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An Acute Case of Dermatitis

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An acute case of dermatitis quickly resolved.

A mother called me on September 28 , 2011 for her 9 year old daughter.  She said her daughter had ‘eczema’, and asked if I could stop by to take a look. When I arrived and saw the ‘eczema’, well of course it was not what I was imagining, as it had no similarities to the kind of eczema I might normally see.

It actually looked like this……………

An Acute Case of Dermatitis

The vesicle started on the right knee where there were only a couple small vesicles. There were vesicles on top of the foot where the toes are. I found it quite odd, as I had never seen this before. It looked like herpes (cold sores) on her feet! The mother asked her pediatrician friend (who is also a friend of mine) about it, and the MD didn’t want to touch it, as there is not much she could do for it, since normally cortisone creams would be used on eczema… but since this looked like herpes, cortisone cream would be a disaster, as it could aggravate the virus.

So homeopathy to the rescue!

When asked for more information…..

The vesicles were very itchy and spreading the more she scratched. When asked if something made it better or worse, she said that washing her feet with water would help the itching. I asked whether the mother thought there was something that might have triggered the eruption. She said nothing that she could think of, as they were at home all weekend and didn’t go outside, and didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. The mother was worried, asking whether something could be done about and as it was spreading.

So that’s all there was….and although I knew the remedy when I saw it…..this is how I confirmed the prescription.

So the prescription was RHUS TOX of course …. I even had to ask the patient whether she was in the garden walking barefoot, thinking that she might have stepped on some Poison Ivy. Then I realized we are in Morocco!  No poison Ivy here!

An Acute Case of Dermatitis


RX :  RHUS TOXICODENDRON 30C ;  1 granule  in 125 ml of water , 1 teaspoon 4 times a day until amelioration….then contact me and reduce frequency.

3 days later:

The patient’s mother sent me an email, saying the eruption was almost all gone.  I saw the patient again, to see for myself….and took a picture….

An Acute Case of Dermatitis

As we can see all the vesicles dried up promptly in 3 days, leaving only some dry skin. I told the mother she could stop the remedy and just hydrate the skin with some calendula cream.

The patient continues to do well.

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Lily Samardzic-Rafik, DiHom (Pract), MSc Hom Med, has been in private practice since 2009 in Casablanca , Morocco. She is a classically trained homeopath who graduated from the British Institute of Homeopathy Ireland and has a Masters in Science in Homeopathic Medicine. Visit Lily at her website:

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