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Anal Fistula Treated with Classical Homeopathy

Anal Fistula Treated with Classical Homeopathy
Written by Kamal Jalodia

Dr. Kamal Jalodia presents a case of anal fistula in a 43 year old female. Causticum, Nitricumacidum, Ignatia amara and Calc sulphwere required at different times to complete the cure by classical homeopathy.

The Case

This is a case of a 43 year old female who came to me with the chief complaint of ano-rectal fistula, which was quite severe and was scheduled for a surgery.

Physical particulars

Pain in rectum fistula <sitting+, walking+

 General symptoms

M/E – sympathetic ++, fear water +.

Aversion – sweet ++

Extreme heat and cold agg

Menses – irregular ++, protracted++, clotted +

Sleep – waking midnight after 3-4am

Prescription on 26.05.2016 – Causticum 1000 one dose

Follow ups spanning 3 years:

26.5.16 (first prescription) Physical particular- Rectum fistula<sitting+, walking+


M/E- sympathetic++, fear water+.

Aversion – sweet ++

Thermal- heat and cold agg


Menses- irregular ++, protracted++, clotted +


Sleep-waking midnight after 3-4am

Rx- Causticum1000-1D in D/W
26.10.16 Recurrence of fistula++ Initial agg. In fistula followed by amel.

Sleep improved.

Ankle Oedema (old sx).

Skin eruption ++

Causticum 1000-1D
1.12.16 Recurrence of fistula with stitching pain +++

Cold agg+++

fever 103 F

weakness ++

discharge offensive++

Rx Nitric Acid 200-1D
1.3.17 Recurrence stitching pain +++

Cold agg++

no fever.

Nitric acid 200-1D
26.5.17 Recurrence of Fistula.

Warm agg+++, D-SWEET

fear high place

Sulphur – 12CH-3D
6.6.2017 SOB < talking, walking> sitting bend forward.+++, she had Asthma in past(old sx coming back). Warm agg++, clothing agg++ ASTHMA(OLD Sx) RETURENED. SHE HAD SUCH EPISODES OF SOB AT 5-6 YEARS OF AGE. LACHESIS200-1D
24.7.2017 asthma again since yesterday, lmp 18.07.2017 till 23.07.2017 copious< turning in bed or sitting or coughing especially night. weeping telling her sx+++. asthma>sitting bend forward<walking cannot go up to bathroom, lying agg+++ irritable+++ wt 90.0 kg Medorrhinum 200-1D
28.8.17 pain right thigh outer side during fistula exacerbation, it diminished after 15 days of fistula getting better, SOB 3-4 times, >lying on left side. the SOB attack on 26.08.2017 was strong of all. cannot weep in front of others. SOB on laughing and weeping. GRIEF Father’s DEATH++++ was very much attached to him, still remembers him every day(20 yrs back father died old symptom coming back). breast pain during menses, leucorrhoea before menses pain   fruits aversion++ Grief came back, lost her father 20yrs back. Ignatia 10M-1D
11.9.17 SOB< walking, talking impossible, closed room agg. aversion fat++, fullness <eating little.(2 months), lmp 04.09.2017, pain burning stool during, insufficient stool. Nat-Mur200-1D
24.10.17 Fistula flared up once on 10.10.2017, with fever. rec. arsalb 30-1D on 15.10.2017 took ROXID 150& 300 for fistula. then had asthma. weakness 4-5 days. recurrent abscess. desire unripe fruits. Calc sulph 30-2D
26.4.18 26.04.2018 aversion sweet +++,desire unripe fruits +++ hot blood discharged, eruption face ++, burning during stool and after stool 10 min. pain right lateral outer thigh develop with fistula. had vertigo for 3 days on waking in morning. Calc sulph 200-1D
28.8.18 Redness eyes, since 7 days(similar itching in eyes in past old sx), left leg pain then right thigh pain lmp 16.8.2018, boils face and various spots, scalp. hip, back(OLD SX), she say the abscess of fistula is distributed in these boils, the leg pain disappear after these boils, large clotted menses on 18th august, then small flow till 26 th august, dandruff less, no irritability after menses. abscess 1st in axilla(r), second on abdomen, 3rd on back, which was drained and incised during 3rd month of pregnancy. constipation then fistula+++, menses amel the constipation and fissure like pain. bp 140/90 mm of hg. Calc sulph 200-1D
26.9.18 Fistula exacerbation, offensive discharge with fever. GONENESS BEFORE EATING +++, constriction of anus+++, lmp 23.9.2018 sudden gushing flow ++, pain in pubic area, ankle swelling +++, diarrhoea alternating constipation, involuntary stool while passing flatus.  menses every 15 days. Calc sulph 1000-1D
6.3.2019 cough and cold fever 102F, urination on coughing++, right sided headache.  fever since 24.2.2019, weakness, taste wanting, enuresis once in sleep, cold agg. dictatorial when sick, no fistula, no Asthma 91 kg. No Fistula since last 6 months. No Asthmatic attack, pt developed this last acute high fever which went away without remedy and any sequelae. placebo

About the author

Kamal Jalodia

Dr Kamal Jalodia is a Classical Homoeopath practising since 23 years. He completed D.H.M.S from Kolkata India, further studied the Dip. IACH (Greece) under Prof. George Vithoulkas from 2006-2008. He also trained at the PG. Course on “Levels of Health” by Prof. George Vithoulkas in 2011, and the Advanced PG course at IACH (Greece) in 2015&2019. He is the coordinator of the IACH E-Learning Programme for Kolkata (India).


  • Why did you give the remedies at the beginning? I was looking forward to trying to work on the case and come up with remedies! It is much better if the remedy is given at the end – I think a lot of people like to try and work on the cases and come up with the remedy.

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