatment in the hospital if he does not respond to homeopathic treatment, or if the homeopath is unable to manage the case.

Angina Pectoris

Case 1

Male patient, 82 years. Since 2 days he suffers from hypertension and chest pain which he describes as oppressive, and which improves when lying. The pain extends to the neck and left arm and is aggravated by walking. He complains about dyspnoea. The patient reports having the sensation “as if the heart will stop if I do not continue to walk or breathe faster”. It all started when the patient received the bad news that his daughter had been hospitalized. His wife reported that the patient gets angry easily and wants to be left alone. A physical examination reveals a slow and weak pulse, with blood pressure at 160/100 mm Hg. The face is pale and there is bradycardia, with 50 beats per minute. I proceeded to give Gelsemium 30C, which ameliorated the patient’s complaints with only two doses.

Case 2

In tropical areas like the city where I live, it is common to see more cases of angina pectoris and heart attack during the winter season. The next case is that of a male patient aged 50, who, after running on the beach, took off his shirt to squeeze out the excessive sweat. His thorax was naked and he felt the cold wind from the ocean. Immediately he felt pain in the chest, accompanied by great fear of death. He was restless, his pulse was full and rapid and his face was very red. I applied Aconitum 200C, which gradually improved the patient. He was back to normal within several hours.


Dr.Guillermo Zamora

About the author

Guillermo Zamora

Dr. Guillermo Zamora is a homeopathic physician who practices in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. He graduated at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara in Guadalajara Jalisco in 1994. From 2001 to 2003 he took part in the Postgraduate course of classical homeopathy at the advanced homeopathy school "Homeopatía de Guadalajara, A.C.". He has treated patients homeopathically for more than 14 years, amongst them severely ill patients suffering from diseases like asthma, HIV/AIDS, cancer, and severe infectious diseases prevalent in his area.


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