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Aethusa Cynapium

Written by Simone Fayeton

Dr. Simonne Marie luc Fayeton shares a case of Aethusa Cynapium in a woman of 78. Cervical, lumbar, sacral and gluteal pains and bulimia were among the problems being treated.

Obese, bulimic, rheumatic patient, born in 42, first seen on 15/03/2000.  Low back pain since the age of 20. Knee pain since the age of 30. Multiple joint pains since 7 or 8 years under NSAID + Mopral. Following grief: break-up with her parents, jealous of the attention she had for the impotent grandmother.

Foot pain when walking. Cervical, lumbar, sacral and gluteal pain. Unnecessary meniscus surgery in 94 and 96. Left knee arthroplasty without effect on pain; since then the knee does not lock.

Thyroid nodules treated with Levothyrox in spite of normal thyroid  biology. High blood pressure under Moduretic.

Dyspnea for two or three years.

Bulimia: “at the table, I would eat more until there was no more.  When I was 10 years old, I ate so much blue cheese that I had very, very bad indigestion, and another time with snails.

She likes animals a lot, she has a cat: we talk.

Natrum mur and then Causticum gave her back her courage and spirit, a better sleep, less anxiety.

I had her reduce all the allopathic medicines progressively, and she has rather less pains when I see her on 20/02/01. Her blood pressure is 14/9

I learn that her cat sleeps at the bottom of the couple’s bed. The cat has a meow to say this, another to say that, in short, we understand each other very well. The same goes for her hamsters and guinea pig. “The animal,” she says, “is much easier than people ; we always have with the animal that same contact, that same love; my cat has never disappointed me.’
Likewise, she loves little babies.

Aethusa cynapium XM
On 24/04/01, her knees do not hurt anymore. Complains about her shoulders like 3 years ago.

Aethusa 10,200  On 20/06/00
Back > 80%.
Knees and feet > 50%.
Bulimia > 70%. She has lost 2 Kg.
BP 14/8
She returned for low back pain after helping to lift a bag of cement, having forgotten her problems:  “I didn’t think I could hurt myself ‘’ . Before Aethusa, she couldn’t bend or straighten, and wouldn’t have tried to lift anything.

Aethusa cynapium 10,600

On 29/06/01, she says that the improvement continues, especially on the bulimia; the pain of the feet is very bearable, the back is fine, the knees have remained without pain for 48 hours. Since then, the improvement continues.

In September 01, accident with meniscus injury leading to meniscectomy.
On 11/12/01
Feet > 85%.
Cured bulimia: even with chocolate, I do not crack, a small piece and that is enough for me.

The 29/01/02: the knee hurts again since a bad passive movement during an X-ray. Blockage of the meniscus.
Aethusa Cynapium LM

Arthroscopy: torn piece of meniscus. Intervention on 11 February.
On 27/02/02
Less breathless.
She lost 8 kg over 2 years.
No Remedy

Lost 20 pounds in one year. Hardly nibbles anymore  BP 14/9
Dyspnea: the pneumologist said: it is nervous

Aethusa LM
Getting better and better. Less breathless at rest, the rest with effort
Meniscus removal went well.
BP: 12.5/8
No remedy

On 24/04/02
She is getting better and better. When her granddaughter has strep throat she doesn’t worry. In the past, she used to worry a lot, she says to herself: “you must be getting unconscious”.

“The cat, I let her go out as she wants, because I am less anxious.
BP: 12.5/8
No remedy
On 26/06/02
The varicose eczema has completely disappeared.
Her breathing is normal
Lack of tonus
Aeth M   –
2018 : Not seen since

About the author

Simone Fayeton

Dr. Simonne Marie Luc Fayeton was born January 1935. She did her medical studies in Paris, and earned her medical degree 1960. From 1977- 1983 she taught Homeopathy in Groupe Lyonnais d'Etudes Médicales. She studied Unicist techniques with Dr. Mureau in Belgium and later with Dr. Schmidt in France. In 1983 she met Dr Alphonso Elizalde Masi. In 1984 she became Founder and President of Association Française pour l'Approfondissement de la Doctrine Hahemanienne.


  • Thank you for sharing this. Great result. I have just given this remedy to a patient of mine (‘to hold’ as I was not quite certain of the prescription). There are many similarities with your case, so I feel inspired to go on and try it. I do not understand the potencies you have stated though (am in UK). Are you able to clarify?

  • extra sensitive brain Aethusa match,produce violent symptoms heat in head want cool air avoids summer heat uses nerve force fast exhausts easily,in acute stage is convulsive like cicuta occiput distress,attacks lymphatics swelling,itchy skin in heat,body thermals poor cold sweet skin wants it covered up opposite secale.if boger believed menses are watery face white linea nasalis.old era homeopaths stamped female and child brain sensitive handle glass with care message to parents and husbands.

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