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How an Acute Prescription Changed a Whole Case

Homeopath Reshma Nizam is guided towards a patient’s simillimum during one of the patient’s acutes

A long time is usually spent trying to decipher a chronic case. The symptoms, the histories, the generals, the mind are all dealt with and you are happy with your prescription. The next few days or weeks or months will tell you if there was anything for you to be happy about in the first place. The patient may tell you he has some relief and claim to be satisfied. But a discerning mind cannot find peace until all or almost all the pieces fall into the right places. Only then will you know you have done a good job and breathe a sigh of relief. It often happens that you have been cheated, that what you thought right was not completely right and was not the simillimum. Or was it that the case has taken a turn and you were right in the first place, as you are now?

This is the case of a baby brought to my clinic while he was six months of age. He had recurrent colds and obstruction in the nose. He had not started head holding, which is a developmental milestone. He was given Sulph 200. There were not many symptoms to prescribe on and Sulphur was chosen mainly because there were some pimple like eruptions over his body and he would perspire especially around his head. He was better but not completely so. The prescription was changed to Sulph iod. It is often found that when Sulph partially ameliorates, Sulph iod. will help.

The nose obstruction improved and he started turning on his tummy. After a while he began experiencing some troubles with digestion. He could not tolerate certain foodsor a group of foods, mainly proteins. If attention was not paid to regulate his diet, the trouble became worse and would end up in fever. Sulph iod helped him during these troubles but never cured him completely. His diet had always to be regulated and he continued to suffer.

He was a year old now. During one of these bouts, he had a high temperature. Sulphur iod did not help him. The fever would increase after he fell asleep and he would wake up needing tepid sponging to help control his fever. After about an hour or so, the sudden peak in the temperature would come down, though the fever remained. I also noted that he was talking more than was usual the day he got the fever. Lachesis 30 three doses were given. The key points taken into consideration were the loquacity and the typical Lachesis aggravation while going into sleep. About an hour after the first dose, the boy started walking about and also wanted to eat. He was feeling better already and the fever subsided after the third dose. The troubles with his digestion started improving and within two weeks he was completely cured of them too. I believe that my prescription of Sulph iod was not his simillimum, but Lachesis was. It helped him afterwards also, when he had other troubles

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Dr. Reshma Nizam : I am a graduate of Fr. Muller’s Homoeopathic Medical College, Mangalore, India, where I was one of the class toppers. I worked in various clinics including AIHMS Homoeopathy, Kannur, Kerala. I am a self employed homoeopathic doctor, practicing with a desire to create positive changes in the community. I blog at and run a facebook page, . My blog is an attempt to spread awareness about homoeopathy, health and nutrition and along with personal notes on observations made in daily life. Reading was my hobby since childhood and now I’m an avid reader of homoeopathy and other health related articles.


  • congratulation,nice observation,nice case,it proves that their nothing like acute or chronic in Homeopathy,when you prescribe a right remedy no one predict what kind of magic is about to happen.
    its really nice prescription but important thing is your honesty about sulph iod where you analyzed your mistake
    If you don’t mind,one suggestion instead of repeating 30 try single dose of higher potency like 200,1m,10m according to severity of disease and confidence in selected medicine,we have good results even you can cut short the time taken for cure.All the best, be proud to be a” HOMEOPATH”

  • I agree with Dr Nilesh Maru about giving a single dose of Lachesis. Lachesis is a very deep acting medicine and I have seen in my practice that a single dose is enough.

  • Thanx Harsh
    I not only think but law tell us that single dose is enough weather medicine is very deep acting or not bz all medicine are deep acting
    I want to share that as our masters like Kent vithoulkas and all showed us repeatedly the importance of higher potencies,so use higher potencies for rappied gentle and permanent cure
    Thank you

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