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An Acute Earache

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4th July 2005

Background – This 72 year old lady came to me on recommendation from her daughter who is a patient. I also treat her grandchildren and her daughter’s mother in law. She presented as a tallish woman with a bloated face. She has very large lips. Her bloatedness makes her look a bit as if she in a stupor. She is married and has 2 adult children. She is taking painkillers paracetamol when she needs them. She has had her varicose veins removed when she was 45 and has a heart murmur and leaking valve. She has a prolapsed womb which has a ring in. At age 20 she had a RTA which left her with a cracked spine. She appeared a placid person as if nothing much fazes her.

Presenting ComplaintsEarache – mainly left, sometimes going into head, < lying, throbbing, painful.

“It sometimes goes from left to right. Yesterday it wasn’t too bad but it came back this morning in the left ear. It goes in and then comes out like a throb. I’ve had it for 10 months and have had loads of antibiotics. Then I got the pains in the head with it and had a scan which was clear. I was given some more antibiotics but haven’t taken them. The pain can be wave like, in and out.” Her ear can go hot and she gets a little brown discharge every 2 weeks with no itch.

Trauma – “Nothing then but a couple of sisters died a few years ago and lately my brother-in-law. I don’t think I was affected by it. In April my grand daughter had a fall from her bike and had a blood clot that had to be removed.”

“I have a leaking heart valve but have been wired up and had an echo test. I think I have had this since I was 40. Sometimes it gives me palpitations. But I am strong and I can do loads and have lots of energy.”

“I was going to have a hysterectomy for a prolapsed womb. I have had a ring in for 20 years and kept getting infections but now they are changing the ring every 4 months. The womb dropped and it was uncomfortable.”

She has no problem when coughing or sneezing with urination.

“I was in bed for 8 days with my first child and did no exercises.”

“I like to keep going”

“Another grandchild took a fit when she was a few years ago when she was staying with us. Normally I am an easy going person.”

Dizziness – “Since the ear I can get dizzy. The headaches are pains in the head from the ear. It is the top of the head. It can be a sickly dizzy pain or ache”

Teeth – full dentures. At age 40 she had 12 teeth out. A few had been aching, some were black and the nerves had gone from falling.

She gets pins and needles in her right hand now and again.

Water retention- seems to be at times of the month.

She has a cracked coccyx from a RTA 20 years ago.

“I had a flu jab last year and I have never felt the same since with a lack of energy, tiredness and a feeling that I am going to get a cold”

Food – “I like all food, fruit, fish, prefers sour foods. Dislikes tripe and avers red meat.

Sex – has been mainly off it in her life.

Exercise – she likes walking and loves exercise.

She likes music.

Thunderstorms – take them as they come

“I am happy go lucky person and don’t worry about things. I just sit and knit. I am happily married but he (husband) is never in and I just plod along. I look after the grandchildren and nothing really fazes me.”

“I was a hospital orderly and later a cook at a school. It wasn’t exactly cordon bleu.”

“If I have a doze in the day I feel nauseous on waking”

“I have always been very seasick and am going on a cruise in November.”

Temperature – chilly.

Fears – “Not being able to look after myself as I want to be independent. Fear of water and swimming.”

Anger – “At the state of the world and the way that the hospitals are run with the infection. I’m very laid back.”

Upset – “When the grandchildren are ill.”

“I’m always laughing and as a child I was said to be a very happy child.”

“I just want to plod on.”

Family Medical History

Both her brothers had heart problems and one smoke related cancer. 2 sisters with heart problems .Mother died of bowel cancer and had rheumatic fever when young. Father ad a brain tumour d 74.


I think this may be a one sided case as she seems very well and well balanced except for the ear problem. What got me to Belladonna was the lemons desire and the fact that she prefers sour food. I decided to just go to a 30C as that will have more general action. Belladona also has the throbbing pain.


2 doses of Belladona 30C to be repeated if needed and some Verbascum oil to use in the ear before bed.

Immediately after I gave her the first dose in front of me she remarked that it felt as if she had “a space in her ears” which she hadn’t had for a long time.

3rd August 2005

I can’t believe it. It’s a miracle after being in all that pain for so long. And just from 2 little pills. I put the warmed Verbascum oil in as you said before bed and the next morning all this brown pus came out and that was the end of it. All the pain went by the following day.

Palpitations – none

Dizziness – gone

Pins and needles in right hand gone

Water retention – none

Nausea on waking- gone

All the tiredness and the feelings as if I was getting a cold all the time since the flu jab has gone. I’ve got so much energy now and I’ve done so much

I’m not going on the cruise now but going to the Grand Canyon instead. I’m fine on planes and coaches. It is just if I am on the sea.



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