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Acute Cystitis in a Woman of 26

Nigel Cain Macgregor presents a case of acute cystitis in a woman of 26. Bladder pain, pressing and urine bloody were among the symptoms that led to the simillimum.

Case taken October 20th/2018

H.M. Female, Age 26

  Chief Complaint: Recurring Cystitis

Observation: Tall, thin female. Dark long hair with blue eyes. Pale freckled face.

Case notes: “I have had a bladder infection for one week now and I am becoming worried that I will need antibiotics, which I do not want to take.”

Patient: How it all started was I noticed a sensation in my bladder mid-morning. Slight burning and urgency to urinate. During urination I have a constant pressure on my bladder urging me to go, but I held it in and did not go. I knew something was up when my urine had a pinkish hue.

I have recently developed a new relationship with a man. These

symptoms appeared after we spent the night together.

I knew of Cantharis for bladder infections so I began to take it at a

200c potency. The Cantharis did provide aid. It reduced the persistent urge to urinate but then the next night we were together again and the coition made everything worse again.

I continue to have persistent pressure on my bladder, giving me the urge to urinate but cannot empty my bladder completely. There is a sensation from my belly button pulling down towards my urethra. A sharp, ticklish, yet almost arousing pain. Yesterday the pain was so sharp, it hurt, giving me a scanty urination with difficult to empty my bladder. Currently I can urinate with some ease, a lot better than yesterday.

There is pain when urinating, burning, sharp stitching pains, lasting 3 minutes after urination. Worse first thing in the morning and at the end of the day. Heat will ameliorate. The pain feels as if my lower back had the wind knocked out of me. Left side over kidney, pinched nerve, golf ball sized knot sensation. Happened in sleep when waking.

My mental symptoms are, I feel overwhelmed, panic because I have to urinate. Whenever I have to pee I feel rushed. When I was younger I would urinate a lot, felt anxious due to making the driver pull over so I could go.

I also suffer from bloating/distention of abdomen. I can look bloated but don’t feel bloated. Will appear in my lower abdomen (hypogastrium). Some days I wake up with heat, most days it is after eating. Normally three days a month are my best and that will be after menses. Stomach pains when not passing gas, but I feel better once I can release gas,


Cystitis: We are treating an acute case of suspected cystitis. No analysis or diagnoses.  She said “I have a constant pressure on my bladder urging me to go.”

“Pressure” and “Urge to urinate” as symptoms.

“I have recently developed a new relationship with a man. These

symptoms appeared after we spent the night together.”

This is the possible etiology of our acute case. Cystitis after coition in new relationship. This can be an intense and emotional time for individuals. New feelings are coming up and possible past feelings.

Having H.M. aware of homeopathy and already trying remedies can provide us aid to either eliminate a potential remedy in mind and at least provides us with knowledge of sensitivity/ reaction to remedies. Having Cantharis provide some aid but not eliminating the cystitis lets us know that perhaps a better remedy is indicated.

“Continue to have persistent pressure on my bladder, giving me the

urge to urinate but cannot empty my bladder completely. There is a sensation from my belly button pulling down towards my urethra. A sharp, ticklish, yet almost arousing pain.”

Here similar sensations to solidify the symptom:

Pressure on bladder

Urging to urinate

Unable to empty bladder

First time hearing of this sensation in belly pulling down towards urethra. Could be felt as the bladder and urinary tract pain. – The “arousing pain” a peculiar reaction to pain. Almost arousing. Helps differentiate between a remedy’s sensation of pain.


I used the larger rubric for cystitis to include all remedies possible. Most sub-rubrics are very small, narrowing the search. Until I came across one involving coition. Now it is common for a bladder infection to occur after coition if the urinary tract is not cleaned afterwards. Using the rubric to help keep in mind a good starting point of remedies

Bladder; Pain; burning, smarting:

Pain smarting/ burning is a rubric that matches the sensation of the patient. Instead of using rubrics like before and after I wanted to use a more general approach to make peculiar symptoms of the case help show a remedy.

Bladder; Pain; Pressing:

A second sensation pain matched from a rubric. Pressing pain in bladder

Urine; Bloody:

When hearing about blood where there it should not be makes me think it is of more importance due to the severity.

Most of these rubrics are large. We do see one remedy that covers all and rises to the front  – Staphysagria

– “ Urging to urinate, scarcely a spoonful was passed, mostly of a dark yellow red colour, in a thin stream, at times dribbling of urine, always followed by a sensation as if bladder were not yet empty,” – Hering’s Guiding symptoms

– Urging to urinate with difficult to empty along with red/ blood in the urine.

– “Frequent urging to urinate in newly married people, especially the women, great irritability of bladder and urethra.” – Hering’s Guiding symptoms

– Here we have an etiology being covered the remedy, newly married can translate today as a new couple. Most do not wait until marriage day to consummate.

“Sad distressing thoughts about one’s illness.” – Hering’s guiding symptoms

– AGGRAVATION: from sexual excesses; -Lippe’s red line symptoms

– An aggravation showing that the cystitis becomes worse after coition. Not that there is excess but it is a maintaining factor of the disease yet

also covered by the remedy.

–    “Pressure on bladder on waking from sleep. Constant micturition at night” – Clark’s dictionary –

H.M mentioned a time when the pain was worse morning and

evening. Staphysagria showing an aggravation at both times.

–   “Burning sensation in urethra, especially (after and) when urinating (with urging, as if the bladder were not emptied).” – Clarke’s dictionary

– Finding a time of the burning sensation to match the symptoms of the patient.

–   “Itching stitches in region of kidneys. “ – Clarke’s dictionary

– Not a huge significant symptom I found with a lot of energy, yet we could still finding the pain in kidney region being covered by Staph.

Plan: Dosing with Staphysagria 200C, 3x daily for 2 days. Contact me after two days to see how the remedy has acted. Continue taking if no aggravation occurs. Stop after 7 days. If symptoms persist contact me.

Prescription: Staphysagria 200C

Follow up: 1 week later.

Bladder infection cleared up. No symptoms remain.  I explained the difference between Cantharis and Staphysagria in UTI,  to aid the patient in further homeopathic knowledge. She has become a good observer of her own symptoms so now she can use her own knowledge in a similar acute or perhaps help a friend.




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Nigel Cain MacGregor

Nigel Cain MacGregor, 24, was born in Vernon B.C. Canada and lived there for 8 years then moved to St. Albert Alberta. He played for his high school football team and then progressed to play in the CJFL for the Edmonton Huskies. Living a very active lifestyle, he always had an interest in making sure his body was performing at peak. He was interested in understanding how the human body functions and what might help the body to heal faster. Homeopathy offered a path to that knowledge. Nigel desires to educate others in knowing that there is a safe alternative that can make a difference.

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