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Anxiety, Discolored Face and Cracked Heels


Dr. Amit Singh Pal presents a case of anxiety, discolored face and cracked heels.

 Name of Patient: Mr. CRP.   Age:22 yrs.           Religion: Hindu

Occupation final year BE


  1. Black discoloration of face since 3 years back, since he joined BE. He was very much scared when he joined the degree. Much harassment from professors. His fears started, mainly for studies and there was a lot of work in the 1st He feels all his problems started from that time. Extreme fear of everything, much anxiety about the future. He is worried that in the future he will be sick, as he will have to work in dust, pollution etc. No itching.
  2. Cracked heels since childhood: Deep cracks of heels and soles. Better by using shoes. No pain however in spite of deep cracks.
  3. Weakness, generalised: Since he joined engineering. He even feels weak on walking. Generally they have to be on site for many hours. Thus, he is worried, how he will do that in the future. <fright. He had joined NCC and the teacher was strict. He had much fear of the teacher. He had become very weak from fright. Thus he try to behave perfectly, never giving an opportunity for being scolded.
  4. Eruptions on scalp: Since some time he is getting pimples on occiput.
  5. Heat problems: He wakes up suddenly and feels like passing urine, small quantity but there is much pain while urinating. There will be constant urging sensation to pass, but no urine comes out. Also a sensation of heat is there. This happens in extreme heat or when in more contact with water. Heat of feet in night in summers especially. He cannot sleep without fan. He uncovers feet in night. He doesn’t need covers in night to sleep, sometimes sleeps naked. He is not able to concentrate anywhere, being constantly worried about urination. Much heat in night, whereas in the morning he feels cold. After all this desire passes away at night, he gets into a very deep sleep.

History of Ailments

S. No Diseases suffered from Treatment taken Cured?
1. He was working with chemicals, in PUC2, he inhaled some fumes. That day he got stomach ache.
2. Bells Palsy 1yr back – extreme stress of studies, before exams he got it. Homoeopathy. Cured.
3. In Childhood, he had froth from mouth due to some reason, convulsions? Allopathy for 5yrs. Since then weakness.
4. Urine, heat, concentration problem, weakness, these complaints are there since childhood.
5. He would sit and talk in sleep since childhood. Whatever fearful thing he may see in daytime, he would expose it in night. Never watches horror movies. He cannot go through cemetery alone at night.
6. Even in his early school days, he would fall sick often. Recurrent fevers+++ in childhood, every 15 days or one month.
7. 3 times met with accident. On the same left hand.
8. Allergic rashes in childhood. Not since bell’s palsy.

Family History

sycosis Maternal side Paternal side
High BP. Joint pains. Tingling and numbness of foot. Asthama. High BP, Backache.
Grand Mother DM, cracked soles
Grand Father Cracked soles. Bell’s palsy. Died early age.
Uncles(mom or dad’s Bro) Back injury.
Aunt(mom or dad’s sister)
Your bro/sis: 1.     Bro: Bell’s palsy. Convulsions once, after fighting with parents, hands became tight, pupils were not to be seen in eyes, coldness of body. Recurrent coryza.

2.     Self.

Spouse NA.


Appetite: When he is hungry, he has to have food. Silent after eating, but feels guilty later that he scolded mother. Hunger intolerable. 3 meals daily. Prefers warm food.
Thirst: Thirstless+++. When working in fields, he may drink upto 5ltrs in a day, but in cold weather, even less than altr. No desire to drink in cold weather. Tea, moderate warm. No problems from cold drinks.
Desires: Spicy+++. Nothing specific about sour. Fat food+. Non-veg. Egg, omlet. Fruits,  all+, prefers them ripe. Milk.
Aversion: Sweets++. Salt++, less is fine, but more is intolerable. Boiled eggs. Green fruits++. Shepubhaji, Bitter-guard, Brinjal.
Bowels: Constipation. Takes a long time in toilet. Daily.
Micturition: Frequent urination at night, as long as he is awake. Morbid desire at night. No odor.
Sleep: In winter and rainy season, he is very sleepy. In summers, very less sleep. But sleep is not his strong feature. He doesn’t need much. Daily sleeps for 6-8hours. Never sleeps in afternoon. Prefers to sleep on back or on abdomen. Doesn’t cover. Feels fresh in morning. Tired in evening thus doesn’t study.
Dreams: Nightmares of what he sees or worries during day.
Perspiration: Scanty. Much offensiveness of perspiration. Not in foot. No staining.
Habits &

H/o Exposure:

Music: daily listens to music. Rarely plays physical games.
Susceptibilities: Irritation in throat from oily food. Constant hawking of throat at night. Easily teeth become sour from sour food. Very allergic to dust, bad odors. He feels disgust from such environment. He cannot tolerate dirt. Yet, he is not so fastidious with his room. His room is messy. Once in a while he will tidy it and then again his room is back to the same messiness. Still he prefers cleanliness.

Thermal: HOT

Bathing: C Mild warm in summer. Hot water in other seasons.
Open Air, In/out doors: H Prefers them open.
Fanning: H Only in summers.
A/c: H Prefers open weather, not AC.
Travelling:   Enjoys travelling in night, due to cold weather but hates in daytime as it is hard to breath due to dust and also hot weather.
Hill-stations:   He lives in a countryside and enjoys such weather.
Coverings: H Not much needed.
Sun:   HEADACHE in the evening if works during daytime in sun. also the urine problems may come up.
Seasons: H Can tolerate cold weather but not hot weather. His complaints are from working in fields. Thus agg. from extreme hot weather and working in water, getting feet wet.
Clothing:   Minimal even in winters, likes to sleep naked in summers.
Sea-shore:     Unbearable, due to warm weather and humidity.

Good height, moderate build. LIFE-SPACE DEVELOPMENT:

He says he hates to welcome change. Loves to live a ritualistic life. Fastidious with time, never late and he cannot wait if others are late. Aversion to crowds++. Aversion to noises = anger.

Spiritual and Religious behaviour: He has faith. Believes in life, never kills even an insect as he respects life. Doesn’t believe in sacrificing or temples etc. Not a show-off type.

Psychic / Disposition:

  1. WILL:confused, not able to decide which way he should go. Tries to find the easy way out.
  2. EMOTIONS: Fearful personality. He likes to be in his comfort zone. Thus he works very hard to be in his comfort zone. Constant fear of future or misfortune or accident. Fear drives his life, fear of accident, fear of failure etc. He has tried his best to overcome fears now. Tries to live life relaxed now. He is a person who avoids Gets away from people who fight him. If others say something to him, he may respond but later feels guilty. Guilty sensation for minor things also. Mild, doesn’t ask for money he had lent to friends. Thinks more emotionally about everything. Thinks more about the other person’s situation rather than his own. Fear of losing loved ones.
  3. INTELLECT & UNDERSTANDING: Poor concentration in studies. Studies everything but unable to remember in exams. What he studies deeply, those he remembers. Generally he revises two times. Always calculating, what are the chances he would have negative impacts etc. Thus in the end he decides to go with the flow. Able to do mental work easily, but physical work is a bit difficult.
  4. MEMORY: A Irresponsible, forgets what he gave to others. Only more important things he remembers.

CHILDHOOD: Not good in sports, good in studies.

TEENAGE: May play sports, but cannot give his 100%. He cannot see the pains of others, cannot see blood, thus he left the medical field.

ADULTHOOD: Anxiety about future++++ in everything. No fear of animals. They rear animals at home. Rarely keeps secrets. Easily trusts others and thus gets cheated. Able to share his problems with others. Feels relaxed on discussing with friends or mother. He feels he may not be able to work practically in future, so maybe he may go for lecturership.

SEXUAL HISTORY:No girlfriend. Has not thought about much about marriage. Not much expectation from a wife than she should take care of him and his parents.

Summary& notes:

Talks slowly. Absorbed. Once or twice I felt he easily picks up on my cue and just answers what I want to hear. He shook hands with me when he left.


Sl. No. Mental/spiritual Emotional. Physical.
1.       Anxiety about future. Fear of everything. Black discoloration of face.
2.       Nightmares. Aversion / fear of crowd. Extreme cracks of soles and heels. Deep cracks. Painless.
3.       Anxiety conscience. Cowardice. Generalised weakness on walking.
4.       Sympathetic. Talk amel. Pimples (eruptions) on occiput.
5.       Anxiety about disease. Desire to urinate when in contact with water.
6.       Uncovers feet at night.
7.       Desire for warm food.
8.       Aversion to sweets.
9.       Aversion to salt.
10.                          Morbid desire to urinate at night.
11.                          Perspiration offensive.
12.                          Ailments from getting feet wet.
13.                          Hot in general agg.
14.                          Fastidious with time.
15.                          Headache, eating amel.

Figure 1: Taken on 10th Dec, 2016. Deep cracks on soles.

Figure 2: (15th Aug, 2017). Much Improvement seen in cracks of soles and heels.

Figure 3: Picture taken on 4th Nov, 2017. Completely cured.

Analysis as shown by V.E.S.

Figure 4: I’ve shown here the Metatdata for reference.

The deciding symptom in this case for me was the open nature of this person and amelioration from talking about his anxiety. Vithoulkas in his essence has described that when Phos is much overwhelmed with his anxiety and fears, they just want to go out and talk to someone. Simply talking ameliorates their fears. Also, he has desire for urination whenever he comes in contact with water.

 [CR] Bladder; urging to urinate, morbid desire; putting hand in cold water agg.: Phos

Initially I prescribed in centesimal potency to see how he responds to the remedy, but once I saw good effect, I shifted him to LM potency. In less than a year, he is completely rid of all his complaints.

Main thing to learn from this case is that when we are sure of the remedy, it is better not to the change remedy quickly, even if there is amelioration in some symptoms and no amelioration of other symptoms. We should give time for remedy to act deeper and cover all symptoms. Gradual administration of LM potencies over months, completely relieved him of all his complaints. When he came to me, he had much weakness, hairfall and a host of symptoms, enough to confuse with different remedies, but once the essence was understood, the whole case becomes a simple case. Even his complexion became completely fair (showing how deep the remedy has acted) (but I’ve not shown pictures of face to protect privacy of the patient.)


10th Dec, 2016 1st Prescription. Rx: Phos 200/1dose, with PL for one month.
16th Jan, 2016 No specific position of urinating. No Fear of opposite sex.

All complaints are improving except for Heat – Internal, once which emits from feet. 2days after starting medicine, he got coryza with headache. Earlier he used to get headache from eating less and from sun but now both these complaints are less.

Rx: Advised for LM potency.

PL for 2weeks

22nd Feb, 2017 Overall he is still improving.  Heels are improving, no eruptions on scalp etc. Energy level is also good. But one new symptom: twitching of eye-lids and heaviness of eye lids. Vertigo on closing the eyes. Rx: Phos 0/3 and 0/4.
4th Apr, 2017 Overall much better. Cannot control hunger. Face discoloration much better. Internal heat SQ. He feels hairfall is there. No eruptions on scalp, but now on face. Cracks on feet much improved from centre and the deepness of cracks is disappearing. Rx: Phos 0/5 and 0/6.
1st June, 2017 His left sole is very much better but not the right one. Internal heat and frequent urination has started again. Somehow he still feels his complaints are SQ, anxiety but easily dissuaded. Rx: Phos 0/7 and 0/8.
15th Aug, 2017 He has improved overall so much that his face also looks different now, more young and more fair. He also showed me his feet which were almost normal – took pictures. This remedy is helping him very much which gives me confidence that in future his mother would also improve to this extent. Rx: Phos 0/11 and 0/12.
20th Sep, 2017 Rx: Phos 0/13 and 0/14.
4TH Nov, 2017 All is well, No complaints. Pics taken. Rx; Phos 0/15 and 0/16.


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Dr. Amit Singh Pal is presently working as Senior Medical Officer at Bharatesh Homeopathic Medical College, Belgaum, Karnataka, India. A teacher of Homoeopathy, he has lectured at various colleges. Dr. Amit has wide experience in the practice of classical homoeopathy, lately practising solely on the guidelines of George Vithoulkas, after having trained under the late Dr. Sunil Parse from Nagpur. He has completed the E-learning course of IACH and also attended their training for treatment of difficult cases. He is also involved in maintaining quality standards for hospitals, as a NABH Accreditation Coordinator for Bharatesh Homoeopathic Medical College. Dr. Amit provides free service as a life coach, guiding young students and practitioners in learning homeopathy, setting up practice and achieving their life goals. He has gathered his clinical experiences in the form of his first book : ‘Secrets of Case-Interview’

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