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Allergies and Anemia in a Young Woman


Homeopath Katharina Riedener presents a case of allergies and anemia in a young woman.

Female early 20’s

Patient is extremely skinny and bony looking, face very skinny with piercing blue eyes and blond hair.

Feb. 2009 / Presenting complaints

Allergies that really bother me in the spring hay fever


Fatigue, tired all the time, even if I am in the middle of snowboarding feel like I could just lie down and sleep Irritability and easily cracking of nails all the time.

I know that I am hypoglycaemic, I am always hungry and if I don’t eat I get really sick, if I don’t eat I will black out and I will throw up. I have noticed it since I started massage school and exerted myself more, the last couple of years, just noticed it getting worse, have always eaten tons.

I have Reynaud’s as well.

When I was born had umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and I was blue, don’t think was a difficult birth, but just when I came out, they put me into an incubator for a bit and I was fine.

Menstrual cycle:

I am on birth control, regular because of that, always very heavy flow and lots of cramps the first few days. Quite severe cramps, usually feel it within a couple of hours before the period starts, very intense for 3 days and then it just stops, when I am exercising it is less intense, cardio vascular exercise will help. Run during and before my period, and it will make the cramps go away. I just get motivated, I try to run every day or do something. I like to do a couple of hours of exercise a day besides work, in the summer will run 10 km’s every day. Want junk food if I am not exercising

I have 3 big meals, snacks in between, almost after every client will eat in between

Slow digestion:

Really sluggish, only have a BM twice a week or so

Sometimes big, but most of the times not really big movements either, they look like little rabbit pellets.

General motion sickness (Homeopathy for Motion Sickness), can’t watch people play video games that makes me dizzy. Windy roads, sometimes even straight roads, worse sitting in passenger seat or back seat of the car, within a few minutes I would feel sick. Nausea, dizzy kind of feeling, I haven’t vomited

Not a very strong swimmer, water just freaks me out, if I can’t see the bottom, even in a pool I get uncomfortable if someone touches me afraid they are trying to pull me down. If I can see the bottom of the ocean I am okay but not if I can’t see the ground, freaks me out the unknown.

Don’t like cold, the cold water bothers me,


Spring and summer, grass, even just lying on grass will get a rash, hives type, as soon as grass is cut my nose will run and my eyes are itchy, poplar fuzz and lilac flowers, almost like my face will swell up, lots of times grass and trees.

Itchy eyes and runny nose, cats they really bother me,


I have good nights and I have nights, lately have to get up once or twice to urinate, which is not normal for me.  Sometimes get the falling dream but not very often.

Lately on my lunch break I need to sleep instead of running Spiritual side?  Not too much, pretty easy going, open to everything, nothing specific I turn too, going for a hike being outside is where I feel sort of spiritual but not really.  I would not never want to work for somebody else, I love working on my own, like working with other people but for myself. Always have been very independent.


Heights (cliffs, things where there is potential to fall, wobbly ladders), jumping off something freaks me out, bungee jumping or sky diving, water thing. Fear of water where I can’t see the ground Dreams of falling

If you could be an animal what would you like to be?

An Eagle so I could soar the skies.

Haelitus-lc ( Reference proving of Jeremy Sherr, Complete Dynamics Repertory)


Dreams falling

Fear high places of

Fast metabolism, huge amounts of food:


Increased hunger

Appetite increase, hungry after a large meal, eating after

Constantly hungry

Feels more hungry. Can eat a full meal then two hours later another full meal


My metabolic rate feels like its accelerating, warmed. I don’t feel sluggish. I checked my pulse which feels slow. Sudden fatigue and extremely tired one hour after lunch. Low energy midday

Sleepiness:  Felt sleepy and fatigued. Whole body and limbs felt heavy. Felt like lying down and taking a nap, but responsibilities prevented me from doing that

Had to take a nap at noon. Couldn’t think anymore and felt irritable. Slept for two hours.


Right hand feels cold from the outside. Cold in the hand influenced more from the outside. Warm on the inside of right hand. Feet – cold and dry. Still cold with socks on. Usually hot everywhere. Right sided extremity sensations of cold stiffness and pain moved to left side. Feels as if over-exercised, from the elbow to shoulder and underarms, as if a cold settled into arms, like a wetness settled into your bones.

Generals / Temperature:

Increased sensitivity to cold





Hay-fever, annual coryza

Runny nose

Sneezing frequent


Allergies, hair of animals to

Menstrual cramping:

Cramps in lower abdomen during first two days of menses


Constipated have to strain at stool


Intense desire to be in the high mountain air

Generals / Motion:

Riding on cars or wagons during

Prescription : Haliae-lc 30 C once a week (Bald Eagle)

May 13.09:

I really noticed increased elimination, bowel movements almost every day, huge change. Energy level have been good, energy much better, have been playing soccer twice a week, a huge change. Energy at work, have been working like crazy hasn’t really bother me, have also done a lot of hiking and rock climbing. Last Saturday did a huge hike.  Definitely found that I am eating a lot less and a less frequently. Low blood sugar haven’t been feeling it at all. Travelling to Africa for a month to Kenya, just touring around travelling.


Last one didn’t even have cramps the first day, then some cramps the next day, and it lasted about 9 days rather then 7 as usual.

Motion sickness?

Sat in the back of the car and didn’t even bother me, other then that it has been fine.


There has been a few days, especially when the neighbours cut their grass.


Up and down, some nights are good, last night slept through. I have been sleeping through most night, but sometimes

Another thing I wanted to mention, before the remedy would have to take my vitamins every day, otherwise I felt run down. Now I have been skipping them and I don’t even notice it.  I haven’t noticed the Reynaud’s much at all, but even we play soccer until 10 p.m. and it has been raining and cold as well, my arms feel cold but my fingers are okay. Last weekend we were hiking and he wanted to turn around because he was so tired, and I wanted to go to the top no matter what, I made him go all the way. Really needed to be on the top to see the view.

Want to hike Kilimanjaro in August.  I am really amazed the last few weeks I have really noticed the change.

Prescription: Haleae-lc 30 C once every 2-3 weeks  (Bald Eagle)

July 22.09:

Good I don’t have to take it as often, only about every 3 weeks, only take it if I feel low energy. It has been really good very helpful. None of the symptoms came back, went for a really long hike on Saturday, ate breakfast, hiked for 3 hours before I needed anything to eat, then didn’t need anything until 6 p.m. that day. Didn’t get shaky at all.

Looks much better in her face now; face is a little fuller now, no more bags under her eyes. Haven’t been bruising as much either, seems Anaemia has improved as well. Healthier colour too, red cheeks, healthy looking color. Body looks healthier now too, has started to build muscle now on her arms too, probably just from absorbing now too.


Come and go thing, not daily, don’t even know what it is, some mornings I feel it, not very often, only took a couple of anti-histamines

Bowel movements are still good,


Had really bad cramps with my last one.

Sleep? It hasn’t been great, waking up 2-3 x at night, have a fan on, uncomfortable in this heat. Sleep better when the fan is off, no AC in the house.

Oct. 13.2009:

Low energy is usually the first signs when I run out of the remedies. Overall I feel good, metabolism very good. I told my partner I  wouldn’t have been able to do Kilimanjaro without being on this remedy. Before I could barely do a one day hike, we did an 8 day hike and I never felt sick, there was one day where I felt bit weak and I had to eat a snack. We didn’t really eat much going up that mountain, lived of hard boiled eggs and some chicken and I was fine. We did get 3 meals but nothing heavy, you loose your appetite in the higher altitudes I didn’t eat much and I was still fine.

I didn’t feel like I needed a holiday, and when I came back I felt a lot of mental clarity, it was good to get pushed out of my comfort zone..

Motion sickness has been really good, has improved a lot.

Bowels are well,


My last was about 3 weeks ago, definitely had less cramping for about 24 hours, lighter and shorter, have already noticed a big change, that’s usually about the time I feel like I need to take another remedy is just before my period.


I have been sleeping great, after we came back from Africa.  Dreams: don’t remember now, should write them down sometimes. Dreamt a lot about cars this past weekend.Even my parents commented on how good I look and my muscles are growing.

Sept. 15.2010:

Never had any bowel problems since last year.


I have been feeling great, 2 years ago I could have not done a 50 km hike in 2 days. Didn’t really eat that much, just snacked all day on fruits and veggies and I was feeling great. Energy levels are high,


At the beginning in the spring really noticed them, only used about 4-5 reactin the hole spring, not as much as it used. Never really thought about it, hardly took anything, some days felt congested, have been okay.

Presc. Haliae-lc 200 C once a month

Oct. 7.2011

Lots on the go, still doing lots of physical activities. In the fall it is much easier, in the summer was hard to exercise. I feel I am getting I feel that I am managing my time well. Considered going off it, we decided to wait for another 2 years.


Manageable, when I exercise more can get through it easier, will not even notice it. My iron is a little bit low but not as low as I would need to take supplements.

Metabolism is still going well, took my last remedy a few months ago.

Haven’t been sleeping well for the last few weeks, I know that the remedy will straighten me back up. Energy levels are still good, except now, my energy is not that great.


Everything is really good, eating all the extra veggies is good.

Motion sickness:

Comes and goes, don’t get it a lot, but over the summer had it a few times, more so at night or when I am hungry in the car, overall not too bad.


Good, they don’t really bother me much anymore. Lately had some incidents, probably the remedy wearing off and the change of season.


Through the spring and summer there has been a few times had to take a Reactine, mostly when I am actually actively working in the garden, mainly in the spring, better than it was, don’t pay attention to it. So rare that I actually feel it but with cats, as soon as I walk into my friends house that has cats.

Presc.: Haliae-lc 1 m as needed

May 2.12:

Bout of allergies, suggested to repeat the remedy.

Feb. 19.13:

Appetite: normal, weight seems to be consistent. For the most part don’t get weak, if there is a day where I don’t eat that much I can have the weak feeling but not often.

Allergies were pretty good last summer, very rare, only took maybe one Reactin last year, definitely improved.

Raynaud’s has been really, really good, hands don’t get as cold as they used to.

At the end of January went off birth control, just has been so long that I am on it, doing natural birth control with temperature checking.

Feb. 20.15:

Was a long time ago since I had a remedy, I miss them. Have a couple of things I need to work; can’t hear in my left ear, woke up in the middle of the night with a crazy ear pain, coming downhill was really bad, since then has been terrible, for 2 weeks, can’t see anything, no infection or anything. Wondering if it was related to the sore throat I had a few weeks ago. Not painful just deaf, today I blew my nose and it kind of popped but only for a minute.

(Ears, pain waking on, pain piercing, pain, left  Haliae-lc)

Energy up and down

Raynauds, lot less frequently, still once in a while.

Allergies? Not too bad, the odd day over the summer when I notice, cats are terrible, was pretty good, maybe one day took a reaction, very minimal.

Digestion? Pretty good BM every day

Sleep? Sleep fine most of the time 98 % of the time, now I am out like a light


Hi Katharina,

48 hours after taking the remedy my ear cleared up and hasn’t plugged up since

e-mail March 19.15:

Is there a remedy I can take for yeast infection? Last week I noticed some itching and this week I have thick white clumpy discharge with itching. I took another of my constitutional remedy yesterday but was wondering if there is something else I could try before I go to see a doctor.

e-mail March 27.15:

My yeast thing cleared up a few days after taking the remedy and probiotics, I now have a cold. My immune system is definitely compromised.

NOV. 20.15:

Pretty good overall, feel like I have been normal. Nor problems yeast infection. Seasonal allergies not a lot of reactiveness.  Cycles, trying to get pregnant, just started this month, if something happens .this time we are actually trying . quite pill about 3 years ago, cycles varied because of the stresses of the weeding was like 46 days, Sept./Oc.t normal cycles, 32 – 40 days always like that in the middle of the year, that’s my normal.

Energy has been good

Patient gave birth to a healthy baby boy in Nov. 2016, has been well and takes occasional doses of Haliae-lc 1 m

Editor’s note:  Readers may want to see Jeremy Sherr’s discussion of the proving of Eagle:

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