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“I Become Stiff Like A Robot”

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Written by Divya V.

Dr. Divya V. presents a case of a dysfunctional woman solved with an animal remedy.

A 19 year old female came to Manitham on 13.01.2015.  While starting the case itself she began at the emotional level. She felt like weeping but controlled it and started narrating the following complaints. Since the patient began to speak freely by herself, I did not interfere.

Dr:    Tell me all your problems.

Pt:     From 6th standard itself I studied in hostel, food was not nice there. For 7 years I have studied in hostel, there were insects in food.  From 9thstd, I use to get dust allergy, sneezing, difficulty in breathing during that time, something pulling inside my chest. I had appetite but I couldn’t eat. No concentration in studies.  I feel I cannot balance while standing.  Hands and legs shiver, giddiness. Anything small happens I can’t bear it.

P:      My mother doesn’t show affection to me.  She will not cook food well and give me.  I will share everything with my brother only.  Now too I am in hostel.  My mother will not give me anything, whatever I like.  She will say straight on my face, I don’t like you.  My mother will not touch me, feed me. I have intense desire to lie on her lap. Up to 3rd std, I was in my uncles house.

P:      I did not get the affection of my mother; even for small things she used bad words to scold me. Even my sister is in my hostel she also uses bad words to scold.  I feel like an orphan.  My father never calls me and talks to me.  I tell him, please show me at least little care.  My mother doesn’t eat food from my plate.  My father scolds me; gives me less money to spend.  I have even recorded my voice in phone and given my mother that please show at least little care for me.  My mother comes to see me in hostel, but she will go to my relative’s home without spending time with me.  My mother is interested only in money, she will help all others, but she will not understand my feelings.  My father is more suspicious on me and my mother.  He will beat my mother, but he is a good person, I don’t know whether to support my father or mother during that time.

P:      If my brother cries I can’t bear it.  I too will weep on seeing him.  On seeing food I use to weep in my school times, as that food would smell bad and many insects would be present in it.  I would count my food and only eat it.  Even if I cry my mother will not consider me. My mother restricts me from going out, she is suspicious on me, and this makes me to feel more. if somebody talks to me with caring words, I will do anything for them.  I have craved for affection from someone.  So I was in love with a boy in 12th standard.  He was very much affectionate with me.  I would share everything with him.  When I am with him I feel I am with my soul, if I weep he would weep.

P:      My mother‘s friend misbehaved with me, when I was sleeping.  Thinking of this, I cried in bathroom for 3 hours, even though my mother knows about this, she did not ask that uncle anything about it. I completely hated my mother, but I cannot hate her too. I will share everything with my brother; he is like father to me.  He too will say my sister is like a child to me.

Another uncle too misbehaved with me .My uncle’s son also misbehaved with me.  I feel why boys are not considering girls as human beings and misbehaving like this.  Love is only important for me, for that person’s sake, I will do anything. Love is right or wrong I don’t know. When I’m alone, I will talk with god, and say thanks to him for all my happy moments. When I am lying on my lovers lap, I have the feeling of lying on my mother’s lap.  He will show more care and affection on me.  He is like my heart; I will not hide anything from him.  Even if I have much worry in my heart, I will not show it out.  Because I don’t like others feeling for me, so I will cry either in bathroom or under the bed sheet. If somebody shows little care on me, I will show more care on them.  Right or wrong I don’t know, everything I will ask to god only.  I will help deaf and dump people, weep on seeing them.

If father shows his anger on me, my hands and legs will shiver.  I have lots of fear.  All will say my behavior is like a small child, if I ask any idea to my father he will not say whether it is right or wrong.

I have desire to lie down on my mother’s lap and eat from her hand. [My observation – No emotion in face till now even though she said completely all about emotion]

[Passive case taking end at this level, as she is repeating the same need for love, affection through and through the case – emotional level, to take her to more deeper experience I became active in asking the following]

Dr:    What was your experience at that moment, when uncle misbehaved?

Pt:     I felt disgust with myself, should burn the part where he touched, felt more anger to beat him and scold him, but didn’t do as he is elder to me. I didn’t like to see myself in the mirror, at that time liked to be alone, avoid everyone.

Dr:    Talk about your interests & hobbies.

Pt:    I’m an athlete. I will run 1500 meters at a stretch. I will go out for competitions. But I can’t run now, running causes more difficulty in breathing. I like to run much, while running I feel happy, feel more energetic, more stamina and more focused.

Normally I feel week but while running, I feel more energy. I can run long distance, even marathon.  I will not wear my shoes while running, so that with that heat in my foot I can run fast. While running, I will not think of anything else, it is a separate world for me, only concentration is on I should increase the speed. I will get more speed, more energy, and more power.

Dr:    What is it that you like in the game?

Pt:     That zigzag movement I like very much. Kabadi game also I like. I will play it easily, at least make 3 persons out. But it is a rough game.

Dr:    Desire in food and drinks?

Pt:     I like pulses, carrot and coconut very much. I like fruits, but it disagrees, I can’t eat whatever I desire. During hunger I feel irritable and angry.

Dr:    Dreams?

Pt:     Snakes are chasing me, often I get this dream, at that moment I’m afraid.

Dr:    What is the experience physically at that moment?

Pt:     I will become stiff like robot.

Dr:    More about stiff?

Pt:     Freeze like an ice can’t move.

Dr:    Another dream.

Pt:     I am alone in the forest no one around me. Lion, tiger, will move around.  I am afraid, if I get caught by them, they will eat me.  I feel that I should come out of the forest soon.

Dr:    Physical experience at that moment?

Pt:     Same freeze.

Dr:    Fear since childhood?

Pt:     Fear of dark, even in daytime, cannot stay alone. If somebody is there with me only I will eat. If I’m alone in dark, I will weep and I will get fever too. I will not see ghost film; my hands and legs shiver at that moment.

Dr:    Hobbies?

Pt:     Cleaning home, playing games, diamond treasure.

Dr:    What do you like in that game?

Pt:     Finding out the hidden diamonds in every loop and hole. It interests me very much.

Dr:    Desire since childhood?

Pt:     Always wants to eat something like snacks.  Desire to roam here and there outside, I like green and mountain places. I like family based films, where each person is in different character, but they are together.

Dr:    What is your experience in this togetherness?

Pt:     If any problem we all can solve together.

Dr:    Anything else?

Pt:     In summer no cold, any slight climate changes causes running nose and then difficulty in breathing. I have fear of death during that time. Burning in throat, tight feel in complete area of chest with much difficulty in breathing, cannot lie down, must sit and drink hot water or else go to spacious open place.

Dr:    What is the experience at that moment?

Pt:     At that moment I cannot shake my body. I feel like a robot.  My hands and legs move, body feels tight cannot wear tight dress at that time.


Analysis of the case:

Superficially if we see this case it looks like Magnesium because of the orphan feeling, craving for love and affection of parents and need of someone to guide in difficult situations, to say whether it’s right or wrong.       But if we see the case holistically in every area of dreams, interest and hobbies, desire in general and desire in food, experience during abuse, fear, physical experience during difficulty in breathing there is a common thread which connects it.

Even though in this there is case “me vs. you”, dominance is not prominently seen.


Me vs. You – Animal kingdom – Dreams- she is in forest and afraid of being caught by lion and tiger.

Mammals have dirty feeling – Experience in abuse by boys is disgust and dirty feeling.

Mammals have fear of snakes – Dreams of snake – she is afraid and her experience during that moment is freezing is… can’t move.

Mammals have Herd theme – She likes the family to be together, her experience in it is safety.

Mammals are self critical, self contempt, looking down upon oneself – After abuse she feels disgust with herself, avoids people and doesn’t even like to see her face in the mirror. 

Lac theme – is love, care and affection. All mammals crave for such a love and affection [even at the age of 19 she wants to lie on her mother’s lap and feed food from her].

Rabbit – Everything in the wild is trying to eat them. It survives by exceptional hearing, being very sensitive and running at the first sign of danger; any sudden movement is frightening for rabbits. They know that the predators focus on any kind of movements, so if they do not move then they may be safe. Hence they freeze whenever there is any sign of danger. The fear is so intense that they can even be frightened to death, without even being touched by a predator. Rabbits usually try to hide from enemies. If a rabbit is in the open, it may sit still, unnoticed, and wait for the foe to go away. If the enemy comes too close, the rabbit flees. A frightened rabbit can leap and run, but before running it freezes completely. The primary survival mechanism of this animal is to remain motionless to avoid getting noticed when they sense danger.

[This experience of freeze like robot is seen in both her dreams and physical complaint]

Her desire in food – fruits, pulses, carrot, and coconut.

Desire in game – finding diamond as a hidden treasure – finding the diamonds in hidden areas

Desire for running, kho –kho game –like the zig zag movement in that game.

Everything matches the habitat of the rabbit.

Medicine given to the patient was Lac Orycht [rabbit’s milk] 200/ 3 doses

followed by placebo for 15 days.

Follow up after 15 days:

No cough, no cold, no difficulty in breathing. Sleep improved better than before. Appetite improved only during morning; giddiness reduced 60%. “Before I will be always weeping.  Now I’m brisk and enjoying my life, not thinking of past events at all. Before while thinking of my mother, I will weep. Now it’s not like that.” Placebo was given for 3 months.

Follow up after 3 months:

No complaints, I’m perfectly alright now. Even eating fruits doesn’t cause me to feel cold. Placebo was given for 3 months.

Follow up after 3 months:

No complaints, so medicine was stopped.

Follow up through phone on 27.2.2016 (After 1 yr)

I’m completely fine; my life is happy. Thank you very much for giving my life back. My relationship with mother is fine. Now I’m able to handle things well, decide well. No cold, cough or difficulty in breathing.

Just 3 doses of Lac Orcyht 200 cured her holistically.

Edited by – Dr. Rina Dedhiya

About the author

Divya V.

Dr. Divya V. received her BHMS from Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Madurai. She has been in homoeopathic practice since 2013 exclusively using classical and holistic methods. She is working in Manitham Homoeopathic Healing Centre, Trichy as Senior Medical Officer. She has conducted five National Seminars under the banner of Manitham. She organized free camps in and around Trichy and has presented lectures on behavioral problem in students of adolescence age in the schools of Mumbai. She enjoys sharing knowledge with like-minded homoeopaths to enhance the effectiveness of case taking.


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