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Alopecia Areata in a Girl of 8

Written by Venkat Chowdary

Dr. Venkat Chowdary treats a girl of 8 for alopecia. Shrieking during anger, ailments after vaccination and falling of eye lashes were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

Female, age 8.5,  name ABC  

Consultation Date  28 1 2018

Chief Complaints:

This girl of 8 years was brought to my clinic by her parents for her hair falling complaint. She has been having this hair loss from the scalp since 4 years ago. It started when she was 4.5 years’ old. Earlier it appeared like tiny patches of hair loss and gradually it advanced to a large area. There was also very mild itching over the patch. Sometimes she scratches but never complained while playing.

Her alopecia areata description:

At first it started as small patches at the vertex region and gradually it extended to frontal area and back of scalp.  She has very mild itching and scratches over the scalp during rest time, but never complained while playing.

Sensation: mild itching  of the scalp .

Concomitants : no concomitants to this complaints.

Modalities :

Mild itching when she takes rest, otherwise no specific modalities, aggravation or ameliorations.

Other symptoms at the time of case taking :

Falling of the eyelashes with mild inflammation of eye lid, a little scurfy desquamation over the lids.

Mind of the patient :

  • Since a baby she is very friendly and vivacious. She mingles with other children, plays with them.
  • She shrieks when she gets angry from the behavior of other children and shouts them.
  • She likes to dress like a boy (shirt and pants). She plays and quarrels with the boys though friendly. This all looks like boyish behavior. There is a tinge of bravery in her behavior. She doesn’t have any  inhibition to go out with the patch of hair loss. If anybody makes comments about he hair loss patch she doesn’t take it seriously.

History: There was no observed/known causative factor for this hair falling. She was vaccinated since childhood and has been getting frequent colds. Since 4 years of age she has gradually been losing her hair. The last 6 months she has been suffering with inflammation of eyelids.

Physical generals:

Hunger: Feels hungry and can tolerate it.

Thirst:    She drinks moderate quantities of water i.e 3 liters or more.

Food and drinks: no specific desires, or cravings or aggravation

Bowel complaints: rarely she skips a movement but stool is normal colour and consistency.

Urine: watery colour, sometimes straw colour when she plays in the sun.

Sleep: good sleep, goes to sleep on time and wakes feeling refreshed.

Thermals: nothing specific

Past history: She suffered seasonal colds during childhood, and had taken treatment with allopathic medications. Childhood vaccinations done, but the parents could not describe it with details.

Discussion: Alopecia Areata has been described as autoimmune disease, I could not find exact causative factor. I have taken her mother’s pregnant period history. She had suffered with anticipatory anxiety with financial problems. I suspected vaccination might have changed the immune pattern. Along with this she has been deworming with Albendazole tablets in school at intervals of 6 months.


There was no obvious causative factor but I suspected and considered her mother’s anxiety in pregnancy and vaccination might have affected her immune system. The medicine should cover both of these possible causative factors along with other rubrics.

 1.MIND  – MANNISH BEHAVIOUR  (combined rubric of girls and women )









1.Graphites 15/8

2.Sulphur 11/6

3.Ars alb 10/6

GRAPHITES covered generals as well as locals. I prescribed GRAPHITES 30,  3 doses per day for 3 days .


1.Graphites 30 3 doses /every day for 3 days

13. 2.2018

No significant changes.

  1. Graphites 30 3 doses /every day for 3 days
  2. Phytum


Baby hair spotted in the patch. Eyelid inflammation decreased

  1. Saclac
  2. Phytum


Coryza after ice cream eating since 3 days . 99.4 *f heat .

  1. Ars alb 30 3 doses / day
  2. Phytum

14.3. 2018

Baby hair growth continued .

  1. Graphites 200 3 doses /day 3 days
  2. Saclac

28. 3. 2018

Patch has shown with more grown baby  hair .

  1. Graphites 1m  1 dose
  2. Saclac


patch is covered.

  1. Saclac
  2. Phytum


Advised then for tonsuring


2. phytum for 1 month


Improvement continued ..

1. Graphites 1m 1 dose

2. saclac

4. 7. 2018

The patch is covered with hair growth.

I prescribed sac lac.

They have followed treatment up to the year ending December without recurrence of hair fall. She has followed up to 2019 March. After that she has not followed me or consulted me.

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Dr. Venkat Chowdary BHMS MD(HOM) works as an Associate Professor in a Department of Surgery. He Graduated from India’s second Homeopathy Medical College which has a history of 75 years, Dr Gururaju Homeopathic Medical College, Natural Health University, and then did Ap. postgraduation from Nashik Health University, India. Dr. Chowdary has been practicing classical homeopathy for the last 13 years. He currently runs a chain of clinics as Managing Director, Dr Chowdary’s Homoeo Clinics which are located at various sites in the state. He can be contacted at +91-97406-80019 or by email: [email protected]

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