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January 2006

Male age 74

Client developed Alzheimer’s which started 20 years ago.
1988: Client went overseas to see family. When he returned he was quite upset. His brother took over their father’s land after he passed away and the land was sold. Client was not given his rightful share. He was distressed that his family treated him that way, as he would never do anything like that; he was always very giving of himself, always helping other people.

On returning he became very aggressive, especially with his wife. He also became very suspicious and would watch everything she did in the kitchen as he did not trust her; he thought she was putting something in his food. He would often accuse her of doing things she did not, and he became violent with her, and then his son would confront him about his behaviour and he would deny everything. His behaviour changed at work as well, and he would start disputes with other workers, something he would never have done before. He was eventually told there was no work, and was dismissed.

Six years ago he had a stroke. He woke up one morning and was unable to speak. He leans to the right side, and is hunched forward slightly, right shoulder dropped as well. After the stroke, eczema started appearing on his lower legs, arms and on his back. His hands also became very cold. He must have a lot of clothing on, as he gets very cold otherwise. Had a constant stare, mostly looked straight ahead and would not acknowledge others or respond in any way. He just wanted to walk all day, every day.

A year before client had the stroke, his eldest son took a year off work to help care for his father who was becoming increasingly violent. He was now incontinent as well and refused to wash. After the stroke, carers were able to come and assist the family.

His wife said he is very sensitive and fearful, wakes up between 2-4am and paces the house, might have had nightmares, been in pain, or from constipation. She usually gives him 2 painkillers and hopes he will go back to sleep, but he does not. He likes to play with dolls, stuffed toys and playing cards and puts most things in his mouth to eat.

Constipation: he holds stool in; must take an herbal remedy after 3-4 days of waiting. Eczema: 3 or 4 Patches up to 2 inches in diameter of deep red, hot, inflamed eczema on his legs mostly below his knees. The patches have a marked edge, which is slightly lighter. Spotted eczema was also noted on his upper arms and occasionally on his back, size of a pimple, and some are a little larger, not as intense or as red as eczema on his legs. Eczema on his upper body comes and goes, lasting a few weeks, fading then re-appearing. The eczema on his lower legs seems more permanent.

History: He and his wife were married in Italy in 1954, they had 2 sons in Italy, then migrated to Australia.

He always loved ice-cream and still does, even in the winter. When he was younger, he would stand with his back against the heater and eat his plate full of ice-cream and fruit after dinner. Always had a ravenous appetite, ate a lot and never put on weight (average weight), was always healthy, never sick, and was also physically a very strong person.

He was a brick-layer: Always worked, even on the weekends, when he would work for his friends for nothing. He loved music and played the piano-accordion in a band and would often play at clubs and weddings. He always loved to be outside in the open air and still does. If it is raining and he cannot go out he is visibly annoyed. His wife said he was always argumentative with her and always had to win his point of view. She said he was not a fearful person before the Alzheimer’s (Homeopathy for Alzheimer’s Disease) symptoms appeared.

42yrs old: One of the jobs he did involved tearing down an old building and the dust caused him to get severe attacks of asthma, < night. He would be up most of the night and still go to work the next day. The doctor told him that smoking was aggravating the asthma and that he had to give it up, so he did and the asthma stopped. He was a heavy smoker, smoking every opportunity throughout the day. He started smoking when he was 15yrs old.

He had x-rays taken for the asthma: x-rays revealed 2 holes in his lungs. 6 months after giving up smoking x-rays were taken again showing the holes had healed.

I am currently working as a carer. When I met client, he was visibly angry, and would not co-operate in showering or getting dressed. He would hang onto the hand rail without budging in the least. He is very strong and has a tight grip. I would sing to distract his attention and then he would release his grip from the rail.

Repetitive behaviour; his wife complained he would constantly turn the kitchen drawer knobs until he broke them off; he would also lift and close the washing machine lid repeatedly. She would get very frustrated and yell at him. She said he was very spiteful, and was always spiteful, even before the illness.

Very restless; walks from one end of the house to the other, and from the front fence to the back, continuously all day long without stopping, breaking plants and eating them on his way. He often tried to open the gate and a few times he got out on the street. The police had to be called and one time he was found 5 miles away. He does not stop at the road intersections, but just keeps walking, so he is a danger to himself.

Dribbles a lot, saliva smells as well (muscles in the throat becoming lax). He would not respond to talking and is present about 10% of the time. He gazes ahead, an empty stare, occasionally making eye contact.

He would find it very difficult to sit down and 2 people would have to push him down. He seemed very insecure and frightened even though he would be hanging onto the chair or the table.



Mind: Alzeimers,
Mind: Hurried feeling,
Mind: Agitation; mental
Environment: > Open air,
Food, Appetite: Ravenous
Gen, Sides: < right side,
Rectum: Constipation
Food: ice-cream desires


YELLOW (psora) RED (sycosis) BLUE (syphilis)
Eyes shape
Eyes size
Nose on profile
Forehead shape
Hairline shape
Forehead shape
5 4 4

Examination of his facial features showed an equal dominance of psoric, sycotic and syphilitic features, so a brown (cancer) remedy was needed. Remedies showing on the repertorisation include Ars, Aur, Nux vomica, Sulph, Ign, Puls, Arg Nit, Lyc, Phos

Ars and Arg Nit are both brown remedies. I chose Arg Nit because of his love of ice-cream, craving for fresh air, love of sweets, impulse to walk very fast and that he cannot speak.

After taking his case, facial analysis definitely helped me choose the best remedy for this client. Arsenicum came up with the most symptoms in the repertorisation, but when I read up on the top remedies, Arg Nit stood out strongly, so I gave that to him.

Though the disease is well established the transformation was incredible. The disease was not removed, but the quality of his life improved greatly. He is so much more relaxed, happier within himself, and it shows in his face and he smiles. Sometimes he puts his hand on my chin as a sign of affection. Even though the symptom dribbling is not strong in Arg Nit, when given Arg Nit the client’s dribbling stops almost immediately. Constipation is the only area where I have not seen a marked improvement. Eczema is 50% less on his body, Redness and intensity: 50% less

I started him with Arg Nit 30, one dose a week and there was no difference. Then I gave him a daily dose of Arg Nit 30.

After 3 months of a daily dose of Arg Nit 30 the good effects of the remedy seemed to wane. The symptoms returned: dribbling, bouts of weakness, he would stoop or bend over lower, he looked as if he was in pain; you could see it in his face.

I gave him a single dose of Arg Nit 200. He became calm, not at all agitated or angry as he was. Other symptoms improved as well.

Results after taking Arg-Nit 200:

• He started saying a few words, and/or expressing what he wanted, using his left hand. The motion is the same but he uses it to say everything: I want to pass, I want to go there, look at him/her, good-bye, hello, I don’t like what’s on TV, change the station…etc

• He has conscious awareness of himself and the people around him, the empty stare is gone, he is present.

• He became more present, making eye contact, and smiling in recognition that he understands what is being spoken to him, and/or that he recognised me and others. When he goes for the drawer knobs his wife says no and he stops and walks away. In turn, his wife is much more compassionate towards him and stopped yelling at him. She now holds him by the hand and speaks gently to him instead!

• After taking the remedy the dribbling stops almost immediately. When dribbling starts I know it is time for another dose.

• He started sleeping a lot longer, waking between 7-9am (Instead of between 2am-4am)

• If the music is playing and someone takes his hands he smiles and will makes dancing movements, pushing his legs up and down and hands up and down or sideways, which he would not do before taking the remedy. There was no recognition of any kind.

• He has slowed down, not so hurried, his pace is a lot slower. He can sit down for a few hours and play.

• Constipation is the only area where I have not seen any improvement; he holds it in. After a few days he will sit and sway his body backward and forward trying to hold it in and wife must give him herbal laxatives. After a bowel motion he does not sway when sitting and is visibly more relaxed.

• After taking the first dose of Arg Nit 200 the anger and agitated behavior reduced and even though other symptoms returned, the anger has not returned and his awareness has remained.

• Symptoms arising that indicate he needs another dose of the remedy are physical symptoms: starts dribbling, and he seems weaker; he droops over and walks more slowly, sometimes he holds his head and looks distressed, indicating he has a headache.

• Eczema has slowly improved, not inflamed and red on his legs, it is a pale maroon colour now

After 9 months of taking one dose of Arg Nit 200 once a month as required when the symptoms returned, effects of the remedy only lasted a week at the most. I have started him on Arg Nit 1M single dose


Rose Italiano
4th year student Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy

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