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Amazing Recovery from Dental Implant

Written by Shirin Akhavi

Homeopath Shirin Akhavi shares a story of her dental implant and how homeopathy relieved pain, restored emotional balance and facilitated healing in record time.

In the summer of 2019, I felt an abscess around an old root canal on my lower left jaw. After going to my dentist Dr. Gary Fortinsky, who is also a homeopath, he sent me for a 3-D x-ray.  The results showed a broken root canal.

I was then referred to Dr. Dan Hagi, a DDS specialized in ceramic dental implants, and surgical practices of teeth, bone and gum, here in Toronto. I visited Dr. Hagi in in December 2019.  After investigating my tooth’s condition, he recommended that the root canal be extracted, the infected gum be cleaned and a Zirconia dental implant be placed, all in one session.

Since this was my very first time to have an implant, I was fearful of having all these procedures done in one session.  But as a student of homeopathy at that time, I knew that there was much I could do with the healing process.  I accepted and the coming week I was scheduled to go with the surgery.

This was a very complex procedure. Since the root canal was broken, the brittle fractures had to be extracted and cleaned up by drilling and cleaning up the jawbone.

Dr. Hagi was calm and trying his best to make the surgery as pleasant as possible, I trusted him and knew his expertise. After the two-hour surgery, I left the office, taking a high dose antibiotic and was recommended to take painkillers to alleviate the pain.

I rushed home with bleeding gums.  The pain started to appear as the effects of the anesthesia disappeared. I started to take Arnica 30 C in dry pellets, every half hour.  The bleeding reduced but the pain was there. I did not want to take painkillers. I took Hypericum 30C for the pain with not much change.

My pain was a mixture of physical, mental and emotional feeling. The physical pain without the painkiller was excruciating.  It was throbbing, making me irritable, wanting to cry and feeling helpless.

I thought of Staphysagria. A colleague also recommended that it is excellent for tooth extractions, cutting and stitching the gum. One dry dose of Staph 30 C not only reduced the pain, but also addressed my mental emotional state.

I took another dose of Staph 30 in an hour and felt much relief.  I continued the Arnica twice the day after the surgery. The bleeding and the pain were gone. I took the antibiotics but didn’t even take any painkillers. The Arnica and Staph took care of me.  I only added a high dose of a good probiotics to replenish the gut microbiome.

Within two weeks after the surgery when I went to see Dr. Hagi for the follow up, he was very pleased to see the progress and removed all the sutures. The final check-up was three months after the surgery. On March 4, 2020 I went to the office and an x-ray was taken to assess the strength, health of the bone and the condition of the implant. The next step was for Dr. Hagi to do the physical examination of the gum and the implant.

As he started to do the check up, I saw a surprised look on his face, a bit of frowning and calling his assistant, saying, “Take a look!”. Now four wide open eyes are over my face. My heart was pounding so fast that I felt they could hear it. I was scared and thought something had gone wrong. What if they had to redo the whole procedure?

They were both almost in my mouth and I am trying to talk with my tongue being pressed on the side: Is everything okay? And he says: “In the past nine years of my practice, I have never ever seen such a healing and recovery.  It is unbelievable. In three months, the gum and the bone are just perfectly healed. Pink gum, the grafting in place and the jawbone healed so fast.”

I smiled and asked him: “Aren’t you curious to know what I did?” He replied: “Sure”, while he is adjusting his camera to take a picture of my gum. I told him exactly how the homeopathic remedies helped healing both my gum, implant and emotional state. I told him I did not take any painkillers and that came also as a surprise to him and his assistant.

He then asked me if he could take some pictures of my implant and gum for his records. I replied: “Only if you let me write an article about this surgery, quoting you that you have never ever seen anything like this before”. He agreed and here are the pictures:

I hope by writing this article and sharing my experience, I can bring hope and guidance both to patients who want to undergo dental surgery and to dental specialists, to consider homeopathy as a great healing modality without any side-effects other than rapid recovery.

About the author

Shirin Akhavi

Shirin Akhavi graduated from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM) in 2020. She is also a holistic nutritionist and live blood cell analyst, having trained at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN). Toronto. Shirin also studied Neuropsychology at Glendon York University. In 2019 she established the Bio-Integrative Health Clinic (BIHC). She is a member of the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants, and designated as a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner and Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP). Her education included a genetic analysis course with Anantlife in 2018, as she became interested in seeing the root causes of genetic predisposition.


  • At least your dentist was interested! When I went back the next day to my dentist to say, “Look, no swelling! I took Arnica!” He didn’t even care! Wasn’t the least bit interested or curious.

  • Thanks for your case dear Shirin. It is another encouragement for me to treat cases with dental problems.
    My 17-year-old son has a malpositioned molar, which has not yet erupted and all dentists recommend surgery to remove it. He is currently under homeopathic treatment and I am waiting for his body to do a miracle with the tooth and bring it back to its normal position.

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