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Acute Rectal Bleeding in a Man of 45

rectal bleeding

Dr. Shelly Sharma presents an acute case of rectal bleeding.

A man of 45 consulted for rectal bleeding since one week. He had already been diagnosed as having bleeding piles and was scheduled for surgery. The symptoms started suddenly one week earlier and had increased since then.

Particulars of the patient:

  • Passes blood during and after stool.
  • Painless bleeding
  • Bright red hemorrhage. No clots
  • Bleeding a large quantity
  • Patient had done all blood investigations
  • Took appointment for
  • Came to homoeopathy for his last hope!

History from relatives-

  • Patient gets bleeding after passing each stool.
  • After passing stools he takes his wife to toilet and says “See how much bleeding I have passed”, in a very angry tone.
  • Then he gets anxious and restless at home especially after stools.
  • Constantly brooding about his condition.
  • He is very anxious and restless before every stools
  • Throughout the day he keeps on thinking about his condition and gets angry and anxious.
  • His wife says that he is behaving as if he has a dreadful disease and it is hopeless.
  • He keeps telling his children to stop their education, as nothing can help him now.
  • Tells his wife he passes a bucket full of blood daily
  • He has visited many doctors for the problem.
  • He is constantly asking for reassurance.

My Observation…

Patient has an anxious, fearful expression.

Lots of anticipatory anxiety


Fear of death

Red face


Rx: Aconite 200 stat followed by placebo for 3 days

Acute analysis and Understanding of Patient and the Drug:

This patient presents acute fear with an acute complaint. He feels that he will not survive and tells his children to stop their education. He has a feeling of intense threat, which is leading to anticipation and restlessness.

Over exaggerating his complaints with redness of face which shows his plethoric disposition, accompanied with suddenness of symptoms.

Follow up:

  • Patient followed up after 3 days. Bleeding is reduced by 80 % . Mentally and emotionally he is calmer. No anticipatory anxiety. Prescribed placebo for 2 weeks
  • Patient followed up after 2 weeks. No bleeding per se. Much better. Prescribed placebo for 1 month.
  • Patient followed up after 1 month. No complains per se.

The patient was followed up for the next 6 months. Once, he got slight bleeding. Aconite 200 was repeated and since then no episodes of bleeding.

About the author

Shelly Sharma

Dr Shelly Sharma, MD (Hom), IACH Greece, practices classical homoeopathy. She was a student of Prof. George Vithoulkas and was fortunate enough to study under Dr. Bhosale. Dr. Shelly practices homoeopathy at Mumbai and has a special interest in tracking unspoken words of patients and converting them into reportorial language. In addition to practicing homoeopathy she also conducts seminars for students. She is also keen to educate common people and spread homoeopathic awareness.

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