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Autism, Oppositional Behavior and Learning Disability Treated Through CEASE Therapy

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Written by Maria Helena Rossi

Maria Helena Rossi discussed a case of Autism, Oppositional Behaviour and Learning Disability Treated Through CEASE Therapy.


I received a 7 year old boy, V.T.G, and his parents, who had different concerns. The boy was not aware of his problems, and only wanted to play and walk around my practice. His father said that his son’s behavior was similar to his, when he was a child, though he would like for his son to be able to read. However, this was really difficult even with a great multidisciplinary team working together on the case and with the family. His mother’s main complaint was his oppositional behavior. He also underwent treatment with an Occupational Therapist, a Speech Therapist and an Educational Psychologist because initially he could neither read nor write, had poor coordination, cognitive rigidity, and difficulty to deal with what was proposed to him.

Previously he scored a borderline grade of 74 in a neuropsychology test (WISC) which is considered below that expected for a child his age. He was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder – CID: F.84 [1] and with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD); and they suggested putting him on Risperidone.  Risperidone, sold under the trade name Risperdal among others, is an antipsychotic medication. It is mainly used to treat schizophreniabipolar disorder, and irritability in people with autism. I have seen in some children side effects of risperidone, like aggressive behavior, agitation, skin rash or itching, tic-like or twitching movements, and in these cases it was necessary to detox it to relieve these symptoms. [2]

His parents decided to treat him through homeopathy. We began 1 year and 8 months ago, and now he is doing really well. He is able to read, write, and speak much better. He also now has the desire and ability to introduce himself to his peers, and is now more open-minded. He enjoys playing soccer with his peers and he has been able to open his mind and do activities in the right way. As both he and his parents had a history of intoxication, we decided to treat him layer after layer, using CEASE homeopathy, which is a detox homeopathy allied to classical homeopathy. He is continuing to follow the sequence of treatments until now.

1st Consultation: February 9, 2015

VGT, a 7 year old boy, was accompanied by his parents to my office. The father’s main concern was the boy’s learning difficulties and the mother’s main concern was the ODD.  I chose Argentum Nitricum CH12 daily with Medhorrinum CH30 on Saturdays. I decided to use Arg-n because he was a really oppositional child, and was having great difficulty learning due to hyperactivity. Medhorrinum fit the predominant miasm.  We began the detoxification with a Poli Corticoids course, which is a homeopathic method to detox from the corticoids that he had received during his life.

2nd Consultation: April 30, 2015

He was better, but still needed improvement in the same areas of concern, learning and ODD; so I used Argentum Nitricum CH18 and Medhorrinum CH200 on Saturdays to detox the vaccines (Poli vaccines course).

3rd Consultation: August 3, 2015

He is much better at communicating and friendlier at his new school. We still need to improve the oppositional behavior, irritability towards changes and his difficulty concentrating. I then used Argentum Nitricum CH30 twice a week, Chelidonium D6 every night to improve his liver and a Poli antibiotics course with Medhorrinum CH1000 every other Saturday.

4th Consultation: November 11, 2015

The parents are happy with his results. He is doing very well now and can express in words what he is feeling. He even said that his life is improving. The defiant behavior is not completely solved, but it is much better. He is much more affectionate; hugs his teacher and clings to her (he now likes physical contact with loved ones). The whole family can see his improvements. In the OT and ST clinics he hugs all his friends. He is reading very well, and reads almost every day. Now he can notice many details. He asks questions properly during movie sessions and is very well connected. He has now learned how to ride a bike and go skateboarding.

What now needs to be improved: he gnaws his nails and has difficulty in comprehending language and putting into practice what he understands. For example, in a test, if the teacher reads, he can understand; but if he reads it by himself, he cannot.

I gave him Argentum Nitricum Ch200 on Saturdays, during an Alumina detox with Medhorrinum LM daily.

5th consultation: April 18, 2016

He is doing really well. He is getting better day-by-day at communicating with friends and family. He is trying to be more independent. Now, he wants to earn money (he has many ideas about making things to sell at school). The difficulty is that he is craving sugar; and he gets worse after eating sugar or sweet food. He is demonstrating more anxiety before events. I gave him Argentum Nitricum CH220 on Saturdays, Baryta Carbonica CH30 (to improve comprehension) twice a week during a Plumbum detox (his father had worked with many metals before he was born); and more Medhorrinum LM.

6th Consultation: October 10, 2016

He is doing very well and his social behavior is much better. He tries to make new friends everywhere. For example, at a new sports court, he introduced himself to the boys and afterwards said to his mother that it’s so good to make friends. He is feeling more empathy. At school a boy had lied to the teacher and he decided to make her a beautiful drawing to “make her heart happier”. He is more willing to share with his colleagues at school.

He is doing very well in math. He’s reading very well, though still with some difficulties in understanding. He generally chooses books written for smaller children, and those he can understand very well. He hasn’t had homeopathy for the last three months and even then, he is great! The occupational therapist said he is out of the autism spectrum disorder. She said he only needs treatment with her once a week, and by December he can stop altogether.

He can now come up with names for characters in the stories he writes. He was able to choose a name for his pet, and is learning how to take care of it responsibly.

It was his first time answering a phone; talked to his aunt and uncle and had a good conversation with them (he couldn’t do this before, he couldn’t even answer the phone). His mother told me that before he used to say: “Hello, my mother isn’t here” and then hung up the phone).  He is saying to his mother that he used to think in a certain way, and that now he can think “better”.

Today he needs to improve comprehension when reading and he is still gnawing his nails. I have chosen for him: Baryta Carbônica CH200 on Sat, silicea daily during Mercurius sol Detox;  Medhorrinum LM13 (after detox)

I decided to share his case, because he not “only” improved his “autistic-like behavior”, but most importantly: he improved his understanding, reading and learning abilities. He can now enjoy studying, sharing and respecting ideas and making friends. We will keep him on homeopathy and I believe he can reach his full potential to be functional, independent and the best of all, happy!




3) Smit, T. CEASE: Autism beyond despair

4) Kennedy, R. Thymerosal: let the science speak; 2014

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