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Asthma in a Six Year Old Boy

Written by Shyamji Rai

Dr. Shyamji Rai presents a case of asthma in a 6 year old boy.

Here is an interesting case, in which a young boy with a chronic ailment benefited from homeopathic medicine, and when our treatment was challenged in a U.S. court, they ruled in favour of our treating him.

*Name and personal content which are not significant for study are changed and edited to protect privacy and identity of the patient.

April 2016 Shyamji Ra  April 2016 Shyamji Ra

Jennifer a divorcee, resident of California U.S. availed our online services for her six year old son Andrew who was suffering from asthma, allergies and recurrent respiratory tract infections since birth. He was hospitalised several times with serious respiratory ailments. Since Jennifer was a divorcee as per law Andrew her only son is under joint custody of both parents.

I am presenting this case with the help of our email conversations with Jennifer.

6th june2012

Hi Dr. Rai,
Attached are the pictures that you have asked for. As I told you over the phone, you wanted to know about any complications during the pregnancy.  The pregnancy was normal but the umbilical cord got wrapped around his neck during labor and his heart beat started sinking. As a result, I had a caesarean section (c-section).

Andrew’s Health Problems:

AsthmaHe has had asthma since he was 6 months old. His breathing condition gets worse during the winter. The common cold or sore throat triggers asthma attacks. He has been hospitalized several times during the past 6 years. He has gotten a little better over the time.  He is on singular pills, a daily advair inhaler, pulmicort, xeponex and prelone as needed.

Food Allergies: He is allergic to milk products, eggs, nuts, carrots, beans and peas. He also has seasonal allergies. His eyes were all red and swollen during the spring this year. (He is highly allergic to nuts. The outcomes were vomiting and asthma attack.)

EczemaHe had eczema, when he was baby (dry rough skin behind his knees and red and watery cheeks during the summer). The doctor told me to quit using soap on him. His eczema is better. It comes back if he uses soap.

Ear infections: He has frequent ear infections. The doctors put small tubes in his ears to prevent the ear infection. That has helped him with his ears.

Nose Bleeds: His nose bleeds sometimes. It is more frequent during winter and spring. He also has sinus problems and has a hard time breathing through his nose while sleeping.

Low Appetite: He does not like to eat. I have to force him to eat his meals every day.

Weak immune system: His immune system is very weak. He catches infections and viruses very quickly that cause asthma. He was sick for at least two months this winter.

I know that homeopathic medicine takes a while to show effects but I believe it is very effective. I am looking forward to better health for my son.  I will talk to you soon.


Fri, Jun 8, 2012 

My uncle (mom’s brother) had tuberculosis. I asked his (Andrews) dad and their side has no history of tuberculosis.

Constipation: Andrew’s is pretty much regular when he is eating properly. My family has a history of constipation, haemorrhoids, acid re flux, food allergies.

Offensive Perspiration: No offensive perspiration

Andrew has dry skin and he itches sometimes but mostly when he is outside playing or getting hot.



As we know skin disease is not simply a condition of the skin, but an underlying internal disorder expressing itself externally. The skin eliminates internal impurities through the pores. When we treat eczema topically, we drive the very toxins that the body is trying to eliminate back in, allowing them to concentrate on internal organs and tissues. Asthma is a classical case of suppression, where the disease is transported from one organ to another. The right homeopathic remedy brings out a disease that is suppressed in the system. When asthma is treated and eczema returns, healing follows.

After studying various symptoms through email and phone calls and keeping in mind the history of tuberculosis in the relatives and suppression of eczema, I prescribed one dose of Bacillinum 200.

Followed by…

Pulsatilla 200 3pills OD for 3 days before breakfast. This was based on:

Respiration, asthmatic, eruptions after suppressed

Respiration, asthmatic, weather, cold and damp

Respiration, asthmatic, children

Generalities, food agg, beans and peas

Generalities, food agg, milk

Also prescribed was Calcarea phos 3x 2tab TDS after food for three months. Calc Phos is an important remedy of the tubercular miasm.  Calcarea phos children often have parents who are generally immature and irre­sponsible or who have suffered from severe economic stress or marital dishar­mony. As a result, the child has suffered from emotional deprivation. These children are often, as a result, anxious and nervous with a desire to be carried all the time. Based on this profile I have used this remedy many times with positive result.

Along with SL

Wed, Aug 29, 2012 

He is doing fine. His school started again. No sickness so far.


8th October 2012

Hi Dr Rai,

Andrew’s skin patches are coming back but it is a darker colour. He is doing fine health-wise. No major sickness so far.


30th October 2012

His allergies are worse starting from fall to the spring season. During this season, his eyes get red and swollen every so often (lasted one month last year). He gets frequent flu’s, cold and sore throat from the change of weather or from other sick kids if any, that triggers his asthma and it gets worse very quickly. As I told you earlier, he is allergic to the following foods (he has been tested):

Milk (His dad tried giving him cow’s milk over the weekend and he has been wheezing the past two days. I kept him home and put him on preventive medicine like prednisolone, abuteral and singular etc.
Eggs (his face gets swollen and itchy)
Green Beans
All kind of nuts (almond, cashew nuts, pistachios, peanuts, pecan), he either starts vomiting or has a sudden asthma attack.
We also got him tested for the seasonal allergies last spring.
He is allergic to:
Weed I
Weed II
Grass Mix
Bermuda grass
He will start sneezing, sniffling, runny nose, coughing, itchy red eyes, and watery eyes especially in the spring season. He has been sneezing a lot the  past few weeks.


Most of the time he is happy but sometimes he gets really depressed and cranky. Then he tries to make me mad by saying lots of negative stuff like that I don’t love him and listen to him. But when he is happy, then he loves me and says positive stuff like he is lucky to have me as his mom. He feels safe around me and does not like going to his dad but once he is there he gets busy playing and forgets about me. He covers his face when goes to sleep, scared of darkness. He is 49 inches tall and weighs around 58 pounds. He likes to school but complain of not having too many friends.

He likes to colour and play, watch TV, read books and ride his bike. He likes to talk and share his stories with his friends. He tries to grab a lot of attention from me but acts very nice around my aunt and uncle. He loves them and likes to spend time with them.

He craves for sweet stuff like ice cream, candies. He likes eating, oranges, chicken, corn, milk with little bits of tea leaves and honey. I have been giving him bourn vita milk and he likes it.



Calcarea phos 3x 2tab TDS after food for three months, Along with SL.

25th November 12

I took Andrew to the doctor today. He said that he has sinus infection and put him on antibiotic for 10 days.
Mostly chest congestion, coughing, runny nose, wheezing, chest pain complain.
His asthma usually gets better in 3 to 4 days but not this time. Doctor looked into his ears nose and throat and said that he has sinusitis.


26th Feb. 2013

He had fever and sore throat last week. He is doing the same, gets sick and then better. The winter season is almost over. Now, comes the spring, season of allergies. He should be fine during summer. He tried cow’s milk and his stomach is able to handle it.


27 Feb. 2013

Asthma: He was wheezing constantly a month before. I took him to his allergist. He increased the dose of Advair to ADVAIR HFA 115/21 (fluticasone propionate 115 mcg and salmeterol 21 mcg instead of ADVAIR HFA 45/21 (fluticasone propionate 45 mcg and salmeterol 21 mcg). After that, he is doing little better as long as he does not get a cold or flu. In that case, he starts wheezing and stuff again.
Skin conditions: If he eats anything with an egg as an ingredient or cow’s milk, then he gets eczema behind his knees. He still has white patches on one side of his face. It did not get any bigger.

 Psychological condition: He gets very emotional sometimes. He starts crying if he is losing a game or someone teases him. Other than that he is a happy child.



Before homeopathic treatment during winter Andrew use to get hospitalized many times for serious respiratory problems. This winter, apart from minor infection he was healthy.
One dose of Bacillinum 1m.

Followed by –
Pulsatilla 1m single dose.

Calcarea phos 3x 2tab TDS after food for three months, Along with SL.

26th April 13

Health condition: He has sore throat and a cold today. He starts wheezing sometimes but no major attack since last time we discussed. I started giving him carrots and peas. He has eczema behind his knees a lot more recently. His nose bleeds occasionally and there is redness in his nose.Other than that, you know about his skin condition.

Emotional condition: He is doing well emotionally. I put him in baseball team. He goes on two practices and one game per week. He gets tired by playing and stuff. The days he goes to play, he does not bother me after coming back. He is more calm and mature. But, if he is home all day, then he gets bored and starts whining a lot. I try to take him to ground every day. We started reading more. He likes it when I read him chapters in books. His favourite is “The Magic Tree House” at this time.

School: He is doing average at school. He is very good at math and very interested in learning a new stuff. No complaints from teacher. Sometimes he complains that he does not have a lot of friends at school.



Calcarea phos 3x 2tab TDS after food for three months, Along with SL.

3rd June 2013

Hello Dr. Rai:
I know that you are concerned about my son and you do not want anything to happen to him.  He has been a sick boy since he was born, and he was finally getting better with your help.



2nd July 13

Hi Dr. Rai,
Andrew has dry and peeling skin under his feet. First, I thought it is blisters but, he has it for over a month now. I took him to his doctor. She said it is some sort of eczema on feet and gave antibiotic cream to apply. I know you would not want me to suppress the eczema. Let me know what to do?


19TH October2013

April 2016 Shyamji Ra.  April 2016 Shyamji Ra,

Hi Dr Rai,
Andrew feet are getting worse day by day. He has cuts that bleed. He has hard time walking. Now the eczema or whatever it is appears on his finger too. He has a cut on his finger.


We advised to apply moisturizer or coconut oil without any further prescription because as per Hering’s law of cure we are on the right track.

Hering’s Law of cure

“The cure must proceed from centre to circumference. From centre to circumference is from above downward, from within outwards, from more important to less important organs, from the head to the hands and feet.”

We stopped Andrew’s treatment. As per phone calls from Jennifer, except for some minor health problem he is healthy.

April 2016 Shyamji Ra'  April 2016 Shyamji Ra..

During treatment Jennifer was not only facing problems related to her son but also mentally harassed by her ex husband. Andrews’s father came to know that Andrew had started eating many things which he is allergic to, and strictly prohibited by other doctors.  Not believing that his son is cured from these allergies, he filed a legal case against Jennifer in the Superior Court of California alleging that…..

Our 7 year old son, Andrew has been diagnosed with asthma and allergies. The condition is very serious and Andrew has made numerous trips to the emergency room and doctor’s office to treat his condition.

 I was reviewing my emails and discovered an email that was sent to me a few weeks earlier by his mother. That email was an exchange between a homeopathic provider in India and his mother. In that email his mother admits,

  1. “I started giving me [sic] carrots and peas.”

I am informed and believe that my son is facing immediate danger or irreparable harm because his mother is disregarding our son’s medical doctor’s advice and instead is relying on a non-medical Indian provider who has never seen our son.

Dr. Shyamji Rai is not a medical doctor. He has an Indian diploma in DHMS, which I am informed and believe means Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. To the best of my knowledge, Dr. Rai has never seen or examined my son. The emails indicate photos were emailed and his mother described conditions but there is NO direct physical contact between Dr. Rai and his patient.

Until his mother handed me homeopathic remedies and gave me a schedule to provide these remedies I had no knowledge that she was having serious discussions with a non-medical doctor outside the United States.

For these reasons I am asking the court to do the following:
a. Temporarily give me Sole Legal and Physical Custody,
b. Allow his mother to have supervised visitation only…….

The irony is that, while checking our records we were surprised to find that the person who is alleging in court of law, that I as a homeopath am a non medical doctor, was himself availing our online treatment services for his skin ailments for the last three months!  We provided all details along with my academic certificates to Jennifer. She produced these in court and she got favourable justice which is clear from her email…

Hi Dr Rai,
First of all, thank you so much for your help. The judge simply said that there is nothing wrong with getting homeopathic medicine as long as both parent agree to it. The email forwarded from you helped me prove that he himself is getting medicine. He also said that both parents should communicate with the doctor. The father’s attorney pointed out that the doctor is in India. The judge replied that they can do Skype or do face time. I told him that we have treatment going on and I would like to continue it. The judge asked the dad if he is okay with it. Dad said that he has no problem as long as the treatment is only for the skin problem and not for asthma. He was just being stupid.


 The custody orders remain the same for now. Andrew will continue the homeopathic treatment. The court ordered the psychological evaluation for both of us to find out which one is a liar. I am not worried at all. The next hearing is on October I am hurt that he tried to take away my son without any reason. I thank you for all your efforts for helping me. I really appreciate it!


Thanks to homeopathy and the judiciary

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