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An Attack of Hay Fever

Written by Oksana Frolov

Homeopath Oksana Frolov finds a remedy for an attack of hay fever.

hayfeverW.M., 61 year old woman.  01-23-14

CC: hay fever, sneezing fits, coryza, ears itching deep inside, cough, wheezing, and difficult breathing.

The patient comes in bending forward, with audible wheezing respiration. She is advised to see a medical practitioner immediately, but she refuses. The patient is a petite woman of Chinese descent, wearing black pants and a beige t-shirt.


My symptoms first appeared a few weeks ago, then became progressively worse. I’ve had allergies before, but never this bad. All the symptoms are getting worse at the time of going to sleep, around 10 pm, and get really bad during the nighttime. I wake up around 1:30 – 2 am with labored breathing, wheezing, sneezing so much that I can’t catch my breath. I have to sit up and tilt forward, which helps.  I feel as if there is a weight on my chest. I can’t even take a full breath to blow my nose. It feels like the lungs will collapse and it is scary.  I can’t sleep on my back, though it is my favorite position. I feel like the rib cage is pushed into the lungs, I can’t breath and have to sleep on the side.

My phlegm starts to build up and I have to expel it, but only a little bit comes out, and it’s gel-like or frothy. The ears are itching terribly deep inside, next to the throat, and I would scratch them with a bottlebrush if I could.  Nose discharge is clear, excoriating, obstructing breathing more on the left side.

I like sleeping in a cold room, and I put my AC on low. But on the other hand, if there is an air movement in the room, it triggers tickling in the nose and sneezing. I am allergic to dogs and can’t stand any type of perfume.

I am otherwise healthy. I live with my daughter, which is stressful sometimes. But I am very easy going, don’t like clutter and enjoy my reading. Books like The MD Emperor Has No Clothes resonate with me. I have no trust for government or doctors.

I eat 70% healthy, GMO-free food.  I have eight siblings. My older sister had a reproductive system cancer. She refused to have a conventional treatment, put herself through juicing therapy and was cured.


Nose, sneezing, paroxysmal

Nose, sneezing, air agg.; draft of

Ear, itching, Eustachian tubes

Nose, discharge, clear

Nose, discharge, excoriating

Respiration, asthmatic, accompanied by, coryza

Respiration, asthmatic, night, lying agg.


Rx: Aralea racemosa, 30C, 4 pellets in 16 oz of water. 1 tsp x morning and evening for 7 days.

The patient was instructed to send daily updates about her health condition.

On the second day after starting the remedy, the runny nose and itchiness of the ears were gone; the next day her breathing significantly improved. After a few more days, all the symptoms were gone.

Two weeks later, the sneezing and feeling of heaviness in the chest started to come back. The patient was instructed to take another dose of Aralea racemosa. There was no repetition needed.

About the author

Oksana Frolov

Oksana Frolov attended Saint Petersburg State Pavlov Medical University, Russia (1981 – 1989), receiving her Doctor of Medicine (MD). Having witnessed the benefits and effectiveness of homeopathy in child behavioral therapy, she attended the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy to supplement her medical degree. Having opened her own practice post graduation, she hopes to continue making a difference in her patients’ lives, as well as educating them and the community about the benefits of homeopathy.


  • Dear Dr.
    I have one syndrome of ARALIA RACEMOSA.
    Loud (audiable) wheezing_Night <_ Lying <. I had to meet such asthmatic difficult respiration in a patient. Only one dose of ARALIA R. 30 settled every thing. Very glad to see your repertoration.

  • Thank you Dr. Frolov. I imagine what would have resulted if this woman had ended up in the hands of an allopath. A nice, simple case, made simple by your skill.

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