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Acute Hemorrhoids in a Man of 25

Acute Hemorrhoids in a Man of 25
Written by Vineet Shukla

Dr. Vineet Shukla presents an acute case of hemorrhoids in a man of 25. Aesculus, Sulphur, and Nux vomica had given no relief. The problems arose secondary to hard stools and constipation

This is a case of painful external hemorrhoids ( Homeopathy for Hemorrhoids ) of my former compounder, a man of 25.  Hearrived at 7 pm on 10/08/2018 with anxious facial expression and told me that he was suffering severely from external painful hemorrhoids for the last twenty days.The etiological factor was constipation. He had tried Aesculus, Sulphur, and Nux vomica and some Ayurvedic treatment without any relief.

He did not have a history of any serious pathology. He had experienced bleeding per rectum two years ago for three to four days and controlled it himself by some domestic measures. He didn’t consult any doctor for the bleeding.

On inquiry he said that his stool was very hard and painful. Because of fear of pain he avoided trying to pass stool until the rectum became full. He also avoided food and ate salads and drank plenty of water so that the stool would become soft. I asked him why he was not eating and he replied that the more he ate, the sooner he would be called to stool, and suffer more pain. The modality of the pain was: Aggravation after stool and continued thereafter. Amelioration by hard pressure (as he wished that someone could put a heavy stone on his hip).

I prescribed Bryonia Alba 30 in water with plussing the dose, and told him to call me the next morning.  The next morning he rang me with a very cheerful voice that today his stool was very soft and without any pain. Dosing continued for five days and there was no recurrence of the problem.

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Vineet Shukla

Dr. Vineet Shukla has a BHMS from Faizabad (U.P.) which he completed in 2011. He practiced in Lucknow thereafter at the Archana Homeopathic Clinic,
Nadan Mahal Road.

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