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Autism Cure – A Case Study

sleep walking
Written by Alan Freestone

Homeopath Alan Freestone presents a case of autism treated with a detox approach

This case study highlights what can be achieved with homeopathy in a difficult and complex case. The little boy had a tragic start in life, and when first seen was presenting with a wide range of problems. Initially his mum came for help with his PANDAS symptoms (Rage, OCD, recurring streptococcal infections) but after seeing how effective homeopathy was in treating this, she asked me to treat his autistic symptoms and epileptic seizures too.

Initials: J.F         Sex: Male    Age: 10    Location: USA

Major Symptoms:

  • Delayed development: mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Delayed speech
  • Epileptic Seizures – these started when he was a few months old and are now controlled (suppressed) by medication. Since 3 ½ years J.F suffers from absence seizures.
  • PANDAS (pediatric autoimmune neurological disease associated with streptococcal infection)
  • Rages 4 or 5 times a week for up to7 hours at a time.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Hyperactivity diagnosed as ADHD
  • Poor eye contact
  • Extremely high pain tolerance – did not even acknowledge when he had a broken bone.
  • Abdominal pains
  • Congenital issues: 6 digits on each hand & foot, cleft palate, heart murmur.


  • Epilepsy medication for the past 6 years (Depakote)
  • ADHD medication (Vyvanse)
  • Antibiotics: Augmentin given for a month for PANDAS symptoms, no change.



sleep walkingJ.F was born 6 weeks prematurely in South Korea. He was abandoned at birth by his mother as she was unmarried. He stayed in hospital for the first 6 weeks of his life and then was moved to an orphanage. He was passed around to four foster homes before being adopted by his parents at around 3 years old. He was already showing signs of delayed development and epilepsy by this age. He was re-vaccinated when he arrived in the US. Many recurrent ear infections. He finally started talking at 6 years old.

Before treatment started, mum thought that she might have to have him placed in a psychiatric hospital because of the extreme rages, especially since a month of antibiotics (Augmentin), the standard treatment for PANDAS, hadn’t helped the symptoms at all.

The treatment:

J.F’s mum originally signed-up for my PANDAS Trial  in the middle of 2013. I prescribed 3 remedies to be taken weekly to address his predisposition to strep. infections. I believe that PANDAS is a sign of a severely compromised immune system and at least 50% of my PANDAS patients are also on the autistic spectrum.


1st Prescription:

  • Streptococcal pyogenes 30c (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Proteus 200c (Tuesday, Thursday)
  • Syphillinum 200c (Saturday, Sunday)


Comment: After this 1st prescription the rages had gone, the OCD had gone, and mum had been able to reduce his ADHD medication by 50%. I used this three remedy protocol with success in the PANDAS trial that I ran in 2013 with around 35 children. After a few months J.F’s mum came back to ask if I could help with his other symptoms. He has now been able to start school for the first time and is less hyperactive than he has been for years. Poor reading and writing, poor co-ordination. Gums always red and inflamed.


2nd Prescription:

  • Opium 1m (1 pill daily for 3 days)
  • Carcinosin 30c (Saturday, Sunday)

Comment: Great improvement noticed.

He is now feeling pain when he injures himself and is generally more ‘with it’. People who require the Opium remedy are often oblivious to pain. They often have gone in to a state where they aren’t ‘here’, they are vacant. This can happen after an extreme emotional or physical shock, or after general anesthetic.

J.F is doing better at school; no rages in school now.

Much less hyperactive.

Bowel movements after each carcinosin. This remedy is so important in my treatment of ASD children, it can have such profound healing effects and occasionally cause dramatic detoxes. I felt that he was no longer in the Opium state, but could benefit from more Carcinosin as it still appeared to be helping his body to detox. I wanted to address the delayed development alongside this, so I opted for Baryta-Carbonica.

3rd Prescription:

  • Baryta-Carbonica 200c (Monday, Thursday)
  • Continue Carcinosin

Comment: Continuing improvement, cognitive gains commented on by school.

Started playing the saxaphone.

No rages. Still impulsive and immature.

People are asking J.F’s mum what she has been doing. Sleeping improved.

Warts appear frequently on calves and back.

Grew 1.5” in the last month!

Stomach pains have now stopped. Diet is becoming more varied, appetite increased.

Gums no longer red and inflamed.

I opt to give Tuberculinum-Koch which often helps with hyperactivity.

4th Prescription:

  • Poly Vaccine Program (please see here for more information)
  • Continue Baryta-Carbonica
  • Tuberculinum-Koch 200 (Saturday, Sunday)


Comment: Agitated, ‘not himself’ and diarrhea 3 or 4 times a day while taking the Poly Vaccine remedies (indicating that we are detoxing vaccine-damage).

Reading comprehension continues to improve. Speech improving, contributing more in class.

Reading and spelling much improved.

He grew another 1.5”! Pains in leg bones (growing pains?), putting on weight.

Warts continue to be an issue.

Absence seizures a couple of times a week.

Switch from Tuberculinum-Koch to Medorrhinum as he had showed signs of having too much Tuberculinum.

5th prescription:

  • Continue Poly Vaccine Program
  • Medorrhinum 200c (Saturday, Sunday)
  • Calcium Phosphoricum & Calcium fluoratum tissue salts (for growing pains)

Comment: Growing pains have stopped. Now hungry all the time and rapidly catching up physically with his peers.

Has jumped from 1st grade material to 3rd grade material in the last 6 months. Talking more in class, speech improving.

Showing affection, more empathy.

Three 45-minute meltdowns this month.

After finishing the Poly Vaccine remedy we switch to the DTP vaccine remedy as he had reacted poorly to this vaccination in the past.

ADHD medication now down to 30% of original dose.

J.F still shows some hyper behavior. H he also still needs routine and rigid schedules.

Absence seizures continue at a reduced rate: 3-4 a month, lasting 15 seconds.

6th prescription:

  • DPT detox program
  • continue Medorrhinum

Comment: Warts gradually disappearing, no new ones are appearing.

Hyperactivity continues to reduce with the Medorrhinum.

Appetite has now normalised and he eats a wide variety of foods

Mum reports that “everything has greatly improved”.

School work continues to improve, focus is good. Speech improving, but it is just hard to understand, like he is being lazy when he talks. He now has a friend at school and is able to interact socially.

Absence seizures have increased to 10 times a day (!). I want to see if these are made worse by the Depakote (his seizure medication) that he has been taking for several years so I decide to detox that. I also want to give Thymus Gland as it can often help in vaccine-damage and PANDAS cases.

Mum feels we have ‘plateaued’ with treatment and we are both concerned about the increase in the frequency of seizures.


7th Prescription:

  • Depakote (see here for the protocol)
  • Thymus Gland 30c (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Tuberculinum-Koch & Carcinosin 200c (Saturday, Sunday)


Comment: The absence seizures have stopped completely after we detoxed the Depakote! This demonstrates to me that the long-term use of the medicine was actually poisoning his system and causing seizures!

Mum comments that “I think we’re there”.

After a check-up, his neurologist comments that J.F.  “no longer meets the criteria to be considered autistic”. ( I guess that’s as good as we’ll get from the medics).

The only symptom that his mum is now wanting help with is J.F.’s poor memory! We decide to use the Poly Vaccine remedies again (see here for the protocol) to finish off our work.

8th Prescription:

  • Repeat Poly Vaccine Protocol

J.F. no longer requires homeopathic treatment from me. No symptoms now remain. Physically, emotionally and cognitively he has caught up with his peers. He remains slightly behind in social intelligence, but continues to make gains in this area.

J.F. no longer takes any medications for seizures or hyperactivity.


Analysis: J.F. had an unfortunate start in life: A premature birth, being unwanted by his mother, the many congenital issues he had, then the double insult of two sets of childhood vaccinations didn’t give him much of a chance. Luckily he was adopted by loving parents who have spent years trying to help him reach his potential and lead a healthy, happy life. I’m glad that I was able to play a part in that process. Homeopathy has shown it’s amazing potential to deal effectively with the problems and ailments that so many children today are suffering from. There is an alternative to the ever-increasing doses of toxic and damaging antibiotics, steroids and the hideous psychotropic medications that doctors now prescribe by the millions to try and ‘manage’ our children’s illnesses.

Total Time from first appointment to being discharged: 10 months.

Total cost of treatment: $900 (£535) plus less than $300 (£178) for all the remedies over the 10 months.

I welcome any comments that you may have about this case study.

This case was first published on Alan Freestone’s blog:

About the author

Alan Freestone

Alan Freestone : As a teenager I found ‘The Organon of Rational Medicine ‘in my school library and realised I wanted to be a homeopath. Years later I enrolled at The Centre of Homeopathic Education, graduated in 2009 and now work full-time as a homeopath. I see people in my clinic in London and over Skype. I also supervise a student clinic. I treat a wide range of conditions, but have A particular interest in treating children with autism, which I believe to be a reversible condition often caused by toxins (be they from vaccinations, or other medications or sources of heavy-metals). Visit Alan Freestone at his website


  • Dear Mr. Freestone:

    First of all congratulations for such a wonderful report. It must be so great to be able to help in such a tragic case and history. I feel just so sorry for the millions of children in this world that have similar histories and not the luck to find loving parents. I am writing to you also because I would like to know if you worked according to Tinus Smits method on detoxifying vaccine damages. I am a very big fan of his and so sorry he passed away a few years ago. What a great mind that we have lost. I am sure the little boy got vaccinated right from the start being born in Korea and than moving on to the US. I am glad that I am living in Germany where we do not have mandatory vaccination laws although the try to enforce them and most people think we do. Anyway, I am so glad that there are people like you aroung.

    Take care of yourself and best wishes
    Marianne Jaedick

  • Alan,

    What is the difference between the A and B series of the Poly Vaccine Rx? Which series did you use in this case?


  • Thank you all for your kind words.

    My website was hacked and the links in the article didn’t work, this issue has now been resolved.

    Pailette, the Poly Vacc A is the typical vacc schedule, B contains the less common vaccines such as BCG.

    Kind regards


  • My son, age 9, on the autistic spectrum is currently working with a CEASE therapist. Your detoxing protocol seems very different than hers. I find it almost unbelievable that it only took you 10 months to go from a full blown complicated case to a complete recovery. I wish I can even hope for that time frame for my child. Even though I fully trust my practitioner I wonder if I should switch to you. U seem to give 2 to 3 remedies at a time while we go very slowly. Currently my son is being detoxed from the MMR vaccine which will take 8 weeks at the shortest. What are your thoughts? Are u taking new patients?

  • Hi Debbie, lovely to hear from you.
    This case was really rapid with dramatic results. Many more of my cases take longer, I have one at the moment that barely improved in a year! Thankfully the parents stuck with me and Clomid detox is finally yielding results…slowly! So please don’t imagine that this is one of my typical cases.
    If you trust your practitioner please give time for their methods to work…I’m actually using more CEASE methodology now than I was for this case.
    Kind regards


  • Hi ,
    Your cases are really inspirational for beginner homeopath like me. Your approach of treating autism is new to me. Thanks for sharing. But have you ever seen using so many remedies in frequent repetition spoiled the case.

  • Hello Vasudha,

    Thank you for talking the time to respond. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘spoiling the case’. It’s not what some may call ‘classical’ or ‘Kentian’ or whatever. It’s been my experience that cases need more frequent repetition of remedies nowadays… but perhaps that’s just the type of cases that I’ve been attracting.

    Kind regards


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